Samsung TV Plus Not Working

How To Fix Samsung TV Plus Not Working?

If you are experiencing Samsung TV Plus Not Working, rest assured that you are not alone.

Some users have also reported encountering problems with the service recently, possibly due to network issues, incorrect settings, corrupted data, and outdated software.

This article will outline these steps to assist you in getting your Samsung TV Plus up and running again.

Power Cycle Your TV:

A soft reset, also known as power cycling, is often an effective way to eliminate all technical glitches. It is because a soft reset lets you clear the memory and thus makes your Samsung TV perform better. 

There are two ways to perform a power cycle in your Samsung TV, and let me discuss them below. 

By Disconnecting The Power 

  • Unplug the power cable of the Samsung TV from the power supply unit in your home. 
Disconnect the power cable of your TV 6
  • Wait for 30 to 40 seconds
  • Now plug the cable back into the power supply
Connect the power cable of your TV back 6
  • Turn ON the TV and check whether the Samsung TV Plus not working issue is resolved. 

By Using The Remote

  • Long press the power button on your remote
Press the power button on your samsung TV remote 6
  • Now your TV will turn OFF and ON 
  • The resetting process will end, and you will see the screen.

Also, ensure to long press the power button even while the rebooting process takes place. If you press it briefly, the Samsung TV will get into sleep mode. 

Uninstall And Reinstall The App:

Removing the Samsung TV Plus app and reinstalling it again will help you if there are any technical issues. The entire process is simple, and you can do it within minutes.

Follow the instructions carefully. 

How To Uninstall The Samsung TV Plus App?

  • On the Samsung remote, press the home button
  • Choose apps
  • Head towards the settings option
  • Choose the Samsung TV Plus app by tapping on OK.
  • Click on delete
  • To exit, click on “return.” 
  • Turn OFF the TV 
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Turn ON your TV

How To Install The Samsung TV Plus App?

  • Click on the home button
  • Head to the apps menu
  • Select the search icon, which you can find at the top right corner of the TV.
  • Type Samsung TV Plus in the search bar
  • Click on the respective app from the list of options
  • Click on install 

Now the app will be reinstalled on the Samsung TV, and we hope your problem is fixed. 

Delete Your Cache In The Samsung TV Plus App:

Clearing the app data or cache is one of the simplest ways to reset the Samsung TV Plus app.

Below are a set of steps to complete the clearing process. 

  • Navigate to the settings menu.
  • Click on support and choose device care
  • Select the option “manage storage.”
  • Choose the Samsung TV Plus app.
  • Click on view details.
  • Tap on clear data
  • Click on OK
  • Exit the menu
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Clearing the data will reset the application, remove the saved data, and refresh the app. 

Check Your Network:

All smart TVs need a constant internet connection to stream content online.

On the other side, there are several reasons for a Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi and a poor internet connection. 

There are some ways to ensure that your network is exemplary or you have a good connection, and let us see them here. 

Check Your Internet Speed:

One of the good ideas is to check the bandwidth to ensure you have a solid and stable internet connection.

The steps are as follows; 

  • Open
  • Enter internet speed test
  • The speed test will showcase your internet bandwidth in the appearing results.

The Samsung TV Plus app needs 5 Mbps to stream HD videos or content.

Check Your Internet Validity:

If you have reached your daily or usage limit, your Samsung TV will either disconnect from the internet or experience decreased internet speeds.

For this reason, it is advisable to opt for an unlimited plan when streaming online content.

Suppose you are on a plan that is still active but experiencing sluggish internet speeds. In that case, it is recommended that you reach out to your internet service provider to identify the root cause of the issue.

Additionally, there may be times when poor internet connectivity is attributable to maintenance work being carried out by the provider.

Check Your Router:

A router is an intermediary device connecting your TV to the internet using WiFi.

If the router is not functioning optimally, it can cause the TV’s app complications.

Therefore, it is recommended that you inspect the router for any loose connections, damaged wires, or cables and promptly replace or securely fix them as necessary.

Furthermore, ensure that the router’s lights are blinking regularly and sufficiently.

Should you encounter any connectivity issues, contact your service provider to have the matter addressed.

Update Your Software:

It is imperative to regularly update the software on your Samsung TV to prevent glitches in apps, settings, and other functionalities.

Outdated software may make Samsung TV Plus not work or the app disappear entirely.

How To Update Your Samsung TV Software? 

  • Head towards settings 
select settings on samsung TV 27
  • Choose support
Support on Samsung TV 16
  • Click on the software update
software update on samsung TV 15
  • Select update now
update now on samsung TV 12
  • Wait a few minutes to download and install the update if an update is available. 
updating samsung TV 4

Once the update is completed, your Samsung TV will reboot. After then, you can try accessing the Samsung TV Plus. 

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Inspect The DNS Settings:

Despite verifying all components related to your internet connection, you may still experience issues with connectivity.

The Samsung TV Plus Not Working issue may stem from an incorrect DNS input, settings, or an unresponsive server.

You must go through DNS settings and take the necessary steps. Let us see what we shall do now to adjust the DNS settings. 

Set The Google DNS Configuration.

  • To open the menu, tap on the home button on the Samsung remote
  • Navigate to network 
select Network on samsung TV 6
  • Choose the network status
  • Select the option IP settings
select IP Settings on samsung TV 4
  • Head towards the DNS settings
Choose DNS mode on samsung TV 4
  • Choose the option “enter manually.”
Ensure that the Manual Mode on samsung TV 3
  • Type
Enter 8888 as input on samsung TV 3
  • Click on OK
  • Exit the menu
  • Turn OFF the Samsung TV
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Turn ON the Samsung TV

Check whether the Samsung TV Plus not working issue is fixed! 

Set The DNS For Your TV Automatically

  • Using your remote, click on the “home button” to head toward the menu
  • Go to network
  • Select network status
  • Choose the IP settings
  • Urge to DNS settings
  • Choose the option “enter manually.”
  • Now type the smart DNS location provided by your service provider
  • Click on OK
  • Exit the menu
  • Turn OFF the Samsung TV
  • Wait for a while

Check whether the Samsung TV Plus is now working well.

Alter The Date And Time Settings On The Samsung TV:

There are instances when Samsung TV Plus may not function properly due to incorrectly configured time and date settings.

If you encounter this issue, adjusting the time and date inputs through the TV’s settings menu is recommended.

  • Press the home button.
  • Choose general 
  • Select system manager
  • Click on time
  • Navigate to clock
  • Select the clock mode
  • Click on manual
  • Enter the correct date and time using the navigation keys on the remote
  • Press the OK button
  • Exit and restart the Samsung TV

Finally, check if the Samsung TV Plus app is working fine now. 

Reset Your Samsung Smart Hub:

The smart hub on your Samsung TV manages all the smart TV features.

Any glitches or corrupted settings within the smart hub can affect the performance of the applications on the TV like Samsung TV Plus not working.

How To Reset Your Samsung Smart Hub?

  • Navigate to settings
select settings on samsung TV 28
  • Choose support
Support on Samsung TV 17
  • Click on self-diagnosis or device care.
pika 1669703284477 1x
  • Go to the option reset smart hub
  • Type your PIN
  • Wait for the resetting process to over

Remember that resetting the hub clears your Samsung account, apps, and channels on the platform. Therefore, you must sign in back, reset configurations, or download again.  

Disable IPv6:

If your TV uses internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) and your network does not support this, you will face issues with the internet connection. However, the solutions are pretty effortless. 

You can disable the IPv6, and the steps are given below; 

  • Press the “home button” to urge to settings 
  • Choose general
  • Navigate to the network section
  • Head to the IPv6
  • Click on Disable
  • Press OK to confirm
  • Return to the home screen
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Now check if your Samsung TV Plus not working issue is fixed. 

Reset Your Network Settings:

There is a high chance that once you reset the network settings on your smart TV, you can resolve the internet connectivity problems. Luckily, resetting is easy and won’t consume much of your time. 

Below are the instructions to reset your network settings; 

  • Tap on the home button
  • Choose general 
  • Navigate to network 
  • Click on reset
Now choose Reset Network on samsung TV 2
  • Press OK to save changes

Delete The Cache On Samsung TV:

Your Samsung smart TV may occasionally accumulate many cache files from various applications.

However, In such situations, it is crucial to note that you must clear the cache for each app individually.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Click on support
  • Select device care
  • Click on manage storage
  • Select the app which you want to clear the cache
  • Click on view details
  • Choose clear cache
  • Click on OK
  • Press on the exit button

Factory Resetting Your Samsung Smart TV:

A factory reset is a final choice when you have tried and tested all the other methods but still face the Samsung TV Plus not working. The process is highly effective as it will delete all your data and make your TV new.  

How To Factory Reset A Samsung TV?

  • Navigate to settings
select settings on samsung TV 29
  • Go to General
general on samsung TV 20
  • Click on reset
reset on samsung TV 12
  • You will be asked to type the PIN. 
PIN on samsung tv 12
  • Enter the PIN (it is 0000 if you haven’t changed it)
  • Press on OK
resetting process on Samsung TV 5

Once the setup is over, reload all your settings and see if the Samsung TV Plus is working. 

Concluding Samsung TV Plus Not Working Issue

Samsung TV Plus offers access to additional channels and content without extra user charges.

However, being a new feature, it may be prone to a few issues, like Samsung TV Plus Not Working, that could affect the user experience.

Thankfully, with the above solutions, you can rectify the issues independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the alternative to Samsung TV Plus?

Even though there are many alternatives to Samsung TV Plus, Netflix is one of the best ones. However, it is not free; you have to subscribe by paying money. Suppose you want a free one; try using Pluto TV or VidLii. If money is not your priority, other good picks are Prime Video, Hulu, Sling TV, etc. 

What countries have Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is available in 24 countries, including the USA, UK, Korea, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Austria, India, Swede, Switzerland, and a few more.

How to fix Samsung TV Plus not working black screen?

If your Samsung TV Plus is not working black screen, try
Examining your Internet connection 
Restarting your TV
Updating your TV
Changing the DNS settings 
Resetting smart hub
Factory resetting your Samsung TV

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