Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off And Back On

How To Fix Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off And Back On? 

Vizio TVs are the most popular in the US Television market as they offer better image quality for a budget-friendly price. Moreover, thousands of users prefer Vizio as it supports multiple streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on.  

However, plenty of users also report that their Vizio TV keeps turning off and back on. On the other hand, a few people have been experiencing this “Vizio TV keeps turning off and back on” for the past few months. 

But if you are one among them, don’t lose hope. This guide will thoroughly discuss how to fix a Vizio TV that keeps turning off even at your doorstep. 

Hard Reset The TV

Hard reset is almost similar to a power cycle as it resets your Vizio TV and its internal components. Also, it is a risk-free and effective way to eliminate glitches and errors in the TV. Below are the steps for hard resetting your Vizio TV;

  • Turn OFF your TV
  • Unplug the power cable from the wall socket
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Also, press the power button a few times during the step. 
  • Plug the power cable back into the wall socket
  • Turn ON your TV

Check if your Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON is fixed. 

Avoid using surge protectors and power strips, as a smart TV requires a strong and stable power supply to function effectively. Most importantly, ensure that you plug in the cables correctly. 


Consumer Electronics Control, or CEC, is a feature on smart TVs that helps control HDMI devices using a common remote. Even though it is beneficial, you may be controlling several devices simultaneously. And as a result, it creates some issues on your Vizio TV. Hence to turn OFF CEC on the Vizio TV, proceed with the below steps;

  • Turn ON your TV
  • Press the “menu button” on the remote 
  • Head towards the system, then CEC
  • Toggle it OFF and disable it
  • Reboot your Vizio TV

We hope you have resolved your Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON. 

Check Your Remote 

In case your Vizio TV keeps turning off and back on or Vizio TV won’t turn ON, you must cross-check your remote power button. If the button is stuck, it will make your Vizio TV power off randomly, and to fix this, unstuck the button. Moreover, ensure that the buttons are not jammed. 

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Additionally, there are chances that the remote batteries are low or might be dead as they were used for a long period. It is common to find dead batteries on the remote, and to fix this, simply replace them. 

Disable Auto Power OFF

The auto power OFF is a valuable power-saving feature on your Vizio TV and is sometimes enabled by default. Then it automatically turns OFF the smart TV once it is inactive or idle. Suppose it is set to a short time; you will notice that your Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON. 

Follow this simple and quick guide on how to disable auto power off;

  • Turn ON the Vizio TV
  • Press the “menu button” on your Vizio remote
  • Navigate to timers, then choose auto power OFF
  • Set it to a reasonable time
  • Now restart your Vizio TV and see if Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON.

Similar to the auto power OFF feature, the Vizio TV might turn OFF randomly also because of the sleep timer function. To turn it to OFF, go to the menu, choose timers, select sleep timer, and toggle it to OFF. 

Turn ON Eco Mode

You may have noticed eco mode on the latest smart TVs. Eco mode is a power-saving feature controlling several settings on the Vizio TV. This applies especially when you are using a casting device that helps to turn OFF the Vizio TV unexpectedly. To turn ON the eco mode on your Vizio TV, here is a quick procedure; 

  • Turn ON your smart TV
  • Tap on the menu button using the remote 
  • Navigate to the system
  • Choose power mode
  • Select eco mode
  • Set it to enable
  • Then disconnect all the screencasting devices from the Vizio smart TV
  • Restart your Vizio TV finally

Now check if you have resolved the Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON.

Check Your Motherboard

Unfortunately, the failure in the motherboard is one of the important reasons Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON. 

The motherboard consists of all the electrical connections inside the TV and is responsible for communication between various system components. Hence if your motherboard fails, your TV will fail. 

But to be more precise, the problem is mainly with the capacitors lying inside the motherboard. Capacitors fail for many reasons, but the prominent one is the surge of electricity during lightning. Therefore, the best fix here would be to get help from the support team to service the motherboard or buy a new one. 

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However, if you are a techie or more eager to explore inside, you can remove the back panel of your Vizio TV and look at the motherboard for any swollen capacitors. Once you find the culprit inside your motherboard, replace it with a new one. 

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Turn ON Quick Start

Following are the steps you must take to quick start your Vizio TV; 

  • Go to the menu on your Vizio TV
  • Search for the quick start mode option
  • Toggle or turn ON the quick start mode

Update Your Firmware

One of the simplest ways to solve most of the issues in smart TVs is by updating the firmware. The majority of the updates contain solutions that were asked by the users experiencing problems with the previous versions.

Furthermore, make sure to have a strong internet connection before proceeding to go with the updates. 

To update the firmware of your Vizio smart TV; 

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  • Tap on the menu using the Vizio remote control
  • Navigate to system
  • Click on check for updates
  • Once you find an update available, download it, and install it. 
  • Wait for the installation process to be over, don’t press any buttons
  • Once installed, turn ON the TV

Finally, check if you have gotten rid of the Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON.

Factory Reset The Vizio Device.

Once you have tried all the above fixed and still got stuck with the Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON, proceed with this fix. Resetting your Vizio TV restores the TV to its original settings. Hence ensure to take a copy of the data and preferences. 

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Below are the instructions for factory resetting the TV; 

  • Turn ON your Vizio TV
  • Tap on the menu button on the remote
  • Head towards system
  • Choose reset & admin
  • Select reset TV to factory defaults
  • Suppose you are prompted to enter the PIN, type 0000 (default PIN for smart TVs)
  • Click on reset
  • Wait until the process gets over

Once the process is done, set up your Vizio TV and check if the Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON is fixed. 

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Why Does My Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off And On By Itself?

There are many causes or reasons why your Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON, and below are some of the most important ones; 

Temporary Glitches

Many people often say their Vizio TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly because of random technical glitches. 

Auto OFF Mode

Usually, a smart TV turns OFF when the auto OFF feature is toggled ON or enabled in the settings. There are scenarios when a few people, without their knowledge, turn this ON. 


If this mode, CEC, is turned ON, it automatically turns your TV OFF after a period. 


We all know that overheating a device, in general, creates several issues. And so if you overheat your Vizio TV, you would experience the Vizio TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly after a few years after the purchase. 

Cables And Wires

Sometimes, there is a high possibility that loosely connected cables or defective wires are the reason behind the issue. 


If you have low internal memory or RAM, your Vizio TV will turn OFF. 

HDMI Inputs

Suppose you are using a damaged HDMI input or cable; it will cause your Vizio TV to turn OFF and ON. 


In specific scenarios, when there are damaged or unresponsive buttons on your remote, then accidentally, it will cause your Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON or even shut down on its own. Besides, any other remote can also have the ability to turn OFF your TV. 

Pending Updates

Suppose you are downloading a large-sized update or still have more pending updates; then there is a probability that your Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON. Before you go, if you are interested, check our post on how to fix if My Vizio TV Keeps Restarting.

Concluding Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off And Back On

Vizio TVs are the most durable option on the market, but they have pros and cons. There are many reasons for “Vizio TV keeps turning OFF and back ON.” But the solutions are effortless, and we have explained them clearly in this post. Try them, and feel free to mention what worked for you in the comment box. 

We hope that one of the above troubleshooting steps (how to fix a Vizio TV that keeps turning off) helped you stop the Vizio TV from turning OFF and back ON. 

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