Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On

How To Fix Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On?

Samsung has emerged as an epitome brand for electronics; one of its flagship products is LCDs and LEDs. These TVs by Samsung are well-versed with many features, and frequent use of them stimulates the malfunctioning in software like Samsung TV takes a long time to turn on. 

This article will show light on problems of such kind and let us discuss why your Samsung TV takes a long time to turn on and what your take should be in resolving the same. 

#Fixing Software Issues

1. Perform A Software Update

The performance of the software matters much. You need to diagnose it first and ensure you don’t get your hand down into it. Always ask the Samsung service center to send a handyperson to assist you. 

You can solve the Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On problem if you update the TV on time; Advance Samsung TV auto-updates the software if the wifi connection is a hurdle-less. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to get the up gradation done. 

  • Click on Home 
  • Choose the option “Settings.” 
select settings on samsung TV 2
  • Here select Support 
Support on Samsung TV 1
  • Click on Software Update 
software update on samsung TV 1
  • Tap on Update Now 
update now on samsung TV 2

2. Factory Reset The TV

After counting on all the basic options, the TV does not show up. You can assist yourself with a factory reset as a last resort and browse the menu for the same. But don’t mess up with the setting while doing the factory reset; educate yourself with YouTube videos or a Samsung TV guide. 

Factory Reset is an easy process bit delicate as you lose the default settings, And the steps are

  • Tap on Settings
Settings on Samsung TV 1
  • Choose the option, General
general on samsung TV 1
  • Here select Reset
reset on samsung TV 1
  • Enter your TV PIN.
PIN on samsung tv 1

Then the screen will display the confirmation of Factory Reset, and you can press enter for the same. 

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#Fixing Hardware Issues

3. Clean The TV And Its Components

Here are some little efforts you can work on your end; always wipe out the dust from the TV unit and sub-parts, and don’t forget to remove dust from the sockets. Keep your TV away from moisture and humidity; don’t intend to place a plant next to it as it contains water. 

Replacing damaged parts is crucial. You can call the Samsung service center or send your TV to them to do this as it should. Replacing the damaged parts can cost a little more, but it’s better than replacing the whole TV if your Samsung TV won’t turn ON

4. Check The Power Supply And Cables

If your power supplier cuts down the power supply often, you need to be cautious with the switchboard and ensure the TV plug is committed tightly else. It can also be the very reason for time taking process of turning on the TV.

5. Check for Any Visible Damage to the TV

Your TV display will detect the black spot or some monochrome colors if there is any display distortion; you don’t need to have any special tools as it is visible from the naked eye. These spots are caused by debris and pixels failure, which are stuck in the screen panel and depicted through the optical fiber layer. 

Why Does Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On?

Samsung TVs have amazing features that make their LCD more than that. But due to several apps and features after a certain period, Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On compared to when the TV was brand new. 

There can be multiple reasons for Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On, and we have gathered many possible reasons below.

Software Issues

Often when any electronic gate goes bad, the first we blame is the software, and that’s the most common and valid reason for a Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On. But unfortunately, the Software is not something you can deal with unless you are a professional selecting man and well aware of the ins and outs of the TV. 

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1. Corrupted Software: 

Corrupted Software strikes the TV when incompatible parts such as CD Players, laptops, and HDMI cables are paired with Samsung TV regardless of their compatibility. Those gates transfer the corrupted data and files to the software of the TV, which eventually leads to time consumption by the TV or Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself

2. Outdated Software: 

Samsung, as a TV brand, makes upgradation in their products frequently. As a result, your LCD will ask for frequent software updates and technical Advancements. Mark this, whenever the TV asks for the software update, do that right away to prevent obstacles in the future. 

Hardware Issues

The next reason for the TV failure or Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On is issues with the hardware. It would help if you were extremely watchful with the TV when your kids are in the house. Sometimes little cracks or hits on the screen can damage the inner hardware parts even though the TV seems fine from the router. 

1. Overheating

When you leave the TV switch on, the electricity supply does not work, damaging your TV’s internal parts. Ideally, it would help if you did not run the TV for more than 2 hours straight. If the TV runs more than that, it can cause overheating and damage the components of the TV. 

2. Power Supply Problems

Inconsistent power supply and frequent on and offs can also be the reason for a breakout in TV’s performance. Ensure you don’t turn off the TV just by the remote but with the plug. 

3. Defective Hardware Components

Defective Hardware Components, if running without any treatment, can internally cause damage to the hardware and soft parts of the body of the TV. You should detect and replace those parts ASAP to prevent further damage. 

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The Bottom Line For Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On

Samsung TVs are smart TVs that store so much data and cache in them over time; these dead pixels and e-debris work unfavorably for the TV and affect its performance. As a result, the Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On. You can follow some measures mentioned above to save yourself from the hectic process of reconciling the errors in TV and promote technical precision for longer. 

Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On is a severe problem, but with the help of some possible essential solutions, you can prevent the issue before it strikes. Here are a few solutions apart from the ones mentioned above to figure out what to do when the TV does not turn on. 

These are the additional ways to prevent the buffering in the TV, and you can get entertained without waiting for hours. 

Recommendations For Preventing Such Problems In The Future

Prevention of software or hardware issue in TV like Samsung TV Takes A Long Time To Turn On is easy if you care for it little enough; here are some simple measures to prevent long-time risks for the TV. 

  • Wipe Out the Dust and Debris from plugs 
  • Don’t let your kids play around the TV unit
  • Always keep your TV software updated
  • Don’t leave the switch off and the TV turned on. 
  • Cold Boot your TV after every six months or one year. 

This will be your full-proof guide and tips to speed up your TV and some valuable measures to stave off this error, and you can enjoy long-time consistent serving from your Samsung TV. 

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