Why Is My PC So Slow On The Internet

Why Is My PC So Slow On The Internet

Dealing with a slow computer is more unbearable than any other struggle. That is when you are busy sending multiple emails, faxing, and attending Zoom meetings. On the other hand, you will be helpless as to why your PC is so slow on the internet or why your PC is slow suddenly.

If you are on the way to finding solutions to why your PC is so slow on the internet or how to fix slow internet on your PC, then this article is for you! 

Now, without wasting your time, let us look at how to fix slow internet on a PC.

Why Is My PC So Slow On The Internet?

Reason 1 – Poor Internet Connection

When you are busy at work, if your PC is slow all of a sudden, it will irritate you. 

The presence of weak signal strength may also give you low-quality internet. If you continuously face network problems, it might be because of your poor internet connection. 

Reason 2 – Your Wifi Router

A wifi router provides internet service around a particular area (inside and around your home). But it is not sure that it always offers accurate service for you. So the wifi quality might be the reason for your query about why my PC is so slow on the internet. 

Reason 3 – Internet Plan

Did you check your internet package or wifi plan? Did you check the speed and the number your service provider offered you? Maybe you are paying for a slow internet package which could be why you experience slow internet. 

Reason 4 – Router Quality

Always make sure your router is of high quality and top-performing. It is because many routers come with cheap chips and processors to compromise on the price ranges. In contrast, some routers provide extreme performance but are expensive. So choose wisely. 

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Reason 5 – Internet Speed

As familiar with the internet, you may have often encountered the word Mbps. Do you know what it is for? It is your speed of the internet connection. It would be best to work effectively with a good and appreciable internet speed. So if you are thinking, why is my PC so slow on the internet? Check out your Mbps. 

Reason 6 – Over Usage Or Overloaded

You may be experiencing a PC slow internet problem because of the channel where your wifi is ON. Similar to radio, your wifi connects to different signals at different times. Make use of a wifi analyzer to check whether your wifi is overloaded or not. If it is blocked, then this might be the reason! 

Reason 7 – Website Issue

Quickly, we conclude why my internet is so slow on my PC all the time. 

But do you know there are chances that the website you try to access is slow? Yes, websites and web servers may often have operational issues. Sometimes, many people visit the same website address, causing the website to be slow. This could also be why my PC is so slow on the internet.

Reason 8 – Cookies

Yes, having many cookies may eventually lead to slow PC internet speed. Cookies are some data used as an identity when browsing the internet. When you browse more websites, there will be more cookies and slow internet. So keep in mind to delete your cookies often. 

Reason 9 – Modem

If you are experiencing a slow PC internet than any other day, it may be due to the modem. Also, check your internet on different devices. If you are having slow internet on a particular PC, it may be a hardware error and not in a modem. 

Reason 10 – Background Tasks 

Did you know that the background programs like high-quality videos, games with high graphics, or a few other applications can make you have poor internet? 

You might be working on your office tasks with these background applications. But you will start blinking. Why is my internet so slow on my PC without paying attention to this background stuff? 

How To Fix When MyPCIs Slow All Of A Sudden?

There may be several reasons why APIs are slow, but here we list a few (which we consider most important) and help you fix them. 

Check Your Programs

Even though a PC is capable of handling multiple tasks at the same time, we are not supposed to overload them. 

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Overloading with too many tasks on the PC is a primary reason my PC is suddenly slow. Each tab you open on the browser consumes space and memory. Likewise, when you use or open multiple accounts or programs on the PC, it occupies more space, so your PC will start running slowly. 

Hence you are advised to open tabs or programs required to work on time. Permanently close the accounts or applications which you are not going to use. 

Check For Viruses

If unsatisfied with the above solution, you can scan for viruses and malware on your PC. Viruses are in various forms like pop-ups, encrypted files, or even in the background, spoiling your resources. 

Always ensure to scan for viruses often. Luckily, several programs like malware bytes, webroot, Microsoft Defender, and many others examine viruses. Once you find the viruses, delete them. 

Check For Hard Drive Issues.

Practically you can occupy 80 percent of the hard drive space, and if you have done more than that, there will be no space for the temporary files. 

However, if you are unaware of the hard drive space you occupied, find it now; 

In Windows: 

  • Click on my computer
  • Then right-click on the disk C
  • Select Properties

In mac:

  • Click on apple
  • Choose this mac

In case your hard drive is not 20 percent free, start freeing it up by

  • Deleting your trash
  • Disk clean up
  • using cloud storage
  • Deleting unnecessary files

Check For Software Updates.

Software updates are crucial for effectively functioning your apps and programs on the PC. But what if there are more updates often?

A few apps have automatic updates that consume most of your space and resources in the background. And this could be one reason why the PC is slow suddenly. 

Hence find a maintenance solution that filters all the necessary updates that can be run when your PC is not in use. 

Check Whether Your PCIs Overheating. 

We all know that the PC performance is affected when the CPU gets too much heat. But do you see the CPU reduces its speed and become slow to reduce the amount of heat? 

A simple solution could be to place your PC in a ventilated area not blocked by dust and dirt. Moreover, ensure that you are not blocking the vents from airflow. 

Check With A Simple Restart.

Did you note when you restarted your PC recently? Your PC will notify you of slow performance when it needs a restart, especially if you did not for a long time. 

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When you use your PC, many programs will run in the background. And those programs will eat up the resources, and few tasks could not have ended yet. So, on the whole, your PC will become slow. 

You can fix this quickly by closing all the programs and restarting your  PC. And remember that whenever updated software or programs notify you for a restart, allow them without delay.

Check Your Startup Programs.

You have encountered many programs and applications prompting you to allow them to run once your PC starts. These are called startup programs which run in the background and consume your resources. However, when you include many startup programs, it will eventually make your PC slow. 

So always remember to uncheck the box which allows a program to run when the PC starts. 

Also, you can check the number of startup programs on your PC by following these steps; 

In windows

  • Press the CTRL+ALT+Delete button at the same time
  • Next, choose Task Manager. 
  • Click on the Start Up tab, and right-click on the program you want to remove. 
  • Finally, select the option to disable.

In Mac

Head towards either Login Items or Applications 

Now deselect the unnecessary programs from running during startup.

Check For Outdated Drivers.

Drivers are software that helps communicate between the hardware devices connected to your PC. Suppose you use outdated or very old drivers; This could make you experience “my PC is slow all of a sudden.” Also, it will make your computer take longer than required for an action. 

So quickly look for the latest driver compatible with your PC. Download and install them. We hope that you can enjoy a faster PC now. 

Check For The Add Ons

Are you the person using many add-ons while browsing the internet? Do you need them? Is your browser functioning effectively? 

Using too many browser extensions and inefficient add-ons may slow down your  PC. The best tip here is to remove the add-ons which are not needed for you! 

To Conclude

We knew how it could be to feel why is my PC so slow on the internet! 

You added that the above solutions are effortless, even by yourself. We hope they helped you fix your issues and increase your productivity.

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