Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV

How To Fix If Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV?

YouTube is the world’s most-watched streaming service, without a doubt. You can find any type of content on it. But YouTube is not only limited to smartphones or mobile. Thanks to Smart TV, now you can watch a YouTube streaming service named YouTube TV. It offers excellent service where you can find movies, news, dramas, and networking programs.

However, it can occasionally give users issues like any other streaming service. If you have a case where you get the message Video format not supported YouTube TV, then you are in the right place to get your solution.

When you have this issue, your TV tries to tell you that the signal it is receiving is incompatible with the devices. The reason for this can be various. Here we will explain it in detail and give you a troubleshooting method to fix your “Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV.”

To fix the Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV, we have listed some quick troubleshooting methods to get you back to your favorite streaming service, YouTube TV.

Check Your YouTube TV Is Down

Before applying any troubleshooting method, check if you are getting this problem because your area’s YouTube service is down. You can check this by going to an online site like OutageReport and Downdetector. If the YouTube streaming service in your area is down, this issue may be occurring for this reason. In this case, you have to wait until the problem is fixed because you cannot do anything at your end to resolve this.

Ensure You Are Not Exceeding Your Device Limit

When we use YouTube TV streaming service from multiple devices, it can often exceed the limit, and YouTube TV can get blocked on our devices. That is why you get this message: YouTube TV is not supported on the device.

If you and a family member use the YouTube TV family plan, they can stream YouTube TV simultaneously, but there is a limit to it. Whether you are using a family pack or not, the number of streaming devices should be at most three. The device is considered streaming when you cast YouTube TV for your laptop to your TV, or you are streaming it on your PC or laptop or watching it on your mobile. In this situation, the device counts as a streaming YouTube streaming service.

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Therefore, all your devices using the streaming service are counted as the limit. So, if you are having an issue, ensure your family member is not using YouTube TV from the other three devices.

Reboot Your YouTube TV

If you have checked the previous case and found no issue with YouTube streaming and device limit, you should start fixing your problem by restarting the YouTube TV on the device. This method is the easiest and quickest solution to your problem.

By rebooting your YouTube TV, you are resolving the bug and minor software glitch, which automatically solves restarting the streaming platform. If you are using YouTube TV on TV, close the streaming service, switch off the TV and again switch on and start YouTube TV.

For restarting YouTube TV in browsers, close the YouTube TV and shut down the browser completely, come out of it and open a new browser and go to YouTube TV only. But if you are using it on the mobile as an app, you need to close the app and also remove it from the background or recently closed apps. Then again, open the app and check. The process of doing this method on both operating systems is given ahead.

iPhone users can do this by going to the Home screen and swiping left or right to find the YouTube TV app swipe on the app preview to close the app. On an iPad, rebooting is a lot easier. You need to go to the app switcher to close the app.

Android users go to the main screen and find the YouTube TV app and long press on it. You will see the option and the pop-up menu with the name and App info. Click force to stop it from the App-info menu. The method of restarting the app computer and laptop is like any other app. You have to close it and once again start it. At last, check your device to see whether the Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV problem is resolved.

In case your YouTube TV Keeps Disconnecting, here are the quick troubleshooting methods curated by our team!

Update YouTube TV App

Another common reason for YouTube TV not working on your device is that the YouTube TV app is outdated. YouTube continuously releases an update at some interval. Most people do not update their apps, and that is why their apps start creating problems.

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Therefore, if you want your YouTube app to work correctly, you should update it from time to time. For that, you can check for an update in the google play store and the iPhone apple store. If an update is available, click on download. After the update completes, close the app and restart it. Check your YouTube TV again to see if the Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV is resolved.

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Give Permission To Access The Location

To prevent people from misusing the streaming service, YouTube closely monitors their user’s location so they can find the specific user is not sharing the account credential with other people from different places. Hence if you have turned off the location setting of your device, then your YouTube TV might not work.

However, you can use YouTube TV from the same device if you are traveling to other places for a few days but remember, at this time, also you have to give your location for accessing YouTube TV. Each device has its method for granting Permission to access the location.

On the Android operating system, you have to go to Settings and select the location. Under it, you have to ensure the toggle button is on. You can check the app information or Permission on your device to see if YouTube TV is listed with Permission for the location.

The process of accessing location settings is similar for iPhone and iPad users. Go to Settings, and under it, select Privacy and Location, select Location Service, and make sure it is on. To check the Permission listed on the app and select While Using The App.

The process of giving Location on Chrome is different, so if you are using Chrome browser on your Laptop or PC to access YouTube TV to share its location, you have to click on the three dots, which will give you a menu. On the menu, you must select Settings. Inside it, choose Privacy and security from the left menu. On this page, select Site Setting. You will come to the next screen here, choose Permission, and then select a location.

Now in the next window, select Allowed to See your Location. Make sure the location is allowed under Permission. After completing the process, restart the browser and login into your account again.

Restart Your Device

If you are still stuck with the issue, we have another method to resolve your issue, which is restarting your device. This process helps to clear up the cache and memory and stop all the running apps and other programs that are interfering with the working of YouTube TV. Do not choose the restart option to select the shutdown option to restart.

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If you are using a TV, pull the plug from the socket, join it again, and start the TV. You also have to do a similar process for the computer and mobile. Switch off your mobile and restart it the same as this on the computer. The focus is on shutdown entirely and restarting it.

Check Your Internet Connectivity

When facing this issue after checking YouTube TV, you should check another source of the problems that can create a problem, like your internet connectivity. The simple method of checking internet connection is opening other sites to see if they are working.

After confirming that you have the internet, the next thing to notice is the speed of the internet for streaming YouTube. You need internet speed up to 3Mbps, at least if you want to speed up HD video. This speed goes to 7 Mbps. But if you are streaming from different or multiple devices, the speed should be 13 Mbps. But for a 4K video, more than 24 Mbps is needed.

You can check your speed through the online site, which lets you download and upload speed on the internet.

Why Are You Facing A Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV?

As YouTube TV is a streaming service that works on the internet, there can be various reasons for Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV. YouTube allows you to stream on-demand movies, TV shows, sports shows, and more on its platform according to your signup location. Therefore, when you try to access it from other places, it can give you this issue.

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Another reason could be a network or device issue that prevents it from working correctly. If your software is outdated and has some bug or malfunction, it could also result in the same case. These are the most common regions which can create a problem for your YouTube TV streaming service. 

Fortunately, there is no need to worry because you can efficiently resolve this “Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV” issue by applying a troubleshooting method.

Wrapping Up Video Format Not Supported YouTube TV

These were the methods for resolving the video format not supported YouTube TV. Hopefully, one of these methods has resolved your issue. By chance, if you are still facing these issues, call for professional help, and meantime, enjoy any other streaming service.

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