Vizio TV Won't Turn On

How To Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On?

Unplug And Replug Your Vizio TV.

If you are encountering the issue of a Vizio TV that won’t turn on or a Vizio TV screen flickering, one of the first steps you should take is to power cycle your device.

To fix the issue, start by unplugging your Vizio TV from its power source and waiting for 30 to 60 seconds.

Unplug the power cable of Vizio TV 1
How To Fix Vizio TV Won't Turn On? 9

Then plug the Vizio TV back into the power source. 

Plug the Vizio TV power cable back in 1
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Additionally, it is important to check whether your Vizio smart TV is securely plugged into its power supply, ensuring that there are no loose connections.

Keep in mind that even a minor gap or improper connection can result in your Vizio TV not turning on.

If this step does not initially resolve the issue, we recommend repeating the process two or three times to ensure that the power cycle is completed effectively.

Inspect The Power Outlet.

It may seem simple, but often, issues with power outlets can cause significant headaches, especially if you are connecting your Vizio TV to a new or unused power source.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your power outlet to connect your Vizio TV is functioning correctly.

To confirm whether the power outlet is working correctly, we suggest connecting another electronic item, such as an iron box or a hair dryer, to the outlet and verifying that it heats up or turns on.

Once you have confirmed that the outlet is working, you can connect your Vizio TV.

Change Your Power Cord.

Sometimes, the power cord connected to your Vizio TV is the issue. The power cord may be damaged, or the connection may be loose.

To troubleshoot this problem, check whether the power cord is securely connected on both ends (with your TV screen and the wall outlet).

A minor lag in the connection can interrupt the power supply, which can cause your Vizio TV not to turn on.

If you find the power cord is broken, we recommend changing the power cord and connecting your TV to a different power outlet or wall outlet.

We hope that these steps have helped you resolve the issue of your Vizio TV not turning on.

Check Your Vizio Remote 

Sometimes, the issue may lie with your Vizio remote control. Dead or worn-out batteries or an incorrect connection between the remote and the TV can cause problems.

To resolve this issue, start by changing the batteries in the remote compartment. Next, check whether the remote control is correctly connected to the Vizio TV. If your Vizio TV still doesn’t turn on even after changing the batteries and checking the connection, try turning on your TV using the power button on the TV itself.

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The power button is typically located on the bottom right or left of the Vizio TV (depending on your TV model). If your TV turns on using the power button on the TV, there may be an issue with your TV remote control. However, you can try changing the batteries and reconnecting your remote control before assuming it is faulty.

Additionally, power cycling your Vizio remote can help resolve connection issues. This process provides a fresh restart for the remote and clears up any potential issues.

How to check the Vizio Remote Working or Not?

  • Remove the batteries from the Vizio TV remote.
Remove the batteries from the Vizio TV remote
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  • Hit the Power key on the TV remote control for about 30 seconds.
Hit the Power key on the Vizio TV remote control for about 30 seconds.
How To Fix Vizio TV Won't Turn On? 12
  • Once the time is up, place the batteries back into the compartment
Once the time is up place the batteries back into the Vizio TV battery compartment
How To Fix Vizio TV Won't Turn On? 13

If your Vizio TV doesn’t turn on due to a faulty infrared receiver that cannot receive commands from the remote control, using a Vizio TV remote application to operate your TV remotely may be a solution.

This application can be downloaded from your mobile device’s app store, allowing you to control your Vizio TV using your smartphone or tablet.

However, we highly recommend you seek professional assistance to repair or replace the infrared receiver.

Technical expertise and experience are required to address this issue adequately, so it is best to entrust the repair to a professional.

Turn Off Standby Mode.

Another potential solution to the issue of a Vizio TV not turning on is to check whether it is in standby mode. If there is a red light visible on your Vizio TV, it means it is in standby mode. You may have accidentally enabled this mode, so turning it off is essential.

Hold the mute button for approximately 5 seconds to turn off the standby mode. Please note that this solution only applies if a standby red light is present.

Verify Your Input Sources.

If you have turned ON your Vizio TV but could not see anything on the screen, you might have chosen the wrong input (HDMI cable). Luckily there is a way to change your input selection in the settings menu. 

How To Change Your Input Source Using The Vizio TV Remote? 

  • Hit the Source button on your remote. 
  • Then choose the correct input for your Vizio TV here.

How To Change Your Input Source Without Using The Remote? 

  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV (you can find it either on the bottom or sides of the TV)
  • Then navigate between the input sources with the help of the volume buttons on the TV. 
  • Finally, choose the input source using the Menu button.

Check Your Backlight

Smart TVs today use an LED backlight system to display pictures on the screen.

Sometimes, there may be faults in the backlights or broken ones, so your Vizio TV won’t turn on. 

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Steps To Test Your Backlights

  • Turn off all the lights in your TV room
  • Hold a torchlight straight toward your TV screen
  • If you can see faint pictures on the screen, your backlights have been damaged. 
  • Now you should call a technician to replace the backlight. 

Besides, do you know there is a board behind your Vizio TV screen called the TCON or Timing Control Board? It is responsible for processing video signals and how the pictures are displayed on the TV. Hence if there are any faults in the TCON board, it makes your screen unresponsive. 

Examine Your Motherboard

Like a PC, your Vizio TV has a motherboard that controls all the features and functions. Suppose the motherboard in the Vizio TV has any damage; it prevents your TV from turning on. 

So replace it immediately. Luckily motherboard/power board is less expensive and can be replaced on your own or by getting help from a technician (if you are technically strong). 

Hard Reset Your Vizio TV

You can consider factory resetting your Vizio TV as the last option because the process will delete all your saved logins, downloaded apps, preferences, and everything!

Even it helps resolve if your vizio smart cast is not working correctly. Meanwhile, you will see your Vizio TV as a brand new one (with factory settings) after the “factory reset vizio TV.” 

Steps For Factory Reset TV

  • Turn on your Vizio TV
  • Head towards the option “Settings.”
settings on vizio TV
How To Fix Vizio TV Won't Turn On? 14
  • Go to “General.” 
  • Choose “Reset”
  • Type the Security PIN to start the resetting process.
Type the PIN for Vizio TV
How To Fix Vizio TV Won't Turn On? 15
  • Your Vizio TV will turn off automatically and then turn on
  • Then you can re-do all your initial setups!

Alternative Method To Hard Reset TV

Suppose your remote is not working or you have lost your Vizio TV remote; this is for you! 

  • Hit & hold the Source and Volume Down buttons on the TV simultaneously. 
  • Continue holding until you see the message “Hold the input.”
  • Then hit and hold the Input button for about 10 seconds.
  • Now you will note your TV starts with the factory resetting process.

Contact Vizio Support Team.

When you have failed in all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, contact vizio support, but first, you should check your Vizio TV’s warranty. If you have your warranty period, get help from Vizio customer support. They will have a look at your TV, get it repaired, and change any components if needed at no cost. 

Furthermore, you can call or do a live chat to contact the Vizio team. But make sure you are ready with the serial number of your Vizio TV, as they will ask for it, and you can find it on the backside of your TV. 

Possible Causes Of Vizio TV Won’t Turn On.

There could be numerous reasons, like software errors, hardware issues, remote problems, etc. So let us dig into it one by one. 

Get To Know About The Power Indicators.

It is essential to understand the issue before you start fixing things. And for this, you have to know what each power indicator in your Vizio TV indicates; 

  • If the power indicator light or power light on your Vizio TV turns orange to white light and your Vizio TV won’t turn on, it means there are some internal issues.  
  • If your Vizio TV turns on and goes black without lights, there is a display issue.
  • If your Vizio TV has a standby light (white light) or the white light stays on, you must check your TV before it turns off (Note that the new Vizio TV models come with a white light power indicator while turning on, but it fades out after seconds)
  • If the power indicator/power light on the Vizio TV does not have any lights on, unplug and replug all the power cables. 
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Maybe The TV Is In Standby Mode.

Vizio TVs have a mute screen function that puts your screen in standby mode when selected. So if this is your situation, your TV would never display a picture in standby mode. 

Maybe There Are Wrong Inputs.

It is common to choose the wrong inputs, especially when you have more connecting devices like cable boxes, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes, and as a human, we are prone to errors. A few users also have chosen the wrong input and experienced that their Vizio TV won’t turn on. 

So check your input sources, as this plays a significant role in sending signals to the TV. 

Maybe A Faulty Remote

Sometimes there is a chance that your remote is damaged, the batteries are too old, and the buttons are unresponsive.

If you have tried to fix these and your Vizio TV won’t turn on, you must replace your remote. 

Maybe A Loose Power Cord

Often, people have an improper power source or worn-out power cord. Moreover, the power cable has torn and is damaged, making your Vizio TV won’t turn on or stop working. Even though this requires a simple check-up, people usually forget, so we suggest you change the loose power cord or power sources before going to any other resolving technique. 

Maybe The Power Supply Is Damaged.

Though this is rare, your power supply could be damaged, so your Vizio TV won’t turn on. It occurs mainly when the capacitors, transistors, or other minute components inside the power board get hurt by a power surge. 

Wrapping Up, Vizio TV Wont Turn On.

Like any other electronics, your Vizio TV is also prone to a few issues; one such is that the Vizio TV won’t turn on. 

As you have read the article completely, you will now know there could be several reasons your Vizio TV won’t turn on. So be patient and try all the troubleshooting steps discussed above. If you have tried and could not resolve it, call the Vizio support center, as there might be severe issues with your Vizio TV. 

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