Spectrum TV Vs YouTube TV

Spectrum TV Vs YouTube TV: A Quick Comparison

This post answers the query of many people – Spectrum TV Vs YouTube TV, a widespread question bound to cross your mind if you plan to subscribe to YouTube TV.

Are you looking forward to subscribing to YouTube TV? In that case, you must only do it if you read this post till the end. This post will provide excellent clarity on Spectrum TV Vs YouTube TV.

I addressed many crucial questions in this post, and once you read this post to the end, you can make the right decision for yourself. I will walk you through the pricing and features of the two services. So let us dive into Spectrum TV Vs. YouTube TV. 

Is YouTube TV Better Than Spectrum TV?

YouTube TV is a top-rated streaming service with a clean interface. Besides, the service is available across multiple device platforms comprising smart TVs, mobile devices, computers, and streaming boxes. The service comes with over 100 top live sports channels, entertainment, news, & more.

Spectrum TV is an American OTT streaming service owned by Charter Communications and comes with over 200 channels. Besides, the service supports live TV and on-demand content. Spectrum TV is compatible with various devices comprising Amazon Kindle Fire, Android 5.0+, iOS, iPad 12+, Apple TV (4th gen), Roku Players, Samsung smart TV, and Xbox One.

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Spectrum TV Vs YouTube TV: Pricing

It’s time to look at the pricing of the two services. YouTube TV is available in two pricing: The regular package costs 124.86. Spectrum TV is available in three packages: The TV package costs 49.99 per month, and the Home phone package costs $19.99 per month.

When I compared, I found YouTube TV with comparatively more transparent pricing than Spectrum TV. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Spectrum has various hidden charges, unlike YouTube TV. Spectrum charges 9.09 as taxes. The service also charges 6.99 for Digital Converter per TV and $7.53 for Other fees.

Even though Spectrum TV may look more affordable than YouTube TV, it will cost more if we consider the hidden charges.

Spectrum TV Vs YouTube TV: Features

Regarding device compatibility, YouTube TV and Spectrum TV work across different devices. They are making it convenient for their users to watch their favorite shows at home and outside.

YouTube TV comes with a seamless and easy setup, while Spectrum TV has a complex setup, and it takes comparatively more time to set up Spectrum TV than YouTube TV.

YouTube TV comes with unlimited Cloud DVR for no extra cost. Spectrum has a DVR option with HD boxes as well. However, it charges $4.99 per month for 1 HD box.

If we consider the viewing experience of the two apps, YouTube TV offers a smooth experience, while Spectrum TV comes with glitches.

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It’s also important to note that YouTube has over 85 live channels, and besides, unlike other streaming services, YouTube TV comes with a DVR with unlimited storage space.

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The Bottom Line

Spectrum TV vs YouTube TV is two excellent streaming services. However, many people need help choosing between the two. In this post, I have walked you through the crucial aspects of the two services.

I have provided you with good clarity on the pricing and features of the two services. You should now easily choose the right service for yourself (Spectrum TV vs YouTube TV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube TV Better Than Spectrum TV?

The recent increase in the price of YouTube TV has disappointed many YouTube TV subscribers to the extent that some subscribers have also switched to cable networks because of this fact. However, YouTube TV continues to be the finest streaming service. If compared with Spectrum, YouTube still has better pricing than Spectrum since Spectrum has many hidden charges.
Youtube TV has a DVR with unlimited storage space, making it a unique streaming service. Most importantly, YouTube TV offers a better viewing experience than Spectrum since Spectrum’s user experience has some glitches.

Which is more affordable – YouTube TV or Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV is comparatively more affordable than YouTube TV. For example, YouTube TV allows you to start at $59.99 per month. However, Spectrum has some hidden charges, unlike YouTube TV. Spectrum charges additionally for Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharge, taxes, HD Set Top Box Rental Fee, Digital Converter per TV, and Other fees. Hence, YouTube TV is more affordable than Spectrum TV.

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