youtube TV buffering but internet is fine

How To Fix Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine?

YouTube is one of the most preferred applications. Every day millions of viewers watch several videos for pleasure and recreation. However you might sometimes witness Youtube TV Buffering, But the Internet Is Fine.

Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine happens when the internet connection is low or when there are thousands of requests to YouTube, and it cannot handle all the requests. Consequently, dealing with such requests becomes strenuous, so YouTube will fail to operate accordingly. At times the bandwidth might need to be increased, leading to buffering.

Steps To Troubleshoot If Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine

You can use these steps to resolve if you experience Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine.

1. Check Internet Speed: 

It is one of the easiest steps while facing Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine. YouTube requires good internet connectivity. There won’t be any issues if the internet has a good rate.

To check the internet speed, type “Internet Speed Test” on Google and Click on “Run Test.”

How To Fix Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine? 7

The results will show you whether the Internet is faster or not. Here is my test results:

image 1

But if the internet speed is low, then it will impact the functioning of YouTube. YouTube will not run because of a lack of adequate internet speed. Instead, there will be buffering. Thus, check your internet speed if you detect that YouTube is not working efficiently.

2. Restart Router Or Modem:

To reduce Youtube TV Buffering But the Internet Is Fine, you can check whether the WiFi is working correctly. You can switch off the router or modem. Then wait for a few seconds and switch it on again.

If you are using an Xfinity modem, we have written a separate guide on “How to Reset the Xfinity Modem

It will fix the issue, amplify the slow network, and eliminate wireless complications. When the modem is restarted, the internet speed will escalate, which will figure out the buffering problem.

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3. Clear Cache: 

A considerable amount of data influences your internet speed. An ample quantity of files will lead to buffering.

Steps To Troubleshoot If Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine

To prevent this, you can clear the cache. It will give rise to more space, and your internet will work much better. When there is adequate space, it becomes easy for you to run YouTube.

4. Disable VPN Or Proxy: 

Once you disable a VPN, it will remove the additional digital safety and confidentiality it assures. Due to the lack of an online private network, there won’t be any guarded internet connectivity.

It will change your IP details as it becomes apparent. Now your connection is not private. Numerous users use it to minimize instances of buffering. It is secure to disable the proxy, except if you want to conceal your IP address from those websites you come across.

5. Try Using A Different Network Or Browser: 

If Youtube TV Buffering But the Internet Is Fine, you can also use another network. If your browser cannot open the application, try to use another one.

Connect your device to the latest router if you have an old one. You can also use a dual-band router. You can connect your device to your smartphone or tablet instead of WiFi. If it works efficiently, then the issue is with the WiFi.

6. Check For Updates On YouTube TV App: 

If you are assured that internet access is requisite, and there are no other issues, you should check whether YouTube requires an update.

Steps To Troubleshoot If Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine

When you still need to update the application, it will buffer. Reassure that the app is up-to-the-minute. Some of the issues can be effortlessly solved by updating the app. To update the app, visit the play store and search “YouTube.” Now click on update. The app will be updated.

7. Contact YouTube TV Support: 

You should contact YouTube TV support if you have failed to eliminate Youtube TV Buffering, But the Internet Is Fine successfully. If the app still does not operate after updating, you should discuss it with TV support. You can get its contact number through the website. They will provide you with all the possible solutions to minimize buffering.

If you are eager to know more, also consider YouTube TV Resume Watching Not Working.

8. Use A Wired Connection Instead Of WiFi: 

Even after the restart, if the Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine, and you have tried other possible ways, you can use a wired connection.

In this case, you can use ethernet cables. An ethernet cable gets attached to your computer and is operated by a router or modem, providing access to LAN. It generally works faster as compared to WiFi.

  • Attach the ethernet cable to the yellow LAN port on the modem.
  • Now, connect another part of the ethernet cable to your TV.
  • Assure that the ethernet light appears green and luminous.
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9. Disable Other Devices That Require Internet Bandwidth: 

When you want your favorite video or show on YouTube, you can switch off other gadgets or shows that work with internet bandwidth. By disabling them, the internet will work much faster, and the resolution will be phenomenal.

Each gadget will work slowly when a single internet connection is used for various gadgets. To prevent this, you can switch off other devices.

10. Use A Network Optimizer Or Accelerator: 

A network accelerator is a mainframe designed mainly to deal with network workloads. It is the other name of an AI accelerator. It acquires data, gathers it, and classifies it at a very high pace. It can even be operated on less power, ensuring the algorithms function speedily. It boosts up internet speed. Using this device, you can undoubtedly resolve the problem of buffering.

11. Use A VPN Specifically Designed For Streaming: 

Another method of solving the “Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine” issue is using a VPN meant explicitly for streaming.

An amazing VPN allows you to watch your most-loved videos whenever you want. It considers all the security concerns and will enable you to stream videos without any security breach problems. At times, VPN is also used to deal with buffering.

Causes Of Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine

Slow Internet Connection: 

One of the primary reasons for Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine is the slow internet connection. When the internet works slowly, video processing will take a lot of time.

It brings faster internet speed to access the videos. No one wishes to wait to watch nerve-wracking videos. Due to slow speed, you have to witness latency and blurred images; downloading also consumes enormous amounts of time and causes consistent disruption in video processing. This buffering takes about 8-10 seconds to restore. Continuous buffering also creates YouTube TV Keeps Disconnecting and dissatisfaction among the viewers.

Limited Bandwidth: 

The quantum of bandwidth leads to some issues. If the bandwidth is less, the video quality will be inconsiderate. The more the bandwidth, the higher resolution the video will have.

Generally, the bandwidth available is 360p, 720p, 1080p, and 1440p. 1440p has an exceptional quality resolution, while in the case of 360p, the screen will appear to be blurry, and buffering will appear. Moreover, viewers might find it challenging to relish their preferred video in low resolution. Consumers want to avoid watching hazy videos.

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Congestion In The Network: 

It generally happens when a network node bears more data than it could pick up ordinarily. It hampers the quality of service, thereby causing hindrance in queueing and blockage in new connections.

Due to network congestion, the server will not perform accordingly. As a result, the users have to endure network issues. YouTube requires great speed to work, but the videos might take a long time to begin due to network congestion.

High Traffic On YouTube TV Servers: 

Every day, millions of viewers watch their most-liked videos on YouTube. Occasionally, you might witness that YouTube is buffering. It occurs due to the significant number of viewers visiting YouTube simultaneously.

YouTube might need to be able to control all the viewers together. Higher traffic on YouTube is one of the most substantial reasons for buffering. Unlike websites, YouTube does not crash. Rather it slows down the work and leads to buffering.

Issues With Device Or Browser: 

Due to issues with the browser or TV, YouTube might encounter Youtube TV Buffering, But the Internet Is Fine. If your device has any case, such as a software update or broken hardware component, the app will not work.

Besides this, if the device has any power supply issues, damaged cable connection, or faulty remote control, you will face numerous problems on YouTube.

Wrapping Up Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine

Buffering can be attributed to several causes, such as slow internet connection, network congestion, a large amount of YouTube traffic simultaneously, and limited bandwidth. But you can reduce it by checking the internet speed, software updates, restarting the router, and using a different device for using the internet.

If the Youtube TV Buffering But Internet Is Fine persists, you can use a wired connection like ethernet cables to disconnect other devices. You can also avail of a VPN meant explicitly for streaming. But you might contact TV support if you cannot solve the issue. It is the last and the most appropriate option.

You can consult the workers of YouTube TV support and explain every issue you face so that they might tell you the best solution for this problem. Buffering can be easily solved by using the above means.

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