Spectrum TV App Poor Picture Quality

How To Fix Spectrum TV App Poor Picture Quality?

We spend most of our relaxed time watching our favorite TV shows, sports shows, movies, or news broadcasts. When viewing the TV, the one thing that matters most is the picture quality. And you can feel frustrated when the standard is not up to mark. In today’s time, when we are living with 8k Smart TVs, where the best viewing experience is offered, with which you can feel like you are watching live action. Your spectrum TV App poor picture quality can exhaust you.

Unfortunately, everyone does not have the same viewing experience. Sometimes you can experience pixelation while watching your favorite TV show on Spectrum. Although the issue of the Spectrum TV App poor picture quality is rare, it is still experienced by some users.

Thankfully the Spectrum TV App poor picture quality issue can be resolved by Applying quick and easy troubleshooting methods at home. In this article, we have given the solution for the spectrum TV App poor picture quality. So let’s start by understanding your problem.

Restart The Spectrum TV

The first step to resolving any issue on TV should always be restarting the devices. By restarting, you are rebooting your system and clearing the cache, bug, or any software malfunction hindering the TV’s smooth functioning. The rebooting can be done on smart TV by remote or manually.

For Manually, you just need to pull the power cable plug from the electrical outlet and back of the TV and leave the TV for 30 seconds to 5 minutes. After waiting, plug the power wire again into the socket and the back of the TV. Switch on the TV again.

For the remote, you need to put your TV to sleep and restart it. You can easily find a method to set the TV to sleep mode on the internet. You can enter your TV model name in a google search or can f for directions from the official site of your TV brand.

Once you have completed the restarting procedure, start your TV and check whether the issue is resolved.

Refreshing Your Spectrum TV Receiver

Once you have rebooted your television, there is less chance of having issues with it, so now it’s time to focus on your spectrum TV box. Similarly, refreshing or resetting your Spectrum TV receiver can resolve many issues. On refreshing, it can solve many bugs and malfunctions itself.

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There are three ways of refreshing your Spectrum TV setup box or receiver. You can try any of them as per your preference.

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First method: Refresh your Receiver with the App

To refresh the spectrum cable box through the App, you need to download the Spectrum TV App on your Android or iOS device. If you have it already, follow this method:

  • Open the App and log in to your account. If you do not have one, set it up to perform further steps.
  • Locate the service and tap on it
  • In the TV tab, select equipment Receiver.
  • Click on Restart equipment.

Second method: Refresh your Spectrum cable box online.

For this method, you must visit the Spectrum website and sign in to your account. In case you do not have one, sign up before moving further.

  • Visit Spectrum’s official website. And sign in.
  • Navigate to Your Service tab.
  • Choose TV option
  • Now choose the equipment that needs fixing. In this case, select a receiver on the available list.
  • Select Restart Equipment. Make sure that it restarts. If not, click on it again.

Third method: Refresh your Spectrum cable directly

This method is the easiest to Apply. Just unplug the Spectrum cable box power cable from the socket, wait for a minute, and plug back the power cord.

Check The Coaxial Cables

Working on Spectrum TV heavily relies on the cable connection. To connect the TV and spectrum cable box, we use coaxial cables. So, if you have picture quality-related issues, you must check whether your cable fitting is loose or damaged.

First, you need to switch off your TV and Spectrum receiver. Remove all the cables connecting your TV and spectrum box, the cable connecting TV to a power outlet, and the cable connecting the receiver to a power outlet. When you have removed all the wires, check for damage, especially the end part. If there is no disfiguring at the end of the cable, clean all cable end with a microfiber cloth.

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After a good cleaning, reconnects all the cable to the right place. Start the TV and receiver after plugin the power cable in the outlet. Check whether you have cripes picture quality now. Note due to use for a long-time; a cable may suffer from wear and tear. If it is seriously damaged, you need to replace it with a new one.

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Circumvent Splitter

If any of the methods have not resolved the issue of poor picture quality in your TV, then you can try going around the splitter to get your picture quality back. Sometimes when you receive a blurry picture, it is accompanied by sound cutting. This method is also used to resolve sound-cutting issues by fixing picture quality.

First, you need to power off your TV and Spectrum cable box by directly removing the power cord from the TV and receiver box to bypass the splitter use. Ensure you leave one end of the cable connected to the cable box.

Now unscrew the coaxial cable from the splitter and put them safely away. After it attaches the loose end to the wall outlet, make sure the connection is tight. Now connect the power cable to your TV back and start the TV to check the image quality on your spectrum TV.

Check For Hardware Failure

If you are still stuck on the poor picture quality on your spectrum TV, it might be due to a hidden hardware failure that we can not pick up on. Identify when you are having a problem. If you are getting poor picture quality on the downloaded content only, it is definitely due to hardware failure in your Spectrum TV. You need to call spectrum customer service for the technician App.

But if you are having issues streaming the content online, check whether your subscription has expired or the spectrum service in your area is down, and many people are suffering from the same problem. If the first case is Applied to you recharge your subscription, it may solve your problem. For the second case, you must call their customer service and inform them about your situation.

However, if you want a Quick Comparison, check out this Spectrum TV Vs YouTube TV.

You can resolve your problem related to bad picture quality in several ways. You can restart the device, reset your TV setup box, check the cables, fix internet connectivity, force quit the App, delete and download the App, and much more. We have given a detailed description of all the steps. You can simply follow them and resolve your issue.

You can also call Spectrum customer service to avoid going through the hassle of Applying troubleshooting methods. They can solve your problem quickly. However, we advise you to try solving this problem yourself. The technique is straightforward, and if you experience the issue in the future, you do not have to wait for the customer service professional direction.

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How To Identify You Have Spectrum TV App Poor Picture Quality?

You can suffer from this spectrum TV App poor picture quality issue for various reasons. The most common causes are damaged cable, poor internet connectivity, bad quality splitter, loose wiring, etc.

There are various issues related to the poor quality of the pictures, but the trickiest to solve is the pixelate case of your spectrum TV. Before Applying any troubleshooting method, you must identify the problem to use the right solution.

Identifying the pixelate problem is easy. You just need to observe your screen. If any portion of your TV screen is not showing pictures clearly or is blurred, you might face pixelating issues. The image will appear blurred, making it hard to decipher what is transmitting on the screen.

When this happens with your screen, you must understand that your main cable connection is down or malfunctioning, your area’s connection is affected for some reason, or maybe a loose wire is causing this problem.

Concluding Spectrum TV App Poor Picture Quality

To avoid the Spectrum TV App poor picture quality issue, one must use a coaxial cable, dependable cable TV, secure wire connection, and robust internet connectivity for watching TV with quality pictures. All of these help in making your viewing experience better. 

If your issue persists until the end, it’s time to call your Spectrum customer service. Thankfully they are readily available for help. You can contact them at (833) 267-6094 or chat on their 24/7 online chat or use their online page.


Does Spectrum TV have a contract?

One of the advantages of having Spectrum TV is that there are no contract fees required to pay, which means you can cancel your subscription anytime. This gives you the freedom to choose according to your situation. Suppose you need to save money or move to a new location. This feature is a huge advantage.

What device works with Spectrum TV?

Amazon Kindle Fire 6 or higher, iPhones and iPads, Roku devices, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, Android Devices, and Samsung Smart TV are a few devices that work with Spectrum TV.

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