Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself

How To Fix Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself?

Samsung TVs are a go-to source of entertainment with no doubts or regrets. But nothing can be more frustrating than heading to watch a web series and finding your “Samsung TV Turning ON OFF repeatedly itself.” 

If your Samsung TV Turning ON OFF repeatedly itself, don’t get panic, as you are not alone. Some users have reported this inconvenience recently, and in this article, we have planned to discuss the solutions regarding the issue. So continue reading to know more. 

Power cycling your Samsung TV and checking for issues in the power board were the quick solutions, and it gave positive results for a few users when they shared their experiences of struggling with the Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself.

Case 1 – Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself

Solution 1

The easiest way to resolve this Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself is to unplug the TV or projector from the power socket.

Disconnect the power cable of your samsung TV 6

Wait for some time (30 to 60 seconds). Then plug the TV cable back into the power socket.

Connect the power cable of your samsung TV back 11

Finally, check whether your issue is resolved or not. 

Solution 2

The Samsung TV must be set to a source (TV) for effective functioning. Otherwise, experiencing the Samsung TV Turning ON and OFF repeatedly by itself will be more common. To set the source, here are the instructions;

  • Go to settings
  • Then choose source
  • Select TV

Solution 3

TVs and projectors connected to smart things can be turned ON using compatible devices. But sometimes it results in some inconvenience.

For example, if abnormal power-on signals are sent using wifi, it will start powering on with mobile function and turn ON your TV. As a result, you will see your Samsung TV Turning ON OFF repeatedly itself. 

But the good thing here is that you will be able to disable the function with the help of the steps below;

  • Head towards Settings
  • Select General
  • Click on Network
  • Choose Expert Settings
  • Select power on mobile and toggle it off

Case 2 – Samsung TV Turning On And Off

Issues In The Capacitors 

Unfortunately, there is no help here when it comes to a repaired or damaged capacitor. Contact a professional or a qualified technician once you hear a clicky sound or find a faulty capacitor. Suppose this is not your case; read the below solutions. 

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Issues In The Power Supply

Check your power cables for any signs of damage. Always ensure that you are using high-quality HDMI cables and that there are no faults. Try replacing the cables if there are any broken signs. And sometimes, disconnecting and reconnecting the cables can help fix your Samsung TV won’t turn ON and Samsung TV turning On and Off. 

Besides, you can try using a surge protector if you are not using one. Even if your Samsung TV turning On and Off after this method, then there is no problem with your power supply. 

Issues In The Source Settings

Usually, the TV should be set as a source in the function, and if there are improper settings, you may experience Samsung TV turning On and Off. 

To do this, 

  • Head toward the Settings
Settings on Samsung TV 6
  • Choose the option “Source.”
  • Select TV

Issues With The TV Remote

Sometimes a low battery remote or stuck buttons may cause your Samsung TV turning On and Off unnecessarily. Therefore find any stuck buttons or dead batteries in your remote and replace them immediately. 

Issues In The Software 

You may experience Samsung TV turning On and Off because of a software glitch; to resolve this, you must maintain your software up to date. 

Below are the steps;

  • Head towards Settings 
select settings on samsung TV 11
  • Choose the option “Support.”
Support on Samsung TV 8
  • Navigate to Software Update
software update on samsung TV 7
  • Click on Update Now
update now on samsung TV 6

Note that this will work only if your TV stays ON for enough time to do this process. 

Issues In The Components

A soft reset is one of the standard solutions for every issue occurring on the TV. For this

  • Turn off your Samsung TV and unplug the power cable from the wall socket
  • Wait for a minute
  • Plug the cable back into the wall socket
  • Turn on your TV

A soft reset removes the excess electricity in the TV’s circuit and returns all the electrical components to the state. 

Issues In The Eco Settings

Samsung TVs come with an innovative eco solution that turns off the TV when there are no traces of input signals. 

You can turn off this feature by

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose General
  • Select Eco Solution
  • Click on Auto Power Off
  • Select Off

Issues In The Timer Settings

The sleep timer function will turn off your TV automatically after a specific period. So ensure to turn off this feature; 

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose General
  • Go to the System Manager
  • Click on Time
  • Scroll and navigate to the Sleep Timer
  • Toggle it off
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Now check whether your “Samsung TV turning On and Off” is cleared. 

Issues Through SmartThings

Devices like smartphones, smart home appliances, and other televisions connected to the same wifi as your Samsung TV can communicate with it. Even though there are many benefits to this communication, there are also drawbacks. 

One of them is these devices can turn on your TV using commands. For instance, your Samsung TV turn ON when you turn ON screencast on your smartphone. 

Few devices without intention hamper your TV, and you can check this by disconnecting your Samsung TV from the network and using it for a while. Now check whether your Samsung TV turning On and Off is fixed. 

Case 3 – Samsung TV Turning On By Itself

You feel weird when your Samsung TV turning on by itself, and plenty of users have also encountered the same. Though it is a common problem, some people still need clarification about this and looking for solutions. Hence here are the answers. 

#Clean your remote and batteries

If any button on the remote is stuck, take it out and clean it up. Then reassemble them.

Insert the batteries in your samsung TV remote 1 5

Due to low battery, the remote sends random signals to the TV, causing your Samsung TV turning on by itself. 

Thus if you are required to press a button multiple times, change the batteries and check if your problem disappears. 

#Disable SmartThings

SmartThings help you connect and control various devices in various places. With its help of it, you can turn ON and OFF lights. If the feature is turned ON, it may lead to Samsung TV turning on by itself through any other smart device. 

To fix this, 

  • Click on Settings
  • Choose General
  • Select Network
  • Click on Expert Settings
  • Toggle off the option “Power ON With Mobile.”

#Factory reset

If nothing seems to be working, the last option you are left with is restoring the TV to its original settings. To factory reset your Samsung TV, here are the instructions. 

  • Press the Menu button using your remote
menu button on Samsung TV 6
  • Navigate to Settings
select settings on samsung TV 14
  • Click on Support
Support on Samsung TV 10
  • Click on Reset
reset on samsung TV 6
  • Type your PIN
PIN on samsung tv 6
  • Your Samsung TV will start the reset process and wait until it ends. 

And once the factory resetting process is complete, the TV will reboot once. 

As you see, these problems look similar, and you can apply the solutions explained in each case for all the issues.

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For instance, you can apply software updates, check the remote, reset the TV, and disable the timer if you encounter a Samsung TV turning on by itself. Also, read Samsung TV Not Showing Picture and the ways to resolve the issue.

Why Is Samsung TV Turning On But No Picture?

There may be many causes for the Samsung TV turning ON but no picture, and it is wise to know all of them as it will help you fix the issue. 

The first common cause is the source to which the TV is connected. A loose or damaged or even an inactive power source may be the reason your Samsung TV turning ON but no picture. 

Unplugging and re-plugging the cables to the power source will help you solve the issue. 

The second reason would be because of outdated firmware. Many smart TVs in recent times run on operating systems that receive regular updates. If you have not updated it for a long time, you will get many issues, and one such is the Samsung TV turning ON but no picture. 

Here the solution will be to update the firmware of your Samsung TV often or whenever you receive notifications. 

The third cause of Samsung TV turning ON but no picture is related to the input settings of your TV. Sometimes you may set a different input than the one that usually sends signals. 

The fourth reason is similar to a hardware issue requiring a technician to solve the problem. There might be a fault in the panel or a failure in the circuit board, which makes your Samsung TV turning ON but no picture and displays nothing. 

The fifth reason for a Samsung TV turning ON but no picture is because of improper TV settings. Settings such as energy saving mode or eco mode turn off your display after a particular time of inactivity. 

The solution would be to turn off these functions in your TV settings.  

Wrapping Up Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself

Following these tips mentioned above and tricks would help you fix your Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself problem quickly, as we have also mentioned the causes of the problem. 

In case you are still facing some issues even after applying all the fixes, there is a high probability that there is some hardware malfunction that cannot be fixed on your own. So in this situation, call your Samsung support team for help. 

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