YouTube TV Keeps Disconnecting

How To Fix YouTube TV Keeps Disconnecting?

Are you experiencing a recurring issue of YouTube TV disconnecting, hindering your viewing experience?

Despite being an ideal alternative to cable TV, YouTube TV can sometimes be frustrating due to connectivity issues.

But don’t worry, as these problems are fixable. In this article, we will cover all the troubleshooting methods and common reasons for YouTube TV disconnection so that you can quickly resolve the issue and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Check Your YouTube-Server

As a first step, before trying any complex solutions, check whether the YouTube site is down for you or all users. You can do this by visiting websites like Down Detector or Outage Report, which report on website and app outages.

If these websites indicate an outage, waiting until the YouTube service is restored is the best option.

Close And Open Your YouTube TV

One simplest and quickest ways to resolve the problem is to refresh the application. You must exit the app (assuming you have kept YouTube TV open) and reopen it. 

Moreover, note that we did not tell you to log out of the app. Once the YouTube app opens, search and watch a video to check whether the “YouTube TV keeps disconnecting” issue is fixed. 

Reboot Your TV

Restarting or rebooting helps your TV clear the cache and free up storage space.

As a result, the applications on the TV will function smoothly. Even though this solution seems simple, it helps your YouTube TV keeps disconnecting. 

To reboot your TV, hold the Power button for seconds or until you see the screen turning off.

power button on samsung TV 4

Disconnect the power cable of your TV from the wall socket. Wait for 60 seconds.

Disconnect the power cable of your samsung TV 8

Then plug the power cable back into the wall socket. 

Connect the power cable of your samsung TV back 13

Once you have done this process, open the YouTube app and try using it. Suppose your issue is still not resolved; proceed with the below ones. 

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Inspect Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, unreliable internet connection is the primary culprit for every smart TV issue. Follow these instructions to troubleshoot the network issues; 

  • Make sure you have been connected to the streaming devices and the internet.
  • Suppose you are streaming using a smartphone; turn OFF the mobile data and then turn it ON.
  • Change your video quality to a lower setting if YouTube stops playing. You can try this head toward the menu and choose the quality. 
  • Exit from the video player and, after some time, reopen it. 

Remember that YouTube TV needs a minimum of 3 Mbps for better streaming. However, if you wish to watch HD videos (when the other devices also use the same network), you need a minimum of 13 Mbps.

In contrast, if you are using only one device, then 7 Mbps speed is enough.

Verify Your Data Limit

If you use a YouTube family plan, other family members can watch YouTube TV using their accounts and devices. However, you can watch YouTube TV simultaneously on upto three devices. 

Besides the below activities count as one-device streaming; 

  • Casting a YouTube TV show from a laptop to a TV
  • Watching YouTube TV on a laptop or PC
  • Watching a movie from the YouTube TV library on your mobile phone

Irrespective of your YouTube activity, each device you use will be added to the device limit. If you are blocked from using the YouTube TV account, ensure that no other members use the devices with the service. 

Uninstall And Reinstall The YouTube App

If your YouTube TV keeps disconnecting, consider uninstalling the app from your device. By doing this, you can remove the old app that may contain corrupted data which causes the issues. 

Uninstalling Youtube on LG TV

Also, wait for some time and reinstall the app from your store, and the new app might have the latest updates with benefits. 

screely 1671769786589
Reinstalling Youtube on LG TV

Furthermore, update the YouTube TV app on your streaming device if there are any pending updates.

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Always ensure you are not using your smart TV’s outdated YouTube app. 

Check Your Internet Service Provider.

If you find that other streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, work well on your TV, then there may be chances that the internet service provider is throttling YouTube. 

To confirm this, you can test the internet service provider with the help of, google video quality, or others. 

Reboot Your Router 

First of all, ensure that you have the latest firmware so that you can be able to stream YouTube on your network connection.

For this, all you have to do is to restart the router. 

Disconnecting the router for your samsung TV 3

Unplug the router from the power source, leave it for some time (like 5 to 10 minutes), and Then connect everything.

reconnecting the router for samsung TV 4

Suppose you have network connectivity issues; you can also restart your hardware. 

Switch To A Wired Connection

If possible, you can try plugging your streaming device directly into the modem with the help of an ethernet cable. Doing so will take the router out of the picture and help you know if your internet connection can stream YouTube TV.

If you have gotten rid of the problem (YouTube TV keeps disconnecting), note that the router is wrong, not configured properly, or your wifi is weak. 

Enhance Your Wifi Signal Strength 

If your YouTube TV works well when your streaming device is connected to an ethernet cable, the major problem lies with the wifi signals.

Hence, remove the obstructions between the router and your streaming device to get the highest signals. 

Remove The Cache Data.

Cache data in the YouTube application are junk files that often create many problems while using the app. If your YouTube TV keeps disconnecting, it might be because of those junk files slowing down or blocking you from streaming videos. 

Clear the cache on your smart TV and restart your TV before using the YouTube app. 

Stay Updated With The Software.

If your YouTube TV keeps disconnecting even after trying the abovementioned strategies, look at your software for any pending updates. 

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Running the smart TV with old software usually leads to problems, including freezing, app crashing, not opening, or disconnecting. 

Hence, a quick guide is below to help you update your smart TV. 

How To Update Software If You Have A Samsung TV; 

  • Go to Settings
select settings on samsung TV 17
  • Choose Support
Support on Samsung TV 11
  • Click on the Software Update
software update on samsung TV 8
  • Tap on Update Now
update now on samsung TV 7

How To Update Software If You Have A Roku TV; 

  • Click on “Home using the remote.”
  • Scroll and search for Settings
  • Choose System
  • Click on System Update

How To Update Software If You Have A Fire TV; 

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose my Fire TV
  • Head towards About
  • Tap on Check for System Updates 

How To Update Software If You Have A Vizio TV; 

Different from other devices, the Vizio TV does not come with software updates on request. You must connect the device to your internet to know about the latest firmware updates. 

Why Does Your YouTube TV Keeps Disconnecting?

The issue YouTube TV keeps disconnecting can be because of several reasons.

There might be – too many devices signed in with the same account, several applications running in the background simultaneously, the internet connection is poor and unstable, more lags in the device, incompatibility issues, errors in the modem, router failure, the data plan may not be enough and so on! 

Sometimes the location services in the application are not accessible; the YouTube TV app may be outdated, data may be corrupted, and temporary disruptions in the connectivity from the service provider side. 

Bottom Line For YouTube TV Keeps Disconnecting

So if you are experiencing YouTube TV keeps disconnecting, these are the possible solutions you can try at home on your own.

However, if you still cannot fix the problem, you can try contacting the support team of your TV brand. You can also contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and explain your situation to them, as they can help you. 

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