Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen

How To Fix Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen?

Vizio Smart TVs are budget-friendly and less costly than other competitive brands. However, you might sometimes acknowledge a problem of black and green horizontal lines continuously appearing on your Vizio TV screen. It is a common problem and can be rectified using specific troubleshooting methods. 

The Vizio TV horizontal lines on screen are due to a faulty connection between the TV and the power cable. The horizontal lines can sometimes appear due to a failed processing unit within your Vizio TV. This article will discuss the causes of vizio TV horizontal lines on screen and how to eliminate them effectively. 

Now that you are well aware of the possible causes of horizontal lines on your Vizio TV, the next thing to do is to find reliable troubleshooting methods that will help you resolve the existing problem.

Check Your Connections Or Cables

The first thing to check is the HDMI and power cables connected to your TV. They could be poorly seated or damaged, which could be the reason behind the Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen. 

Make sure that the cables are installed correctly in their place. You can also do that by unplugging the HDMI cables from the HDMI port and then re-plugging them. The same should be done to the power cables and the cables connected to your TV.

Power Cycle Your Vizio TV 

As a troubleshooting method, you can also power-cycle your TV. It is also known as the soft reset method.

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How To Power Cycle Your TV?

  • Unplug your TV from the power source and then press the power button of your TV for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Let your TV rest for 30 minutes to drain its power.
  • Plug it again into the power source, and you might see that the issue is resolved. 

Check The Power Supply

The power outlet and the main outlet supplying power to your TV should not be broken or damaged as it can result in an erratic power supply. To resolve the Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen, you must ensure the power supply is proper and continuous. 

Other Troubleshooting Methods 

In some cases, the basic troubleshooting steps might not work, and the user might still face the issue of Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen. Thus, one must follow the advanced troubleshooting methods, some of which are below.

Update Your TV Software

Even if your Vizio TV is new, you must pay attention to the message of software updates on your TV. Doing so would cause a problem in the working of the TV, and you are likely to see Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen or sometimes Vizio TV black screen. To update the software of your Vizio TV;

  • Press “Menu” on your remote.
Troubleshooting Guide For Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen
  • Then press either “Admin & Privacy” or “System” according to your Vizio TV model.
  • Navigate to “Check for Updates.”
  • If any updates are pending, permit the same.
  • Once the software is updated, your Vizio TV will restart twice.

Factory Reset Your Vizio TV 

Factory resetting your Vizio TV should be the last troubleshooting method you must count on, as factory resetting your TV would mean you will lose all the saved data and apps of your Vizio TV.

How To Factory Reset Vizio Smart TV?

  • Turn on your Vizio TV and hold the Input and Volume down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. 
  • After some time, a message will be displayed on the screen asking you to press and hold the Input button for 10 seconds to factory reset your TV. 
  • Do as instructed, and after 10 seconds, you will see another message displaying that your TV is undergoing a factory reset.
Troubleshooting Guide For Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen
  • In a few seconds, your TV will turn on again, and the factory reset procedure will be done.
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Check Your Warranty

If you have recently purchased your Vizio TV and it is still under warranty, it is always advisable to return it by contacting the Vizio team. The team will help you to fix the issue, or they will replace the TV if the problem is significant. 

Contact Customer Service Centre

Lastly, if you have checked your TV’s warranty and can not claim it anymore, you should contact the Vizio customer service support team. The team will likely assist you with the ongoing problem on the call, or they will come to your place to rectify the issue. 

Causes Of Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen

Before understanding the cause of horizontal lines on your Vizio TV screen, you must first notice the kind of line displayed on the screen and then find a solution to the problem.

Horizontal lines on Vizio TV screen could be because of the following reasons;

Power Supply

The erratic power supply is one of the leading causes of horizontal lines on Vizio TV screens. If you switch on the TV and the horizontal lines appear after a few minutes, it indicates that the power supply is inconsistent and is causing problems in the efficient working like Vizio TV Keeps Updating and Restarting

Faulty Connections 

HDMI cables might get dislocated from their place. This would automatically lead to a poor connection and emerges as another cause of the Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen. Also, the wires that deliver pictures to your TV might be fried or broken, posing a problem. 

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Outdated Software  

Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen often because of the old software and firmware. People often forget to update their smart TV’s pending software or neglect the update message. Thus, it gradually leads to malfunctioning in the working TV. 

Physical Defects Or Damages

If physical damage is caused to your Vizio TV, you might experience the issue with Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen or Vizio TV Has Vertical Lines On Screen. The damage caused can be internal or external, and you are supposed to rectify it as soon as possible. 

Final Summary For Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen

Vizio TVs are in much demand due to their practical functionality and low price. But sometimes, your Vizio TV can cause unnecessary problems, which are common to smart TVs. As a user, if you are experiencing the issue of Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen, you are supposed to check the power cables and HDMI cables.

Not only this, but you must also ensure that the software of your Vizio TV is updated and that there is no pending firmware update. Users often neglect the update and must acknowledge Vizio TV Horizontal Lines On Screen. You can also try to factory reset your TV. However, that would be possible at the expense of the saved data and installed apps on your Vizio TV.

When nothing works, you can contact the Vizio support team for assistance. If your TV is under warranty period, you can also claim to replace it. 

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