Samsung TV Sound Not Working

How To Fix Samsung TV Sound Not Working?

Isn’t it frustrating to watch your web series or TV shows without audio? Do you know even a tiny glitch can spoil your fun when you cannot enjoy your favorite TV shows without sound? Like a few users, if your Samsung TV sound not working, don’t worry; this post is all about that.

We have specially rounded some quick and simple solutions (even those that are recommended by Samsung Support, link provided if you wish to confirm) that help you fix your Samsung TV sound not working issue. Also, if you have any other fixes other than these, share them in the comment section so that they will be helpful for others. Now let us quickly dive into the solutions.  

#Disconnect & Reconnect Your Cables

Wires at the backside of your TV carry signals from the TV to the audio or video sources. These wires get loose or damaged over time and create a bad connection, so your Samsung TV sound not working. 

So use these steps below to remove the loose or broken cables; 

  • Turn OFF your Samsung TV using the remote’s power button.
  • Have a look at all the wires connected to the backside of the TV
  • Try to remove each one and plug them properly again
  • Ensure that there are no loose connections
  • Now, at last, power ON again using the power button on the remote

If your Samsung TV power button not working, don’t panic! There are a few things you can try to get it working again.

#Selecting The Speakers

Smart TVs today not only produce sound from built-in speakers but also utilize external speakers to offer better sound quality. If you can see the video on your Samsung screen but cannot hear any sound, the problem must be because of the speakers. 

Hence to troubleshoot the “Samsung TV volume is not working,” follow this guide;

  • Using the remote, press the menu button
  • You will see a menu appearing on the screen
  • Using the arrow buttons on the remote, navigate to the sound
  • Now you will see an option “TV speakers.”
  • Turn it ON

Now you may be hearing your sound! Even it does not help jump to the next trick. 

#Check Your External Device

If you are using a soundbar to listen to TV audio, turn it ON. We mean this because sometimes you turn ON the TV but need to remember to turn ON the soundbar. 

Hence double-check that you have plugged your soundbar into the power socket and that it is ON by pressing the power button, if the LED light blinks on the soundbar, you can be sure that you will hear the sound on your Samsung TV now. 

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#Soft Reboot

Electronic devices, generally when you use them for a long time, cause some glitches and start malfunctioning. If this is your case, you will observe your Samsung TV volume is not working. Most people recover from this issue with a simple reboot that involves turning OFF your Samsung TV once. 

How To Soft Reboot Your Samsung TV? 

  • Turn OFF your Samsung TV using your remote
  • Turn OFF all the external devices connected to your TV
  • Lastly, unplug all the cables from the power source 
  • Wait for 2 minutes
  • Now plug the wires back into the power
  • Turn ON everything 

#Inspect The Satellite Box

Your Samsung TV may be using an external satellite box for displaying all the channels, and the box has dedicated audio settings. Sometimes those audio settings may be muted, resulting in your Samsung TV volume is not working. 

Luckily troubleshooting here is dead easy but needs a remote (that comes with the satellite box). With the help of the remote, you have to increase the volume on the satellite box. It will clear the settings if it has been set to mute, and as a result, you can enjoy your TV shows with sound now. 

#Swapping The Ports

The latest TVs today come with multiple HDMI ports, which help you connect multiple devices from various sources. You will encounter your Samsung TV sound not working if there is an issue with these ports. 

Therefore to check, connect the HDMI cable from the external device to a different port on the TV. Now check whether you can get any sound from the TV. If yes, you are done. If not, try the other fixes. 

#Update Your Region

Suppose you have moved to a new country or some other region; there are chances that the sound format differs from the present area. Let me say clearly, 

  • In the USA, the video format is NTSC. 
  • In the Asian pacific region, the format is PAL.

As the audio is embedded along with the respective video format, the mismatch in formats results in your Samsung TV volume is not working.

How To Change The Location Settings On Your Samsung TV?

  • Head towards the smart Hub
  • Make sure to press these buttons on the remote in the same order
  • Starting with fast forward, 2, 8, 9, and rewind. 
  • Select your current location from the countries list displayed on your screen.
  • Then agree to the terms and conditions
  • Finally, restart your Samsung TV 

Note that the settings differ for different TV models from Samsung. So we suggest you check the instructions in your manual and follow the same to change your region. 

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#Diagnostic Test

Sometimes it is better to run a diagnostic test to know about the functions of the Samsung TV. 

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How To Perform A Diagnostic Test On Your Samsung Smart TV?

And it is easy to perform the diagnostic test if you go through these steps;

  • Navigate to settings on the TV
  • Choose support
  • Click on self-diagnosis
  • Select start sound test

By doing this, you can know whether the built-in speakers and all other settings of the Samsung TV are in proper condition. 

#Reset The Sound 

Suppose your diagnostic test showcases some problems with the speakers. You can troubleshoot it with a simple reset. 

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How To Reset Your Smart TV Sound?

  • Head towards settings
  • Navigate to sound
  • Click on expert settings
  • Then select reset sound

Doing so will reset the components in the TV connected to the speakers and audio processors in the Samsung TV. 

#Smart Hub Settings

In some Samsung TV models, the sound not working on Samsung TV issue is because of the smart Hub. So try to check once whether it is ON or OFF.

To do so, 

  • Go to settings
  • Head towards general settings
  • Click on Accessibility 
  • Choose smart features
  • Then toggle OFF AUTORUN Smart Hub

Furthermore, if the issue persists still, you can reset the Smart Hub. To do so, 

  • Urge towards settings
  • Choose the option “support.”
  • Select device care
  • Click on self-diagnosis
  • Finally, select reset smart Hub

 #Software Updates

One of the common reasons for your Samsung TV sound not working is outdated software. In this case, a simple software update can help you fix the issue. Moreover, you can update the Samsung software in two ways; both online and offline. 

How To Update Your Samsung Software?

Now here is the procedure,

  • Using your remote, press the home button
  • Choose settings
  • Head towards the cloud icon
  • Then choose support
  • Click on the software update
  • Select update now so that the download will start
  • Once the installation is successful, the Sdon’tg TV will automatically reboot

In case your Samsung TV Not Connecting To WiFi or the internet, don’t worry. You can install the updates using a USB drive. Here is a quick guide for offline installation, 

  • Download the latest version of the software by visiting the Samsung website.
  • Save “it on your USB
  • Now insert the USB into the Samsung TV port
  • Choose the downloaded software in the USB
  • Click on install

After a successful installation, your “sound not working on Samsung TV” problem will be resolved. 

#Factory Reset

A factory reset changes all your settings to default. If none of the solutions help you fix your Samsung TV sound not working, then the last weapon you can use is a factory reset.

How To Reset Your Samsung TV?

Below are the steps for factory resetting the Samsung TV. 

  • Using your Samsung remote, press the home button
  • Choose the option “support.” 
  • Then select self-diagnosis
  • Click on reset
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You must patiently wait for a few seconds until the Samsung TV completes the resetting process. Once your TV is back, check whether you can hear any audio from the Samsung TV. 

#Failure In The Hardware 

When you find the Samsung TV sound not working because of a hardware failure, you will be forced to choose between repairing or replacing your Samsung TV. 

If you choose to repair your TV, the warranty (if you have the period left over) may cover the cost associated with the service. Refer to the information provided while purchasing the TV to get more details. You can also return the Samsung TV to the store (where you bought it) to get a replacement TV, depending on the date of purchase. 

Final Words On Samsung TV Sound Not Working

There is no dilemma that Samsung is the giant in manufacturing TVs and is the best-selling product on the market than any other brands. However, it will be annoying when you cannot hear any sound while watching a video. 

But worry no more we are here to help you fix the Samsung TV sound not working. And we hope this helpful guide helped you a lot, and now you can watch your web series with complete entertainment. But try all these fixes without leaving anyone, as we are not sure which would work for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my TV suddenly have no sound?

Your smart TV may suddenly have no sound because of the following reasons. 
Incorrect sound settings
Internal components, external speakers, or media devices might be damaged. 
External devices may not be properly connected to the smart TV
Media devices may not be tightly connected to the TV, and so after some time, the sound stops working suddenly

Why there is no sound on Samsung TV apps?

Suppose there is no sound on your Samsung TV apps; first and foremost, check your volume levels and settings on your Samsung TV. This is because a few settings have been changed or improperly set without your knowledge. A power cycle, reinstalling the app (where there is no sound), or a factory reset are good options to consider if there is no sound on Samsung TV apps.

How to fix a TV with no sound but pictures?

Here are some quick ways to fix a TV with no sound but pictures; ensure that the TV is not muted and the inputs you gave are correct. Check all the cables you have connected to the TV are good and connected properly. Perform a soft reset, check that there are any faults in the circuit board or the speakers, and last, if you are left with no choices, do a factory reset. 

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