TCL TV Black Screen With Sound

How To Fix TCL TV Black Screen With Sound?

This post discusses the “TCL TV black screen with sound” issue and suggests ways to fix it.

If you are Worried About Seeing your TCL TV black screen with sound, reading this post will help you. If you follow this post well till the end, you will know how to fix the problem on your own, and this will undoubtedly help you save some money that you would otherwise have to spend on paying a TV mechanic.

Besides, if you don’t have enough time, jump to the quick solution of power cycling your TCL TV, as a few users have reported positive results. You can check their comments on this link.

There is no word to describe the frustration one can have seeing one’s TV screen turned black while one is up to spending a good time watching one’s favorite TV program. You may consider calling a mechanic, but that may cost you a lot of money. 

Besides, you may not be able to get a mechanic on the same day to fix your issue. That’s the worst-case scenario, but what if you can quickly fix it? Doesn’t it sound great?

The issue of TCL TV Black Screen with Sound is common and can be fixed in most cases without calling a TV mechanic. In other words, there are a few things you can always try ahead of calling up a TV mechanic. You may contact a TV mechanic only when you fail to fix it. If that sounds logical, let’s get to the different resolution methods.

Restart Your TCL TV

Restarting the TV is the best place to start when resolving the “TCL TV black screen with sound” issue. The method is pretty safe and straightforward. When you restart your TV, both hardware and software get restarted, sometimes resolving the problem if there are any minor glitches in the booting.

Check The Cable Connections.

One common cause of this TCL TV Black Screen with Sound issues is loose or damaged cables. Hence, you must check if all your TV cables are intact and connected correctly. Besides you may also check if any cable is damaged and needs replacement. Besides, if you use the HDMI cable often, you must check if it’s in good condition and connected correctly.

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Disconnect All External Devices

Sometimes the TCL TV Black Screen with Sound problem is caused due to some bad input. Bad input can be a console or a device connected with HDMI or AV inputs. It essentially means the issue occurred in the connected device. Hence, you can disconnect all external devices, such as flash drives and consoles. Besides, you can unplug the TV from the power outlet. After that, you can plug your TV back in power, power it on, and see if the problem persists.

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Update The TV Software

Sometimes the TV software might be outdated, leading to the “TCL Roku TV black screen with sound” issue. Besides, there could be a bug in the TV software, which may cause the problem. Updating the TV Software regularly is the best you can do for your TV since it helps your TV to perform at its best. Hence, when you update your TV software, it will automatically fix any bug formerly lying in the software and help your TV break out of the issue.

In case you are wondering how to update the TV software, it’s pretty simple, and all you have to do is get to the settings menu and select More Settings. After that, you can navigate to Device Preferences and click on About. After that, you need to select System Update. Next, you can restart your TV once the TV software is updated. The rest of the process is pretty self-narrative, and you must install the latest update.

Tweak The “Fast TV Start” Option

Many people on online forums have posted that the TCL Roku TV black screen with sound issue was resolved after they tweaked the “Fast TV Start” option. While some had enabled it, others had disabled it, and it seemed to work for them. Hence, you can give it a try as well and see if that works for you too. If “Fast start” is disabled, you may try enabling it, and if it’s already enabled, you may try disabling it.

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You can press the Home button to do this and navigate to Settings. After that, you can get to System, and you will find the option, Fast TV Start.

Consider A Factory Reset

If none of the above methods seems to work for your TCL TV black screen or black screen with sound, the next best thing you can do is perform a factory reset on your TV. You must first navigate to the TV rear panel, where the HDMI and other connector ports are located. Next, press the button with the level “Hard reset.” After that, you need to hold the button down for about 12 seconds, which should power off your TV.

Next, you need to power ON your TV by pressing the Power button, and this should provide you with a guided setup process for a factory reset. You can follow the guidelines and delete all settings on your TV, including network settings. However, one thing to remember is that the factory reset may take up to 5 minutes. Hence, you must be patient enough to wait that long and not mess with the factory reset.

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Contact TCL TV Customer Support

You can contact Customer Support at any point, which will help you with better troubleshooting. Besides, customer support may suggest a solution that might not have crossed your mind yet. Even if you troubleshoot independently, contacting good support will help with accurate troubleshooting.

Causes Of TCL TV Black Screen with Sound

Before we get to the solution part, it’s always essential to understand the inside-out of the issue. It will eventually help you ensure you do your best to Prevent This Issue from occurring again.

When you see a black screen on your TCL TV while the audio is fine, it may be a sign of a severe problem. It could mean your TV’s backlight is not working or a bug in the TV software. Sometimes, it can happen due to loose cable connections as well. If the issue occurred after you connected your PC to your TV, it could be a problem with the HDMI cable or, perhaps, an issue with the device you connected your TV to.

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As long as the issue is caused due to the mentioned causes, there are ways to fix it on your own. However, we can’t completely rule out the possibility of having more serious underlying problems when you see a black screen on your TCL TV. Specifically, it could also mean a corrupted motherboard or TV chip, outdated firmware, or even a defective screen. You may have to consider replacing the corrupted TV component in such cases.

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Final Summary: TCL TV Black Screen With Sound

“TCL TV Black Screen with Sound” is common issue users face. However, in most cases, users can resolve the issue independently. I have familiarized you with the causes of the problem and simultaneously explained all the practical ways you can resolve the issue on your own. 

By implementing the methods mentioned in this post, you can fix the TCL Roku TV black screen with sound issues on your own, and at the most, you may need to go for some replacements in case some of the TV components need replacement. You can consider calling a TV mechanic if none of the methods work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the “TCL Black Screen with Sound” issue?

If you see a “TCL Black Screen with Sound” issue, this could mean the following underlying causes:
A damaged or loose cable
A bug in the TV software
A corrupted motherboard or TV chip
Outdated TV software
A defective screen

How to fix the “TCL Black Screen with Sound” issue?

There are some practical ways to resolve the “TCL Black Screen with Sound” issue, and here are the ways:
Restart your TCL TV
Ensure cables aren’t loose or damaged
Disconnect all external devices like flash drives, or consoles
Update the TV software
Enable or Disable the “Fast TV Start” option
Perform a factory reset
Contact the customer support

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