Samsung TV Youtube Small Screen

How To Fix Samsung TV Youtube Small Screen?

Smart TVs have numerous features, one of the most noteworthy being access to YouTube.

While many users enjoy the convenience of watching their favorite YouTube content on their Smart TVs, a few encounter issues, such as the Samsung TV YouTube Small Screen.

But fret not, for you have arrived at the perfect destination.

This guide will comprehensively address the Samsung TV YouTube Small Screen issue and provide solutions that can be easily implemented from the comfort of your home.

Samsung TV YouTube Small Screen

Regardless of whether you’re using a Samsung smart TV or a smartphone, there can be difficulties in viewing YouTube videos in full-screen mode.

However, there are some simple solutions to address the issue of a small YouTube screen on your TV.

If your Samsung TV can’t display a full-screen video, you can use a web browser to access YouTube or the YouTube app instead.

The first option to consider in resolving the small screen problem on your Samsung TV is to power cycle the device.

This is recommended if your YouTube app is slow to respond or won’t open.

If power cycling doesn’t help, you can try relaunching the YouTube app from your Smart Hub.

Go to Smart Hub on your samsung TV 1

Another issue that may arise while watching content on YouTube on your Samsung TV is the occurrence of error messages.

This may happen when your cache data is corrupted. YouTube uses “cache data” to reduce loading times and provide a seamless experience.

Still, sometimes this data can interfere with other apps and system functions, resulting in problems like a small YouTube screen on your Samsung TV or difficulties launching YouTube.

To address this problem, press and hold the App Icon on your screen for two to three minutes.

How To Overcome The Samsung TV YouTube Small Screen? 

You may encounter a small YouTube screen on your Samsung TV while playing content in certain situations. To address this issue, restarting your TV might be necessary.

  • Unplug the TV cable from the power source.
Disconnect the power cable of your samsung TV 4
  • Press the Power button for 30 seconds
power button on samsung TV 11
  • Replug the TV cable from the power source.
Connect the power cable of your samsung TV back 9
  • Then launch your YouTube app.
  • Once you relaunched the app successfully, you should find your Samsung TV YouTube small screen disappeared. 
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Another more straightforward solution is reinstalling your YouTube application on your Samsung TV.

And you only need a stable WiFi connection on your TV for this. Therefore before uninstalling, troubleshoot if your Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi.

Once you reinstall, the app will take some time to load and clear the corrupted data (if any).

And the good thing here is the YouTube app is entirely free, and you can download it anytime. This solution is working for many users in most cases.

But before going for this method, ensure that you have set the PIN correctly, or else you will face some issues later. 

The YouTube app takes a few minutes to load, so you must be patient before it displays the content. However, if other applications work well for you, the YouTube app should also display correctly.

If the YouTube app fails to load, try uninstalling and then reinstalling. 

To do so, head towards Apps and Settings and then reinstall. Once the application has been reinstalled, click the icon to start watching it. 

Why Is YouTube So Small On My TV Screen?

The most common question arising in our mind whenever we face the issue is, why is YouTube so small on my TV screen?

And the answer to this is incorrect IP and DNS settings.

select IP Settings on samsung TV 5

So if you are having this issue, check these Settings. 

Ensure that the Manual Mode on samsung TV 4

You are required to re-enable the Samsung TV’s hardware and the Internet Protocol Settings. Suppose these steps did not solve your issue; you must reset your Samsung to factory defaults. 

If the YouTube videos are not playing on your TV, immediately check the Application Settings. If you enable the full-screen mode, the videos will appear in full-screen mode.

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Ensure you have the Google Cast app installed on your mobile and connected to the network like your Samsung TV. 

Once you have checked these, you need to click the gapped box symbol at the button right corner of a video to enjoy the full-screen mode on YouTube. 

Why Is YouTube Not Showing A Full Screen On My TV? 

If you are fed up with how YouTube appears on your Samsung TV or your Samsung TV YouTube small screen, don’t worry. Here are a few ways to solve this problem. 

Start with a simple restart. Unplug your TV from the power supply. Press the Power button for about half a minute (30 seconds) and then plug it back into the power source.

Once your Samsung TV is connected to the network, reinstall the YouTube application. Finally, check whether your problem is fixed. If not, try updating your YouTube to the latest version. 

If you face difficulties opening the YouTube app on your Samsung TV, check whether it is running on the same device as your Samsung TV.

Sometimes the problem might be because of the TV software, as few smart TVs do not have the YouTube app installed. 

Still, if you cannot view YouTube on your TV, reinstall the app through the Samsung App Center. And finally, you should be able to view a YouTube video in full-screen mode. 

Furthermore, consider these if you face any other issues while watching YouTube.

How To Get Full Screen On YouTube?

It is most common that majority of the people like to watch videos on the full screen.

In contrast, if you cannot watch YouTube or it is not loading, it might be because the application does not have the license to run on Samsung smart TVs. 

Luckily there are a few solutions to your YouTube small screen on TV problem. The first thing you have to consider is to check your TV model and make sure it can run the YouTube application.

Then try to reload the application from the grey screen. 

Suppose the YouTube app is not working or loading correctly; there are more chances that the Samsung TV does not support full screen.

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In such situations, you should force quit the YouTube app. Once you do this, the app must open in full-screen mode. 

If this does not work out, try reinstalling the application and check whether it supports full screen.

Anyways it would be best if you were sure that the Samsung TV has enough hardware and software facilities for running full-screen videos. 

How To Get YouTube Bigger On My Smart TV?

We can guess how frustrating it would be if you could not watch full-screen videos or your Samsung TV YouTube small screen.

In certain situations, your TVs cannot handle streaming videos from YouTube even though it has powerful browsing capabilities and high-definition pictures with vast-quality sound. 

But fortunately, there are easy solutions for this. Firstly reset your Samsung TV to factory settings.

reset on samsung TV 14

Then turn ON your TV and see if your Samsung TV YouTube small screen issue has disappeared. 

Moreover, to use YouTube, download the app on your TV and be sure that the Samsung device is connected to the WiFi, the same as your TV.

Suppose your Samsung TV has no miracast feature; download the app on your phone.

Once downloaded, it will search for compatible devices automatically. 

Next, ensure that your smartphone is connected to the same WiFi as your Samsung TV if it did not, install the Samsung smart hub application. 

Furthermore, head toward the YouTube app on your PC. You will require an HDMI cable. Once you have it, navigate to the YouTube website on your Samsung TV using the PC.

Then you can control YouTube from your smart TV (by adjusting the volume, browsing content, and watching videos in large format). 

You will be amazed by the video quality you are watching currently. But be careful when using your mobile phone while using the YouTube application. 

To Conclude, Samsung TV YouTube Small Screen

We guess you could have been able to resolve the Samsung TV YouTube small screen issue by using the solutions discussed above.

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