Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast

How To Fix Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast?

One of the most common thoughts often ruining my mind is why is my upload speed slow but download speed fast. Even at times, I got bored and looked for solutions to get faster upload speed than download speed. But is this only for me? Do you have any experience or thought of why is my upload speed slow but download speed fast?

Before that, the solutions mentioned below (like changing the DNS and updating the drivers) were found to be valuable and useful by several internet users, and you can check out this link to confirm it.

As you are here, I hope you could also be in search of getting a faster upload speed than download speed. You are not alone; here is why your upload speed is so slow. Also, we will explain how to increase your upload speed here. Let us get into it. 

How To Get A Faster Upload Speed Than Download Speed?

Look At Your Internet Plan.

This is one of the first and foremost steps you must consider before anything else. It is meant because you cannot enjoy what your internet service does not provide. Hence check what your service provider offers and look for other service providers (if they provide higher speeds). 

In general, cable internet offers a slower upload speed than others. So if you are using it, it is the right time to have a change. 

Do Not Connect More Devices.

Connecting many devices to the same network is not recommended as it may reduce the speed. Even if you are not using any other device (but they are connected), they may decrease your upload speed. 

The devices often perform background operations like refreshing, photo synchronizing, app updates, etc. Hence, it is advised not to connect many devices on the same network for this purpose. 

Upload In Different Timings

Have you heard your elders saying, “we used to enjoy a greater internet speed during the night and there will be no network problems during that time of the day“? 

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Even though those dial-up connections are an old idea, the timings are still authentic! You could enjoy a good upload speed late at night as there will not be much traffic on the channels. In general, daytime receives much traffic as most people use the internet for work. 

So you can try uploading your files early or late at night to get better transfer rates. 

Try Updating Your Drivers.

An essential thing that most people never think (while experiencing upload speed slow but download speed fast) about is the network drivers. Yes, these are crucial for internet speed, and if these are not up to date, there will be poor performance

Hence check for a driver update and update if there exists. The update process won’t last more than a few minutes. 

Reinstall Your Browsers

If you are not so happy with the above solution for the upload speed slow but download speed fast issue, try this, as few people have had positive results using this. 

Your web browser may be corrupted with bugs as you have used it for a long time. Hence we recommend you uninstall all the browsers you use and install them again. And don’t forget to restart the PC before you install them again. 

image 12

To uninstall web browsers, 

  • Head towards the control panel
  • Select the web browser you wish to remove
  • Select Uninstall

Furthermore, there may be situations where a few experience an upload speed slow but download speed fast in a specific browser. Different web browsers have diverse requirements and settings. Even though chrome is the king of browsers, it does not work for a few. 

Hence, switch to Mozilla or edge if you are experiencing slow speed on chrome. If Mozilla is troubling you, opt for chrome or another browser. 

Resetting Your Router

Resetting and restarting might be an old method, but it does wonders. Resetting the router gives a complete refresh needed for the device. Just press and hold the reset button for about five seconds. Anyways remember that resetting will clear everything, including your passwords. 

image 10

Upgrade Your Modem

If the above method does not help you with upload speed slow but download speed fast, try upgrading your device. This is because the upload speed will be effective only when the hardware device is effective. Initially, the service provider offers a free modem, but upgrading to a new modem is essential. Even though it may cost you, it is a perfect idea.  

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Get Rid Of VPNs

The best VPN bypasses the internet service provider to eliminate the restrictions. Furthermore, it ensures privacy and reduces buffering issues. In contrast, using a VPN might slow down the connection. So opt for an excellent fast VPN, or it is recommended to avoid using VPN. 

Try Using A Wifi Mesh System.

Do you feel that the wifi you use is not so supportive of your daily work and office activities? Then your router may not be so good. In this stage, you can use a wifi mesh system for your home. 

But first, what is a wifi mesh system? It is an advanced wifi system that provides robust network connectivity, coverage, and signal power and increases your performance. 

Moreover, the installation is effortless and takes only a few minutes for activation. You just have to connect the mesh to a router and keep the nodes in different places in your home. 

Clean Your Junk Files

Did you know that temporary files like caches and cookies in the browser slow down everything? Even though this will not affect your speed directly but might help you to get your poor uploading speed. So delete all your cookies and caches once a week or often per your preference. 

Swap Your DNS Settings

You may often come across the term domain name system, but do you know? The domain name system is nothing but translates the domain names you type (like youtube.com) into IP addresses (numerical codes in the backend). You can change your domain name system and check whether it is the reason for your slow upload speed.

Below are the quick steps to help you configure your DNS

  • Open your run window using Win + R
  • Enter control to open the control panel
  • Choose “network and internet settings.”
  • You can see adapter settings on the left side. Click on that
  • Right-click on ethernet and choose properties
  • Here double click on “internet protocol version 4”
  • Select obtain the IP address
  • Enter these in the respective fields

Preferred DNS server –

Alternate DNS server –

Suppose there is no problem with the DNS; you can restore it to your default settings. 

Change Your Firewall 

A firewall is such a thing that many will forget about, but it is something you have to take care of. It is said that it might affect your internet upload and download speed. Hence, always check your firewall settings on each device to see whether it creates any problems. 

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Why Is My Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast?

Upload speed is the measurement of speed you observe while you upload any data online and is measured in kbps, Mbps, or Gbps. If you are not convinced with your upload speed, here are the ways to fix and increase the upload speed. 

What Should Be The Standard Upload Speed?

Not sure or confused about your upload speed or how it should be? Fine, we will help you know what a good upload speed will be. 

upload speed slow but download speed fast
  • The internet speed depends on what type ot tasks you do! You will not need more than 5 Mbps if you use it only for general purposes. Alternatively, you need more than 5 Mbps if you do several things online at the same time. 
  • Different service providers offer different internet speeds even in the same area. So check what your service provider gifts you. And google it if you need a changeover or to know what other service providers are offering in your area.  
  • Similarly, the service provider knows how much speed you achieve for the payment. At times they may overshoot your speed in the sales mindset. But you should know what you want. 

Beyond that, we mostly think about the download speed whenever we think of internet speed, but it is also essential to have a good upload speed. We say this because an average upload speed helps you;

  • Quickly attach any pieces of stuff like videos, attachments, emails
  • Backup your hard drive
  • Store anything easily in cloud storage
  • Enjoy buffer-free skype, zoom meetings, and video calls
  • Hosting web services

How To Find Your Upload Speed?

It is easy to find your internet upload speed using online tools. The speed test will take only a few minutes and immediately shows your results. Remember not to upload anything in the background while trying this test tool. 

It is said that if you have a speed above 40 Mbps, it is finely suitable for uploading, downloading, and handling every action in seconds. 

Final Thoughts On Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast

Upload speeds are usually slower than the download speed but don’t get upset; there are always solutions for everything. 

Fixing the issue of why is my upload speed slow but download speed fast is not so challenging, and we hope any one of the above solutions has lifted you in increasing the speed. 

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