Samsung TV Remote Buttons Explained

Samsung TV Remote Buttons Explained!

A Samsung TV’s remote control offers a wide variety of buttons. Each button has various icons and acronyms, some of which are not apparent. You can find out how these buttons work on this page. If the Samsung TV remote program buttons differ in appearance from the pictures, it is not a problem. The buttons continue to function normally.

The majority of entry-level Samsung TVs come with the remote, and this article is about Samsung TV remote buttons explained. The Samsung One Remote is present on the most recent Samsung TVs. With this remote, you may operate other devices besides your Samsung TV. Yet the One Remote functions seem different. Hence, We have the Samsung TV Remote buttons explained to you in this article.

Samsung TV Remote Buttons Explained.

Here are the Samsung TV remote buttons explained below. Read till the end to understand which buttons are used for which functions.

Part 1:Power, Source, Pre-ch, and Ch list, Number, and Home buttons

Power button

Press the red button positioned at the top of the remote. This button is termed “Power.” The “Power” button is used to turn the TV on or off. Remember, you have to take care and troubleshoot this button if your Samsung TV wont turn ON when you press this!

Source Button

You can view a list of all connected sources by clicking this button. Switching between live TV to an HDMI source, such as your video game console or Blu-ray player, is simple.

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Pre-ch, Ch list Buttons

The Pre-ch button immediately switches you to the channel users most recently were watching. You may quickly change channels by using the Ch list button, which displays a list of TV channels.

Number Buttons

These buttons are beneath the “Power” button. From 0 to 9, these buttons are numbered. The “Number pad” is the collective name for these buttons. Instead of manually flipping through all the channels one at a time, you can instantly access a particular channel by manually entering the number of any broadcast you wish to view on the number pad.

Home Button

You arrive at the Smart Hub after using it. Samsung smart TVs have a primary menu that provides an overview of live TV, applications, and smart TV features.

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Part 2: Minus, Volume, Channel, and Mute button

Minus Button

Click the button that is next to the “0” button. This button represents a “minus.” This button allows you to erase a digit by typing the channel’s number when you want to go to a specific channel. With this button, you can flip between the most recent two channels you watched.

VOL buttons

Tap the + and – buttons. These are the buttons for loudness. The volume can be changed by pressing either the plus or minus sign. The channel buttons are located on the right side of the volume controls. The TV is switched to the next broadcast using the up button and the channel down with the down button.

Ch buttons

There are two buttons on this button. One upward arrow and a downward arrow, these buttons can be used to change channels. By pressing the Upwards arrow of the CH buttons, you will see another channel that comes after the serial number of the previous channel. And the downward arrow button does the opposite.

Mute button

To muffle the sound, press the “Mute” button, which is located towards the left of the volume button. The TV’s sound is turned off when the mute button is pressed; hitting it again restores the sound. The “Available source selection” button, located to the right of the channel button, enables you to choose between input sources while viewing.

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Part 3: Video services, Guide, Return Buttons

Shortcuts to video services

You may quickly access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Rakuten TV to watch films and TV shows on your smart TV by pressing the buttons on your remote.

Guide button

By pressing this button, the channel guide is displayed. This way, you may find the shows you wish to watch later and easily check the broadcast schedule. Additionally, you may swiftly switch channels using the guide.

Return button

This button allows you to go back to the screen, menu, or channel you previously viewed.

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Part 4: Exit, Colored buttons, Video functions

Exit button

By pressing this button, you can exit the menu and go back to the home page, where live TV can be viewed instantly.

Colored buttons

Different things can be done with these buttons. For each menu, these functions have another purpose. It will be indicated on the screen if any of those buttons can be used.

Video functions

You can control the video features with these buttons. These enable you to stop, pause, play, and go back or forth in time. On the screen, it will be apparent if these features are available.

Part 5: Settings, Info, CC/VD Buttons

Settings button

By pressing a button, you may easily access the settings menu. This menu, for example, allows you to change the sound and visual settings.

Info button

Information about the program and the show you’re watching is displayed on the screen when you touch this button. You can quickly check whatever program you are viewing and when it will end in this manner.

CC/VD button

This button allows you to enable the subtitles. Depending on the photos you’re viewing and the image sources, you might be unable to access subtitles. Click here in case your Samsung TV Remote Not Working Except Power Button.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How will I use my Samsung Smart TV remote?

The TV’s remote control sensor should be the target of the Smart Remote. Press and hold the return key and the play/pause buttons simultaneously for three seconds. The Smart Remote and your TV will now start synchronizing. The remote will now be linked to your TV, according to a notification that will then show up.

How do I get a guide on the Samsung remote?

To find the Universal Guide for TVs manufactured in 2020–2022, first access the Home screen and press Down. TV Shows: Use the search icon in the top left to look through the shows currently available by category.

What are the 4 colored buttons on the Samsung remote?

The color buttons can control particular functions in any software configured to use them, as demonstrated in the user manual. They are a leftover from earlier smart TV applications and features and are now hardly ever used.

How can I search for channels with my Samsung TV remote?

Use your remote’s directional pad and arrow buttons to choose Settings after selecting the TV source (All Settings). After choosing Broadcasting, choose Auto Program. Start the auto-programming process by selecting Start, then choose between Air, Cable, or even both.

Final Thoughts On Samsung TV Remote Buttons Explained

Many of the features of your TV are accessible through your Samsung remote. When you wish to operate your TV in a specific way, you’ll feel more confident if you read the Samsung TV remote buttons explained guide. 

All you have to do is, become familiar with the locations and various Samsung remote button functions. Therefore here are the Samsung TV remote buttons explained. You will have no trouble using your remote after reading our comprehensive instructions.

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