Vizio TV Screen Flickering

How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Flickering?

If you are experiencing Vizio TV screen flickering, there are a few common causes and solutions you can try before contacting customer service support. One of the best solutions is to perform a power cycle, as a soft reset can often bring the TV back to normal functioning.

Here are some common causes and solutions for Vizio TV screen flickering:

Check for loose connections: Ensure all cable connections are tightly secured, including the power cord, HDMI cables, and other input cables. Loose connections can cause flickering.

Adjust display settings: Go to the TV’s menu and adjust the settings, such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Sometimes, these settings can be too high, causing the screen to flicker.

Update firmware: Check and update any firmware updates available for your TV. Firmware updates often address bugs and issues with the TV’s performance.

Check for interference: If the TV is near any devices that emit radio frequency or electromagnetic interference, such as a microwave or wireless router, move them further away from the TV.

If none of these solutions work, contacting customer service support for further assistance may be best.

#Check Your Connections

Checking the cable connections is a vital troubleshooting step for Vizio TV screen flickering. None of the wires connected to the TV should be broken, damaged, or fried. If you notice any issues with the cables, it’s best to replace them with new ones and check if the problem persists.

#Do A Power Reset

A power or soft reset is a standard solution for resolving Vizio TV screen flickering issues.

This is because sometimes the screen flickering is caused by a poor connection or a temporary glitch in the TV’s software.

Performing a power reset involves turning off the TV, unplugging it from the power source, waiting for a few minutes, and then plugging it back in and turning it on again. This can often help resolve screen flickering issues.

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How To Do A Power Reset?

  • Unplug your TV from the power source.
Unplug the power cable of Vizio TV
How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Flickering? 8
  • Allow the power to drain.
  • Press the power button for 30 seconds to ensure no power remains on the TV. 
Press the power button on Vizio TV
How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Flickering? 9
  • Let the TV rest for 20 to 30 minutes.
Plug the Vizio TV power cable back in
How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Flickering? 10
  • Connect it to the power source to check if the problem exists. 

#Update Your Software

You need to check if your TV requires an update. Pending software updates would not only cause the problem of Vizio TV Screen Flickering but also make the TV dysfunctional or even Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen. To check if there are any due updates in your Vizio TV, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • On the TV remote, press the Menu key.
menu button on vizio TV remote
How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Flickering? 11
  • You will see a menu on the screen. Choose “System” from the menu.
system on Vizio TV
How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Flickering? 12
  • Navigate to “Check for Updates.”
updates on Vizio TV
How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Flickering? 13
  • If there are any pending or new updates, select “Confirm” and wait until the process is completed. 

#Clean & Maintain Your Vizio TV

Cleaning the Vizio TV’s ventilation system is crucial as the dust and debris can clog it and cause overheating, leading to screen flickering. You can use a soft cloth or a gentle cleaning to wipe the TV’s surface and vents.

Moreover, avoiding exposing your Vizio TV to extreme temperatures and humidity is recommended. High temperatures can damage the TV’s internal components, and moisture can cause condensation inside the TV, leading to malfunctioning.

#Check For Overheating Issues

As a primary troubleshooting method, you must check if a problem is overheating with your Vizio TV. For that, you must displace the position of your TV from a congested to a ventilated area.

The position of your TV should be so that air quickly passes through it. 

In case the basic troubleshooting methods do not work, you are required to go for the advanced troubleshooting methods that are likely to resolve the problem of the Vizio TV Screen Flickering. Some of the advanced troubleshooting methods are given below-

#Inspect For Any Hardware Defects

You can take assistance from Vizio TV’s user manual to check for hardware defects in your TV. Once you find out the underlying issue, like Vizio TV Screen Flickering, you should rectify it immediately.

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Call a professional technician if the hardware defect can not be corrected manually. 

#Contact Support Service

You first need to check if your TV is under the warranty period as a troubleshooting method. If it is, you can ask Vizio customer service support to replace the TV with a new one. If you need help, you can contact the manufacturer or a professional repair service to resolve the issue quickly. 

Why Is Vizio TV Screen Flickering?

At times, your Vizio TV screen might flicker unnecessarily, which can be troublesome for the user.

Vizio TV can have screen flickering issues continuously for years. It can be caused due to the following reasons. 

Loose Connections

Vizio TV Screen Flickering could be because of loose or damaged cable connections. The power cable, the cables connected to the HDMI port, and the power outlet should be appropriately installed and well-connected. It would otherwise lead to the flickering screen, or sometimes Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off And Back On issue. 

Issues In The Power Supply 

Screen flickering could be due to power supply issues. There could be damaged or fried power cables, or the power outlet could be broken, which might have resulted in the flickering screen issue. 

Firmware Or Software Problems

The common cause of Vizio TV Screen Flickering is software problems. Either the software is incompatible with your TV, or you have a pending update. In both cases, you will experience a flickering screen issue. 


Another possible cause of Vizio TV Screen Flickering is overheating. If the TV is operated for too long continuously, it might result in overheating of the TV. Moreover, if there is poor ventilation or direct exposure to sun rays, it can cause overheating as well.

Hardware Problems 

The internal parts of your TV could be defective. This usually happens if your Vizio TV is old or the TV is not correctly maintained.

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Hardware defects can cause flickering screen problems in your Vizio TV. 

How To Prevent Such Issues?

Once you have resolved the problem of the Vizio TV Screen Flickering, you are supposed to take preventive steps so that you do not face a similar issue again with your Vizio TV. 

  • Properly Maintaining The TV

As a user, you are required to check the cables and wires connected to the TV timely. If a line or a power outlet needs repair or replacement, you should do that as soon as possible. Neglecting the TV’s software update message can also cause trouble working the TV. 

  • Properly Positioning The TV 

Wherever you place your Vizio TV, you must ensure to only position your TV in an area with space for air transfer. The positioning of the TV should be in a well-ventilated area. Also, the TV should not be under exposure to heat and sunlight. Else, it would cause the issue of overheating of the TV. 

Wrapping Up The Vizio TV Screen Flickering Issue

Vizio TV can cause problems of screen flickering, majorly due to the issue of overheating. If your TV receives direct sun rays or is in a congested area, the screen will flicker unnecessarily. Flickering of the screen on Vizio TV can also be because of damaged power cables or loose power connections.

Adding onto that, a pending software update results in most problems with your TV. Vizio TV Screen Flickering is also a result of pending firmware and software.

Check if your TV needs any updates, and then grant permission. If there are no pending updates, power reset your TV by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

Also, the power supply might be erratic, or the hardware of your Vizio TV might be damaged. That could be the reason behind the Vizio TV Screen Flickering. To prevent the same issue in the future, you must clean your Vizio TV regularly and place it safely away from the sun’s rays.

You must contact the Vizio customer service support team for any other assistance. 

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