Xfinity Youtube TV Not Working

How To Fix Xfinity Youtube TV Not Working?

You may be enjoying several services using Xfinity. However, the most used and popular application is youtube. But how would it be if your Xfinity Youtube Not Working? 

Recently one of my friends contacted me saying that his Xfinity Youtube Not Working, and we were searching for solutions throughout the day. And finally resolved the issue after a great struggle. So in this article, we thought to share our solutions for fixing Xfinity Youtube Not Working so that you won’t suffer as we did. So what are you waiting for? 

Let us start with the solutions for your Xfinity Youtube TV Not Working issue. 

Check Your Eligibility Always.

The first and foremost thing when you decide to use youtube TV on your Xfinity device is to check the eligibility. 

  • If you like to watch youtube TV, then ensure to go with an Xfinity internet service.
  • Next, you have to check whether the Xfinity flex app is compatible with the youtube app.

Restart Your Xfinity Device

Even though a restart is a simple task, it helps you rectify many problems in the application and system problems. So you can restart your Xfinity even in seconds by following the steps below.

  • Press & hold the power key until the Xfinity device turns off
  • Wait for one or two minutes
  • Finally, press the power button again to turn on the device.

That’s all you are done! 

Activate Your Youtube TV

The activation process is crucial in order to prevent Xfinity Youtube Not Working problem.

In case you have not activated your youtube TV, do it now by following the instructions mentioned below.

  • Open the youtube TV channel.
  • In your Xfinity device, head towards the sign in youtube TV option
  • Sign in by providing your password and user ID
  • You will find an 8-digit code on your TV screen (make sure to remember) 
  • Now go to the youtube activation page in your browser 
  • On the page, enter the 8-digit code and proceed with the instructions 
  • Finally, your activate is done, and you can enjoy youtube TV
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Restart Your Router And Modem

You may have your Xfinity Youtube Not Working even because of poor network connectivity. Added that you can resolve this simply by restarting your modem, which will fix if there are any glitches. In case there are any big technical problems inside the router, you can opt for a replacement. 

Reopen Your Youtube TV 

If you find your Xfinity Youtube Not Working, you can try reopening your youtube TV application. This how to fix youtube TV not loading process is effortless, and here are the steps.

  • Search youtube TV on your Xfinity device
  • Open the youtube TV app and close it instantly
  • Wait for 20 seconds
  • Now reopen the youtube TV app
  • Once it is open, provide all the necessary information and submit
  • Now we hope the app will run properly

Inspect Your Internet

Suppose you have connected many devices to the same network, you will experience a slow internet speed, and that’s why you get the issue of Xfinity Youtube Not Working. So if this is your case, you must check your internet connection first. Check whether the internet speed is enough for you to run online applications without any buffering. And know that 3 to 4 Mbps speed is needed for the effective functioning of youtube. 

If you have slow internet in your area, you can contact the Xfinity staff (if everything on your side is proper). The staff will help you how to fix youtube TV not loading or inform you whether the services in your area are down or not. 

Delete Your Cache And Junk Data

Clearing the cache is sometimes the best solution for freezing, Xfinity youtube TV not working, and crashing problems. It is essential because the cache and junk collected over time create bugs and errors in the system. 

Hence to clean the cache data in the app, you can follow this simple guide.

  • Head towards the settings option
  • Select and tap on the option “apply.”
  • Search the youtube TV application
  • Here you will see how to clear the cache and data option
  • Now Click on it 

Thus you have cleared your cache and data in the youtube TV app.

Check For Updates

Maintaining your software, applications, and device up to date is crucial. If your application runs on the latest version, it won’t trouble you. Alternatively, if the apps are not in the newest version, it will create many problems, and one such thing is Xfinity Youtube Not Working. 

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Similarly, updating the Xfinity device and the youtube TV application is also necessary. If any of these two works in the outdated version, it interferes with the other, so you will end up with a few issues. 

So if you are on the way to updating your Xfinity device, below are the steps.

  • Urge to settings
  • Search for the option update now in the menu
  • Tap on update now and check for the newest version
  • If there is an update, download and install 

Likewise, if you wish to update your youtube TV app, below are the steps.

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  • Urge towards the device settings
  • Choose the application youtube 
  • Select the option about 
  • You can see whether an update is available or not. 
  • In case you have an update, download and install it.

Why Is Xfinity Stream Not Working On My TV?

The Xfinity streaming services enable you to watch thousands of TV shows and web series in whatever you use, like a phone, tablet, smart TV, or laptop. In contrast, when your Xfinity stream is not working correctly, you cannot even access a channel or anything. 

In this situation, you must know Why is Xfinity Stream not working on my TV so you can be able to fix the issue. 

#1. The app is out of date

If you are using an old version Xfinity Stream app, it may not be compatible with your device. 

#2. Problem with your connectivity

One common reason is that you have a poor or inactive internet connection. You should have a strong network connection for an app to function correctly. 

#3. Problem with the Xfinity service 

You may be blinking Why is Xfinity Stream not working on my TV, but the problem may be on the other side. If your Xfinity service is down, you will experience issues with your cable or internet connection. For this, you can visit the Xfinity service status page. 

#4. Issues in playing

If you are willing to play a downloaded file and if it is not playing, check whether the files or programs are still in downloading section. If it is not downloaded yet, download it. Still, if there are issues, delete the file and re-download it. 

#5. The problem in the area

If you are experiencing Why is Xfinity Stream not working on my TV only when you are not inside your home or a little bit away from your home, you should check out the restrictions. 

The restrictions may be

  • It is possible to stream only a single device at a time
  • A few channels and shows are only visible only when you are inside your home
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If you are still getting issues, contact Xfinity customer support. 

How To Fix “Why Is Xfinity Streaming Not Working”?

Inspect Your Cables

  • Ensure that the ethernet cable is working correctly and does not have any damage. 
  • Try connecting using different methods in case your device supports WiFi.

Reinstall Your App

  • Using your remote, uninstall the Xfinity application
  • Reinstall the application from the app store or official website

Delete The Cache In Your Browser

Assuming that you use Chrome as your browser

  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your browser.
  • In the appearing menu, tap on more tools
  • Choose the option clear browsing data
  • To clear everything, tap on all time
  • Nearer to the “cookies and other site data” option & “cached images and files” option, tick the checklists.
  • Finally, choose clear cache.

Power Cycle Your Modem/Router

  • Unplug the coax cable from your modem or router
  • Power cycle your modem or router now
  • Plug the coax cable back into the modem or router again
  • Finally, connect to the internet and check whether your issue is resolved
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Update Your Firmware In The TV

  • Head towards the settings app on your TV
  • Navigate and click on support
  • Choose software update
  • Click on update now
  • Wait until the update process is over

Thus you have updated your firmware and checked Why is Xfinity Stream not working on my TV.

Update Your Browser

  • Tap on the three dots in Chrome’s top right corner. 
  • Select the option help
  • Then click on “about google chrome”
  • Tap on update google chrome
  • Suppose you cannot see this option; you are enjoying the latest chrome version.
  • Finally, click on relaunch.
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Sign Up Again

  • Click on the main navigation menu, which you can see in the top left corner of the application.
  • Choose the option “gear,” which will be at the bottom
  • Tap on it to navigate to the settings
  • Now click on sign out
  • Finally, sign in again using the Xfinity ID and password. 

To Conclude, Xfinity Youtube TV Not Working

Thus you have reached the end of the article. Now you will be able to understand if your Xfinity Youtube Not Working and why is Xfinity streaming not working. With the above fixes, you can resolve your issue. If not, be patient and repeat the process one by one. Or else contact the Xfinity assistant. 

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