Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime

How To Fix Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime?

Are you in the process of settling down to watch the latest web series or live programs, only to discover that your Samsung TV is not loading Amazon Prime?

Don’t panic. This post will provide troubleshooting methods to resolve the Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime issue.

So, keep attempting all of the solutions listed.

Clearing The Cache

The accumulation of cached data on your Samsung TV can often lead to issues with the Amazon Prime Video app.

Several Samsung TV users have reported experiencing Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime, which they have resolved by clearing the cache memory.

So let us have a look at how to do that. 

  • Switch ON your Samsung TV
  • Press the Home button on the remote.
  • Head towards the Settings
  • Choose Apps
  • Select System Apps
  • Pick an Amazon Prime Video from the app list appearing
  • Choose Clear Cache
  • Click on OK

Uninstall The Unused Applications

When your Samsung TV storage space is full or overloaded with applications, it can create several problems for the installed applications.

Therefore, if you do not need any application, delete it immediately. Doing this will free up storage space and may help resolve the issue.

To uninstall an app from the Samsung TV, here are the steps. 

  • Press the Home button on the remote
  • Open the Apps tab
  • Urge towards Settings
  • Choose the app you like to uninstall
  • Please select it and click Delete to uninstall the application from the Samsung TV.

If the above solution does not fix your Samsung TV won’t load Amazon Prime issue, don’t lose hope. As I said earlier, make sure to try all the solutions. 

Reset Your Router

If you have an unstable internet connection or your Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi, it makes Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime.

A straightforward solution to this problem is to restart the router, which could resolve any network bugs.

To do this, unplug the router from the power supply,

Disconnecting the router for your TV 3

Wait for two minutes, and then plug it back in.

reconnecting the router for TV 3

Perform A Soft Reset On The TV

You may have heard that a simple reset can fix many problems on most devices. So why don’t you try here too? Simply restart your TV by following the steps below.

  • Unplug the TV cable from the power source
Disconnect the power cable of your TV 7
  • Wait for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Then plug the TV cable back into the power source
Connect the power cable of your TV back 7
  • Finally, turn ON your Samsung TV and check if the Samsung TV won’t load Amazon Prime issue is resolved.
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Suppose your problem still needs to be fixed; try the next solution. 

Reinstall Your Amazon Prime Video

Developers frequently release application updates to address issues that users may encounter with the current version.

Therefore, if your Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime, the bug in the application can be fixed by updating it to the latest version.

Let me share how to do this. For uninstalling your Amazon Prime Video, 

  • Press the Home button on remote 
  • Open the Apps tab
  • Head towards Settings
  • Search for Amazon Prime Video
  • Choose the option “Delete.”
  • Now your Amazon Prime Video will be uninstalled. 

To install it again, 

  • Press the Home button
  • Open your Apps section
  • Click on the Search icon
  • Enter the application name (you like to install)
  • Once the result appears, choose Install

Activate Your Samsung TV

It is possible that the Amazon Prime Video not loading on your Samsung TV issue is related to your account.

If multiple devices are connected to the same Amazon Prime account, it may cause the application to malfunction.

In such cases, it is recommended to Deregister your Samsung TV from the account and then Register it again.

Doing so may resolve the issue and allow Amazon Prime Video to load on your Samsung TV.

For this, below are the steps;

  • Open your Prime video application and
  • Head towards the Settings
  • Choose Account Settings
  • Select the device (the list of devices will appear)
  • Deregister, the Samsung TV
  • Now visit the Amazon website
  • Sign in to your account 
  • Reactivate your Samsung TV

Even if this does not fix your Samsung TV won’t load amazon prime; try the below one! 

Update Your Samsung TV

In addition to updating the Amazon Prime Video application, your Samsung TV is essential.

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Smart TVs receive updates from developers to address bugs and enhance user experience.

If your Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime Video due to compatibility issues, updating your TV may help eliminate the problem.

  • Press the Home button on the Samsung remote
  • Navigate to Settings
select settings on samsung TV 31
  • Choose the option “Support.”
Support on Samsung TV 18
  • Then click on Software Update.
software update on samsung TV 16
  • Finally, choose Update Now.
update now on samsung TV 13
  • Wait until the Update is finished.

Double-check Samsung Instant ON

Samsung TVs come with an Instant ON feature, which allows you to start your TV quickly.

However, some Samsung users have reported that this feature causes issues and interferes with the performance of other apps.

If you have enabled this feature on your Samsung TV and are experiencing a Samsung TV won’t Load Amazon Prime issue, turning it off is recommended.

  • Navigate to your TV Settings.
  • Choose General
  • Search for instant ON
  • Turn OFF using the toggle key. 

Reset Your Smart Hub

If the previously mentioned fixes did not work and you are still experiencing issues with Amazon Prime Video not loading on your Samsung TV, you may want to try resetting the Smart Hub.

However, resetting the Smart Hub will erase everything stored on the Samsung TV, including app logins and files.

Therefore, you will need to set up everything again from scratch.

  • Press the Home button.
homepage of your Samsung TV 4
  • Choose Settings
select settings on samsung TV 30
  • Click on Support using the remote.
pika 1668072296310 1x 1
  • Choose Device Care, and the menu will open.
pika 1668072162490 1x
  • Here select Self-diagnosis
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose Reset Smart Hub
  • Now you will be asked to type the PIN (the default PIN is 0000)
  • Finally, wait till the process is over.

Cross-check Your Time And Date.

Have you ever tried to visit a website and found that it won’t connect to the network?

The problem is an incorrect date and time displaying an expired or invalid PKI. PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a digital certificate to authenticate users, servers, or devices online.

As a result, an incorrect date or time can cause you to fail to get an internet connection.

Similarly, if you try to open Amazon Prime Video on your Samsung TV with an incorrect date or time, it may not load properly.

Below is a set of steps to change your date and time. 

  • Head towards Settings
  • Choose General, System Manager, Time, and Clock. 
  • Ensure that the clock mode is “Auto.”
  • Always note that the time and date are correct. 
  • Then check your internet connection on the TV and restart 
  • Still, if it still needs to be fixed even after connecting to the internet, choose the Manual mode, then set the date and time yourself. 
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Once you have set the date and time correctly, you should note that your Samsung TV won’t load Amazon Prime issue is resolved. 

Check If The Amazon Prime Server Is Active. 

It is essential to remember that the Samsung TV not loading Amazon Prime issue could be due to problems with the Amazon server, although this is rare.

In some cases, the Amazon Prime Video server may experience downtime or other issues, which can lead to problems such as the Samsung TV not loading Amazon Prime, sudden app crashes, being logged out of your account, or experiencing a  Black Screen on Samsung TV that prevents you from signing back in.

If you suspect the Amazon server may be the problem, you can check online tools to see if the server is down in your location or globally.

It is also worth checking if Amazon Prime Video is down on other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Additionally, following the Amazon Team on social media can help you stay updated on server issues or maintenance impacting the service.

Factory Reset

If the above tricks did not help you, do a factory reset on your Samsung TV. This will help you fix the Samsung TV won’t load Amazon Prime issue if it is because of corrupted software. 

  • Head to the Settings option
Settings on Samsung TV 14
  • Choose General
general on samsung TV 21
  • Then click on Reset
reset on samsung TV 13
  • Type your PIN
PIN on samsung tv 13
  • Select the option Reset
resetting process on Samsung TV 6
  • Click on OK
  • Now you will find your Samsung TV restarting automatically.

Finally, we hope you will get rid of the Samsung TV won’t load Amazon Prime Video issue. 

To Conclude, Samsung TV Wont Load Amazon Prime

So you have read all the fixes for your Samsung TV won’t load Amazon Prime Video issue. Further, if you have any doubts or questions about the issue, feel free to comment below.

We will help you as soon as possible. Also, remember to check out Other Articles.

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