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How To Fix Samsung TV Power Button Not Working?

Ready with a bowl of popcorn, lying down, having the remote in your hand to watch your favorite movie but suddenly found the Samsung TV power button not working? 

Samsung Televisions in recent times come with different buttons, dials, and features. But it will be more frustrating when you find any components or parts do not work correctly. Besides, the remote control and the buttons are essential to help you access your Samsung TV effortlessly.  

So what to do if your Samsung TV power button not working? Stay calm; this article will discuss the potential reasons why the power button on Samsung TV not working and how to fix the issue. 

Troubleshooting Your Power Button

Before taking your Samsung TV to a repair shop or a professional, try the steps below. Note that the Samsung TV power button not working may be because of a tiny issue that can be resolved within minutes and in your home itself. 

  • Ensure that all other buttons are working correctly and there is no physical damage.
  • Check that the power source is connected correctly. 
  • Also, ensure that the power supply is stable and there are no fluctuations. 
  • Check whether the power surge has made the power button on Samsung TV not working.

Fixing Samsung TV Power Button Not Working

To fix your Samsung TV power button not working, here are the solutions you can try. 

  • Unplug all your connections from the TV to the power source
  • Then examine the connections to see if there are any damages.
  • Plug the connections back again into the power source 
  • Try to determine whether the issue Samsung TV power button not working is resolved. This is because sometimes a few devices take time to function appropriately when overloaded. 
  • Try to use a different plugin.
  • Keep holding the “power” button for about 10 seconds. 
  • Still, if your Samsung TV power button is not working, consult a professional.   
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Contact Your Manufacturer

In case your Samsung TV power button is not working, and you cannot fix it by yourself, then one of the best ways is to get help from the Samsung support team if the warranty still exists. Moreover, note that the warranty does not cover water damage. 

Please mention what you have done with the support team in this post so that it will be helpful to others. 

Where Is The Samsung TV Power Button?

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Did you think no power button on Samsung TV? Like all modern televisions, Samsung TVs also have a power button. But the notable thing here is that the placement of the power button differs from one TV model to another. And so, some people find it hard to find the location of the power button or think no power button on Samsung TV.  

Here are a few possible locations where you can find the power button of a Samsung TV. 

  • Under the Samsung logo
  • The front underside of the TV
  • On the bezels (left or right)
  • The back side of the TV

Under The Samsung Logo

The first and foremost place to find the power button is straight under the Samsung logo. If you can look under the TV, go ahead to see the power button. If you cannot look at it, place your finger and try to touch the power button. 

In general, the power button nearer to the logo has a rubber finish to touch and feel if you cannot see it. 

The Front Underside Of The TV

The following common place where you can see the power button is under the front right side of the Samsung TV. This place also houses the IR receiver, which receives signals from the TV remote. 

On The Bezels

Some of the Samsung TVs today come with touch-sensitive buttons, including the power button, rather than a physical button. Samsung places the button on the front bezel in case of a touch-sensitive power button. Also, you can see it on the left side rarely. 

Moreover, the touch-sensitive power button has a silky smooth screen surface, making you see clearly. 

The Backside Of The TV

Placing the power button on the backside of your TV is awkward; however, you will have a clean look at the front side. The backside placement of the button has no visual context. And you only have to browse with your finger and start to feel the location. 

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Suppose the power button is on the backside; then there will be more possibilities that it is on the lower right side of the TV. Finding the power button will be more challenging if you have wall-mounted your Samsung TV but most crucial when your Samsung TV won’t turn ON while you use the Samsung remote. If you need help finding your power button, refer to your Samsung manual and get to know it. 

Fixing Your Samsung TV Remote Not Working Except Power Button

We have seen a few people facing the Samsung TV remote not working except the power button issue, so we have come up with the solutions and the reasons, as you have to know them first. 

If there is other electric equipment like lights, mobile devices, radios, etc., in front or by the side of your TV, the electric signal from the remote might be blocked. Hence, removing any devices nearer to your TV is always appreciable

In some situations, the remote and the TV might be experiencing desynchronization from each other. As a result, the remote may not work correctly, or the TV cannot receive the electric signals sent by the remote control. 

Now follow these instructions to get rid of the Samsung TV remote not working except power button. 

If you are facing the problem Samsung TV Keeps Restarting and looking for a solution; we are here to help you! 

#Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

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Suppose specific settings in the TV are re-initialized; it will affect the functionality of the remote. Therefore, we are trying to clear up the configurations by power cycling the Samsung TV. And for this, you have to 

  • Turn On your TV and unplug the power plug from the socket.
  • Press & hold the “power” button on the TV for about 30 seconds.
  • Now plug back the power supply.
  • Turn ON the TV
  • Now check whether the Samsung TV remote not working except power button is resolved. 

In case the issue still exists, don’t delay proceeding with the next step.

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# Re-syncing Your Remote And TV

There are chances that your remote and the TV get desynced because the TV does not correctly register the signals from the remote. Hence by resyncing the remote and TV together, you can eliminate the sync problem. 

  • Turn On your TV and move 10 inches away from the TV
  • Point your remote straight at the bottom right side of the TV
  • Press and hold the back arrow key along with the pause key until you find the “pairing complete message” on your TV screen. 
  • Finally, check whether the Samsung TV remote not working, except the power button has disappeared.
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How To Turn On Samsung TV With Broken Power Button?

If your power button on the Samsung TV has been broken or damaged, it is challenging to turn On the TV. If you can’t find the power button, try referring to a manual.

Samsung lists the manuals for every TV, even year by year, and they are neatly archived online. To find your manual, find the model name or a serial number of your TV by looking at the back side of your TV. Once you have found it, open the user manual and know its location. 

If you do not have a universal remote, you can use the remote control that only supports your Samsung TV. If the LED lights are not working well, the problem could be software glitches. If this is your situation, you must contact the Samsung support center or check out the manufacturer’s website to download the latest firmware version. Once you have updated the firmware version, you will find the power button working well.  

Wrapping Up Samsung TV Power Button Not Working

Samsung is a significant player in the business sector, especially with smart TVs. Further, it is evident that Samsung launches many models yearly with different designs and elements. One such design element is the location of the power button. 

Apart from this, it will be more annoying if the Samsung TV power button not working. So in case you face this problem, we guess the above information will be helpful for you in fixing it. As a bonus, we have also listed the various locations of the power button in Samsung TVs. 

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