Where Is The Power Button On My Samsung TV

Where Is The Power Button On My Samsung TV?

When using a TV, one of the most common issues is locating its power button.

On every TV, the power button is located in different places, and finding where is the power button on my Samsung TV is sometimes a real challenge. If you can relate to it, this article is just for you.

In this article, we will brief you about the different locations of a power button on Samsung TVs so that you never have to wonder or ask where is the power button on my Samsung TV.

Let us get started!

Even Samsung TVs feature a power button like every other modern set.

But the problem is that Samsung moves this power button in different models. So is the need to read this topic “Where is the power button on my Samsung TV.”

Consequently, where is the power button on my Samsung TV? Let’s get right to finding the power button for the Samsung TV.

Where Is The Power Button On My Samsung TV? How to find it?

Here are a few potential locations for Samsung’s power button on TVs.

  • Below is the Samsung branding (Middle Underside).
  • TV’s front right underside.
  • The front bezel on the left or right (Touch Control).
  • TV’s back right side.

1. Below “The Samsung Branding.”

One of the most common ways to find where is the power button on my Samsung TV is here! The power button is typically located underneath the Samsung branding or directly in the center, below the front’s lower bezel.

power button on samsung TV 1

Find the power button if you already have access to areas under the TV. Alternatively, you could put your finger there and press the button with it.

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Power buttons behind logos frequently have a rubberized texture, so we can touch them without seeing them.

2. TV’s Front Right Underside

The front right corner of the TV’s underside is another specific location for Samsung to install the power button. Additionally, some Samsung TV models house the IR Receiver here (that collects signals from the TV remote).

Many TV owners are more likely to search for where is the power button on my Samsung TV last, making it one of the final places they look.

3. Front Bezel On The Left Or Right 

Some Samsung TVs, including the power button, have touch-sensitive user buttons instead of physical ones. Samsung places the touch control power switch on the front bezel, typically on the far right-hand side but occasionally on the left.

Those buttons often have silkscreen (white paint) to make the information visible since they are touch controls.

4. TV’s Back Right Side

This is one of the recent ways to find where is the power button on my Samsung TV. The rear of the TV is among the worst locations for the power button.

You won’t have any kind of visual context, so your only option is to use your finger to surf the back and begin to feel the buttons.

The lower right corner of the back panel is likely where the Samsung TV power switch is located if it is on the backside.

If you wall-mount your TV, you will have a tough time reaching the power button located on the back.

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But in anyways finding, the power button is essential, especially when your Samsung TV remote not working at all or if you lost Lost Remote For Samsung TV.

Finding Where Is The Power Button On Your Samsung TV

The first step in detecting the power button is to find the model number of the specific Samsung TV.

The quickest way of doing this is to use the remote control’s “MENU or Settings” button,

select settings on samsung TV 7
Where Is The Power Button On My Samsung TV? 7

Then scroll to the “Support” area. 

Support on Samsung TV 4
Where Is The Power Button On My Samsung TV? 8

Look again for the “TV Info or About This TV” panel when you get there. Here is where you may find the model number.

About This Samsung TV

With your Samsung TV model number, you may look up the power button’s placement online. The power button on most Samsung models is in the exact location. 

serial number of Samsung TV

You should be able to better understand with the help of an online image of your particular TV model. The model number may help you locate the power button on your Samsung TV if you need help finding its location online. There are four different series of Samsung TVs.

Turn On Samsung TV Using Voice Commands

Using voice commands to switch on your Smart TV is a more modern and helpful method. Voice commands are now supported by a much greater number of TVs in recent years. Several voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, are compatible with Samsung TVs. 

Additionally, some Samsung TVs come equipped with Bixby smart assistants. Here are some pointers for utilizing voice commands to turn on your TV.

What To Do?

  • Ensure that your voice assistant and Samsung TV are both turned on.
  • Use the common command “Turn on the Samsung TV” if you use Google Assistant or Alexa.
  • The command “Turn on the TV” works with TVs that support Bixby.
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The Last Words: Where Is The Power Button On My Samsung TV

The location of the power button on Samsung TVs varies almost every year, suggesting that they like hiding it.

This always generates questions in the customer’s mind: Where is the power button on my Samsung TV? 

If you’re still experiencing trouble finding the power switch on your TV, try checking the manual online. You will find the answer to where is the manual power button on my Samsung TV. A manual power control switch is included with every Samsung TV. You simply need to locate it!

Try looking up your TV’s manual online if you still have trouble finding the power button. The location of each button on your TV will be depicted in the picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having trouble finding the power button on my Samsung TV?

To turn on the Samsung TV without a remote, simply hold down the center button for a long time. A button for TV controls is occasionally located in the center of the front panel of the Samsung TV. About five buttons are present. The TV will start if you hold down the center button for a while.

How do I force my Samsung to power off?

Pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time for longer than seven seconds will restart your smartphone if it has become frozen and unresponsive.

How do I turn my Samsung TV off without the remote?

Examine your TV to see if it has a visible touch power button. It is often located in the center of your TV’s lower panel. Some TVs have power buttons on their left, right, and top surfaces. Check those regions.

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