Vizio TV Black Screen

How To Fix Vizio TV Black Screen Issue?

If you are looking for solutions to fix your Vizio TV Black Screen, you are at the right place!

We will discuss the multiple methods to fix the Vizio TV Black Screen issue in this article.

Check Vizio TV Sound When Faced With Black Screen:

Don’t jump into any complex solutions before you understand the problem completely.

First, you have to make sure your Vizio TV is dead or has a black screen.

You can confirm this by performing a few manual tests (sound test) on your Vizio TV. 

  • First, ensure that your Vizio TV’s volume level is high enough. Turn on your Vizio TV now and check whether you can listen to any boot-up sound. 
  • If you cannot hear anything, try other streaming things or anything according to your knowledge. 
  • In contrast, if you hear any sound, try it again to confirm that your Vizio TV black screen is the only issue. 

Flashlight Test To Detect Vizio TV Black Screen:

If you can hear the sound, but there is no picture mode, then there are chances that there is an issue with the component that produces images on the screen.

You can ensure this by performing a flashlight test. 

  • Take a flashlight and turn it on (maybe from your smartphone or a torchlight)
  • Point it towards the TV screen (like the torch is 2 inches away from the TV screen). 
  • If you could notice any images on the screen while you use a flashlight, then the problem lies in the board. 

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen With Power Cycling:

The foremost thing you should try is to power cycle your Vizio TV which is one of the best solutions for all smart TV-related issues.

Power cycling refreshes your software in the system and clears any glitches (if present) in the smart TV. 

Power cycling is an easy fix that involves simply unplugging the power cord of your TV and replugging the power cord back.

How to power cycle your Vizio TV?

  • Disconnect the power cable of your Vizio TV from the power supply.
Unplug the power cable of Vizio TV
Image source: Vizio
  • Then press & hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds.
Press the power button on Vizio TV
  • Connect the power cable back into the power supply.   
Plug the Vizio TV power cable back in
  • Turn on your smart TV.
Turn ON the Vizio TV

Check whether you have resolved the Vizio TV black screen issue now! 

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Furthermore, some of the latest Vizio TV models come with a soft power cycle option, so if you have such an option, here are the steps for you; 

  • Tap on the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote control
  • Navigate to the option “System.”
  • Click on “Reset and Admin.”
  • Here select “Soft Power Cycle.” 

Disable Sleep Timer To Resolve Vizio TV Black Screen:

If your Vizio TV screen goes black, maybe you have activated the sleep timer feature on the settings, which makes your Vizio TV black screen after a specific time (you have set it already).

To disable the sleep timer feature on the Vizio TV,

  • Using your remote, tap on the Menu key
Click on menu button on Vizio TV remote
  • Search for the option “Timer.”
Disable Sleep Timer on Vizio TV 1
  • Toggle off the option “Sleep Timer” or disable it. 

If this solution does not work for you, don’t lose hope; proceed to the below step. 

Check Your Connections And Powering:

Sometimes you might experience your Vizio TV black screen because of a simple fault like a damaged power outlet.

Hence make sure that the power source you use on your wall is properly working, and you can confirm this by testing with any other devices (like a table lamp or vizio sound bar).

If it is damaged, try connecting your TV to other outlets. 

Furthermore, if you use any power strip, try to avoid it and plug your Vizio TV directly into the power outlet. 

Next, you have to ensure that the streaming device and cables on the Vizio TV are good and tightly connected. And the cables include HDMI cables, power cables, audio cables, etc.

Moreover, a bad HDMI connection may be because of a loose HDMI connection, damaged ports, and faulty HDMI cables. 

Note that if you use a damaged HDMI cable, there are more chances that you will encounter a Vizio TV black screen issue. So try to replace the old HDMI cable with a new one and check if you have resolved the problem. 

Still, if you face a Vizio TV black screen even after replacing the HDMI cables, check the HDMI ports you use, as this might cause the problem. 

If you are using one HDMI port, try connecting to another HDMI port to get rid of the issue.

Besides, we advise you to disconnect any unnecessary external devices (like the vizio sound bar) or streaming devices connected to your TV if you are not using them often. 

Check For Firmware Updates:

Vizio sends regular firmware updates for their smart TVs, and in case you have forgotten or missed staying updated with your firmware, this may be why your Vizio TV screen turns black.

So head towards the Menu option,

Press menu button for accessing Vizio TV

Choose the Admin & Privacy

Choose Admin and Privacy

Click on “Check for Firmware Update.” 

Check for updates on Vizio TV
Confirming Check for updates on Vizio TV

If any updates are available, download and install them to resolve the issue. 

Factory Reset Your Vizio TV Showing Black Screen:

A factory reset is a final option, but we recommend you try this as the last one when you fail in all the above steps while fixing the Vizio TV black screen or Vizio TV Screen Flickering.

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Factory resetting makes your Vizio TV reset everything to the system preferences, and as a result, you have to start as a new one. 

Moreover, once you have done a factory reset, all your personal choices, downloaded apps and data, and so on will get erased, including the settings you have done to your smart TV.

Hence be ready with the backup of your stuff on the Vizio TV. 

Now, let us start with the factory reset TV process. You can reset your Vizio TV in two ways: the buttons on your Vizio TV and the remote.

Follow these steps if you cannot see the screen on your Vizio TV.

  • Press & hold the Volume Down button and Input button, which you can see on the back side of your Vizio TV
  • Hold the buttons for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Then release both buttons.
  • Now press and hold the Input button for another 10 seconds.

Now you can note your Vizio TV restarting. 

Follow these steps if you can see the Vizio TV screen.

  • Tap on the Home key on your Vizio TV remote control
Home button on Vizio TV remote
  • Click on “Admin & Privacy” or go to System
Choose System on Vizio TV
  • Choose Reset & Admin (depending on your Vizio TV model)
choose Reset Admin on Vizio TV
  • Search for the option “Reset to Factory Settings.”
Reset Vizio TV to factory defaults
  • Type the security PIN for your Vizio TV 
Type the PIN for Vizio TV
  • By default, it is 0000 (if you have changed, then enter those numbers)
Vizio TV restarting
  • Once the TV restarts, it indicates a successful factory reset! 
Vizio TV turning ON after reset process

We hope you have successfully fixed the “Vizio TV black screen” issue, and you can start setting up your Vizio TV. 

Replace Vizio TV Power Board To Fix Black Screen:

Even though replacing the power board or power supply board is hard to do while fixing Vizio black screen, it can be done even with minimal steps.

However, we suggest you get help from a technical person if you are uninterested. 

To replace the power board, 

  • You require a soft cloth or a towel to cover the TV screen
  • A screwdriver of different sizes (depending on the size of your TV)
  • A small plate or bowl to store all the removed screws from the TV

Here are the steps;  

  • Lay your TV facing down on a smooth surface so it does not get damaged. 
  • Remove all the screws using the screwdriver
  • Search for all the fuses (mostly 5)
  • If the fuses are blown out, replace them with new ones, as this could be the issue instead of the complete board.
  • Disconnect all the connecting wires 
  • Unscrew the power board and remove the old one
  • Insert the new power board or power supply board into the exact  position (where the old one is placed) 
  • Now screw it carefully one by one
  • Reconnect all the wires
  • Assemble the back cover and screws
  • Now plug your Vizio TV into the power source and test if you have fixed the Vizio TV black screen. 
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Replace T-CON Board On Vizio TV To Fix Black Screen:

The T CON board on TV is responsible for creating picture mode on the screen.

So if you were facing a Vizio TV black screen and did not notice any pictures on the flashlight test, it could be because of a damaged T CON board. 

Fortunately, replacing the T CON board is much easier than replacing any other components on the TV. Note the model number of your Vizio smart TV and buy the T CON board for the number from any online website. 

  • Remove the back panel of your Vizio smart TV.
  • Disconnect the ribbon cables on the T CON board (primarily three cables) 
  • Remove the screws and take the old T CON board out
  • Place the new one in the exact position 
  • Now assemble the TV back and perform a soft reset

We hope you can fix the Vizio TV black screen issue now. 

Replace Vizio LED Backlight Strips To Fix Black Screen:

If you have decided to replace the LED strips, it is a good idea, and you can even do it yourself to save money.

Moreover, replacing the LED strips depends on your Vizio TV model and may range between 100 to 200 dollars. 

Also, note that,  

  • If any light in the LED strip is damaged, the entire strip does not work.
  • You can buy the LED strip online but search for the exact Vizio TV model.
  • Try to replace the entire LED strip, as a single LED light cannot be replaced easily. 

Furthermore, replacing the LED backlight strips even helps you resolve issues like the Vizio TV black screen; Vizio TV Won’t Turn On, one side of the screen is black, the screen has dim images and other Vizio TV problems. 

Vizio Repair Center: Where To Go For Professional Repairs:

If the above solutions are not your cup of coffee for Vizio black screen, visit the official Vizio TV website and chat with them about your issue using the live chat feature.

Luckily Vizio Technical support is available 24/7, and you will get a quick response from Vizio customer service.

You can also mail them using the Vizio support email on their website. Once you have made the complaint, the Vizio Technical support team will repair or replace the TV if you have an active warranty. 

Final Summary: Vizio TV Black Screen

That’s it. We have mentioned to you all the possibilities for fixing your Vizio TV black screen.

And if, for any reason, you cannot be able to solve the Vizio TV problems, take your TV to the service center, as there could be some severe issues on your Vizio TV. 

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