Where Samsung TVs Made

Where Samsung TVs Made?

Samsung has been one of the top brands in the world for many years. There are no such people who have not heard of or know about Samsung. They are pioneers of many innovative electrical products. You can find Samsung household appliances in every second home in your region. Samsung’s popularity on this planet has no bounds.

From Samsung’s extensive range of products, there is one household item that has constantly been a favorite choice of consumers: Samsung TVs. Whether you are visiting an offline store or online, you can see a variety of Samsung TVs covering the markets. Samsung TVs’ popularity has always made it a hot topic of discussion, and the first thing that people usually ask is where Samsung TVs made or What place Samsung TVs are manufactured. 

These are the questions generally a newcomer asks, so before answering where Samsung TVs  Made, let’s first learn more about Samsung.

Samsung Brand

Samsung TVs dominate the Television manufacturing industry of the world. They offer their customers a wide range of televisions, including TVs like SUHD, UHD, and 4K QLED to high-resolution LCD. This year they have launched a new TV laced with AI technology named the 8k series into the market by collaborating with Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens Company.

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Its long-range product proves one thing about Samsung, its dedication to offering an enhanced viewing experience that feels like watching Live action in front of your eyes. Samsung provides every range of television that can satisfy everyone’s needs.

But the Samsung Brand is not limited to TV. They are like giant trees with several branches, which can be considered their category. They make smartphones, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and television. These are a few examples of their electronic products.

Samsung has set its goal toward futuristic development. They are big players in the semiconductor industry, digital appliances, mobile phones, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Who Owns Samsung Brand?

The Samsung brand itself owns the Samsung Television company. It was established in 1969. Its headquarters is in Samsung town, Seoul, Korea. It has hundreds of business subsidiaries and the world’s most significant number of patents. They have 7670 US patents under their name and also some support centers where they resolve even complex issues like Samsung TV black screen.

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Where Samsung TVs Made?

Samsung is a global brand. Even being a Korean Company, they have numerous plants worldwide. They have manufacturer sites in Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Slovakia, etc. They manufacture TVs through the assembly of the part they make at different locations. For example, the screens of TVs are made in Korea, while accessories are made in Vietnam and Korea and shipped for assembly in other countries.

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They also run an outsourcing program that hires third parties to assemble parts manufactured in Korea and Vietnam. They manufacture this product by assembly and distribute it to retailers for sale. Through this process, they reduced the logistic cost.

The Name Of Countries Where Samsung TVs Made In Large Numbers.

Samsung companies are located in a large number of countries. Similarly, Samsung Television plants are also found all over the world. Here is a list of some countries where Samsung TVs made.

South Korea: There is an interesting thing about Samsung television. Even though being a Korean company, the television available in Korea after 2018 is not made in the country but somewhere else.

Mexico: The Samsung unit in Tijuana, Mexico, makes over 18 million Samsung television per year. This television is distributed throughout America.

Europe: if you are living in Europe and have a Samsung television, then there is a high chance that your TV is made in a Samsung unit visited in Slovakia, Russia, or Hungary. These are the place in Europe where Samsung operates its television manufacture.

China: Samsung has a large manufacturing unit in China. But 90 % of what they make remains in China, and the other 10% is distributed in neighboring countries.

Brazil: Samsung Brazil unit is the largest manufacturer in the area. It is known that in South America, 10 million televisions are made in Brazil units.

Vietnam: Samsung’s most giant factory in the world is situated in Vietnam, Thai Nguyen province, which employs over 60000 workers. From here, television is distributed in Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia and Africa.

You can decide on your Samsung TV manufacturer by your location. Even being placed worldwide, Samsung assures their consumer that each television is made with extreme care and up to exacting standards.

Countries Where Samsung TV Is Manufactured

Samsung TV production is going in different parts of the world, and each manufactured unit has its significance and history. Let’s look at some of the most important branches.

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Samsung TV Factory In Korea:

The Samsung TV brand originated in South Korea, which is why their first large-scale company was set up here. It was located in Suwon, but in June 2018, Samsung company halted its mass assembly production of television in their Suwon company, and now they are using this site for making pilot test equipment. Hence if you are in Korea, and your Samsung TV set is made in the country, you can get the older model that was made before 2018, which is also rare.

Samsung TV Mexico Factory:

The Samsung company is located in Tijuana, Mexico, near the American border. It is one of the largest Factories of Samsung, where Samsung TVs made. The large number of televisions manufactured here are distributed in the American Market. A fun fact about Tijuana is that it is not only popular for its Samsung factory there are many famous brand manufacturing factories established here for cheap labor and low production cost. 

The Samsung plant here produces 18 million television per year. From 2017  to 2018, there was a rumor that the Mexico factory would shut down due to the US imposing high taxes, but this rumor was never confirmed, and the unit is still working. The US government has only imposed tariffs on imported equipment from South Korea.

Samsung Factory In Hungary:

Hungary is one of the locations in Europe where Samsung TVs made. Their manufacturing unit is set up in Jászfényszaru, a town near the northern great plain region. This company has employed 2500 local workers in their division. The production of television keeps increasing year after year, and it’s capturing more market share in Europe daily. On the 25th anniversary of Samsung, it made one more plant in this town.

Samsung Factory In Russia:

The manufacturing plant in Russia is responsible for making television for Russian and its neighboring countries and some eastern parts of the Europe market. This plant produced 7 to 8 million television sets per year. The location of this unit is in the Koryakov town of Kaluga region. Hence if you are based in Russia, your Samsung TV is made in your country.

Samsung Factory In Slovakia:

At first, Samsung established two manufacturing units in Slovakia, one in Voderady, which used to make TV components and shipped them to the company’s main branch in Galant. But the Volderady company was shut down later and merged with the Galant unit. Now there is only one unit in Slovakia, in Galant, that makes television for the Europe region.

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Samsung Factories In China:

Samsung China factory is one of the earliest factories where Samsung TVs made during its expansion abroad. Since 1993, China has been a major producer of Samsung Televisions. Their company is based in the Tianjin region of China. But due to an increase in labor costs, the company was shut down in 2020. This company used to make 90% of television for the Chinese market, and 10 % was exported to neighboring countries, but now the product is being shifted to Thailand and Vietnam, where labor costs are cheaper.

Samsung Factory In Vietnam:

Currently, Samsung’s television manufacturing unit in Vietnam is the largest producer of TV sets for the Asian market. The factory is located in the Thai Nguyen region of Vietnam. There are 60000 workers employed in the unit. From here, TVs are exported to content like Australia, Asia, and Africa. This company is the biggest factory of Samsung in Asia and is increasing its area to employ more local people to meet growing demand.

Samsung Factory In India:

In Chennai, a large manufacturing plant of Samsung produced television for the Indian and Asian markets. But when the Indian government decided to apply heavy tax on imported components, production completely halted in 2018 since Samsung TVs stopped being made in India. The situation improved when the government eased taxes like on television screens. The production once again started in Dixon Technology in 2020.

Samsung Factory In Romania:

Samsung initially established a component-making manufacturing unit in Romania, but there was a high demand for Samsung products in the area in early 2010. Then, Samsung group decided to grow this unit into a manufacturing team for Samsung monitor and TV assembly.

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There are reasons why Samsung TVs are so popular worldwide, and that’s why people are eager to know where Samsung TVs made. It’s because it offers the best picture quality and innovative design, which has been changing with our requirements.

Samsung has till now launched various models, most of which are ranked as the world’s most popular Television sets. Their price range and durable body make them the perfect addition to your home. After all, we spend many hours of our life watching television.

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