Samsung TV Not Showing Picture

Samsung TV Not Showing Picture: How To Fix?

For some reason, you will note your Samsung TV not showing pictures. There may be countless reasons for the issue, and many people have encountered the same recently. Luckily there are some quick and simple solutions when your Samsung TV not showing pictures, and if you are hunting for the same, then congrats, you have landed at the right place. 

In this post, we will guide you about the various fixes when your Samsung TV not showing pictures and also let you know the causes in detail. So the next time, you can resolve it independently without my help. 

Read on. 

Below are the fixes curated after testing, so go over each and share in the comment section which one worked for you! 

Power Cycle Your TV

One standard solution that resolves several issues on smart TVs is power cycling or a soft reset. Soft reset or power cycling clears all the glitches and refreshes the components in the smart TV. 

Here is a simple procedure for a Samsung TV. 

  • Turn off the Samsung TV using the remote 
  • Unplug the cable from the power socket 
  • Wait for 60 seconds
  • Also, press & hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain more power
  • Now plug the cable back into the power socket 
  • Turn ON your Samsung TV and check the Samsung TV is not showing picture is resolved. 

Double-check The Cables

A faulty cable connection may be the reason for a few people experiencing Samsung TV not showing pictures. So ensure that you have connected all your cables properly and securely. Suppose you are using streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and so on, double check that they are appropriately connected to the HDMI ports in the Samsung TV. 

Suppose you note any damages on the power or HDMI cabledon’tn’t delay to replace them and check once your Samsung TV not showing the picture is fixed. Faulty connections can also result in Samsung TV Black Screen. In case you have any technical issues with the ports, you can correct them using a Samsung technician or authorized expert near your home.

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Inspect The Inputs

Modern TVs in recent times have come with multiple input ports that help you connect various devices. If your current input port does not work properly because of any damage, try to use another one. Using your Samsung remote, press the SOURCE button or INPUT. You must press this button several times until you get the right inputs. 

Otherwise, contact the Samsung support team to check your Samsung TV to see if there is any damage in the ports.

Damaged LED Backlights

If you find that the other components or functions in your Samsung TV work fine without any issues except the display, then there are chances that the Samsung TV not showing pictures because of the LED backlights. Moreover, you can confirm this by doing a flashlight test

Here are the steps for a flashlight test on a Samsung TV,

  • Turn ON the TV
  • Point a flashlight (maybe from your smartphone) on your TV screen
  • If you notice a faint image on your TV screen, then there are faults in your LED backlights. 

Right the solution for this case is to replace the LED backlights once. Besides, replacing also saves you money since the components are budget-friendly. But note that disassembling your Samsung TV will void your warranty. 

Disable The Power-saving Mode

Samsung TVs have an exciting power-saving mode that helps people save power without reducing the display quality and experience. You can find this function in the general settings on your Samsung TV. 

Note that the setting may also be known as power preservation or power consumption, which does the same function as this power saving mode. 

When you turn ON this feature, after a few minutes of inactivity in your TV, the screen will turn OFF, and there will be no sound. But when you use a source device for audio, the power saving mode may leave the sound and only turn OFF the TV. For example, if you have connected your laptop or console and using your Samsung TV as a monitor, you will experience the Samsung TV not showing pictures. 

If your Samsung TV sound not working, don’t despair! This quick and easy guide will show you how to fix the problem in no time.

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Toggle Your Sleep Mode

Like the power-saving mode, sleep mode is a power-saving feature that lets you save energy on your Samsung TV. As sustainable energy is more popular on Samsung TVs, many people use this nowadays. 

The sleep mode would turn OFF your TV screen except for the sound playing if no one has used it for a few hours. The main motto is not to waste power without any valid reason. As a result, you will witness the Samsung TV not showing pictures. 

You can check this sleep mode setting by urging towards settings and turning OFF this feature. If you like these settings and wish to use them, you can set them when you do not use the TV. Please provide the time, like 3 or 6 hours, as we will only watch TV for a maximum of this period. 

Factory Resetting Your Samsung TV

Unfortunately, your Samsung TV not showing pictures is due to the inability of the TV to display the images on the screen. Your TV may have corrupted settings or data that may be the reason for harmful bugs in the device. So if this is your case, you have no choice but to factory reset the TV. 

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If you can view the digital features, follow the steps below;

  • Hit the home button on the remote 
  • Navigate to settings
  • Choose System
  • Click on advanced system settings
  • Choose factory reset
  • Then finally, select reset everything

If you notice a black screen on your Samsung TV, you might try the above steps blindly. So we have a hardware method for you that will be less technical. 

Place a small pin into the tiny hole on the side panel of your Samsung TV that is found above the USB port. Hold on it at the same place until the TV turns OFF (maybe within 15 seconds). 

Errors In The T CON Board

If you think, “my Samsung TV won’t show picture but the sound works,” there is a high probability that the T CON board is faulty. The T CON board is also known as the control board or logic board and is responsible for producing pictures on the TV screen. 

Similar to the LED backlights, replacing the T CON board is easy, and you can see various models online. The best thing is the T CON boards are affordable and cost you less than $100. 

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Furthermore, the T CON board can be seen on the rear panel of the Samsung TV. To replace the control board, remove the screws, disconnect the ribbon cables and replace the old T CON board with the new one. Alternatively, you can also contact the professional from the Samsung service center if you need clarification on the procedure. 


Visit the official Samsung website and check if your TV is covered under warranty. Note that the Samsung TVs warranty lasts one year, and I hear most people complaining about the Samsung TV not sdon’tg pictures only after several years. 

Why Is My TV Not Showing Picture?

If you are wondering why is my TV not showing picture, don’t be stressed, as you are not alone in this situation. The problem occurs for various reasons like a power connection problem, outdated firmware, or a fault in the connected external devices.

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Sometimes there is no picture on Samsung TV, but the sound might be because of the faults in the HDMI cable, whether broken or damaged. In contrast, if your TV becomes black, the TV panel might be damaged, or the components in the T CON board. Remember that depending on the TV model, it may have one more supply board and the T CON board. 

Apart from these, if there is damage in the backlight of your Samsung TV, you will still hear your audio, but there will be no picture on the screen. If this is the case, you won’t think about whether you have hit anything making the LED display stop showing any picture. 

Besides, if you doubt “my Samsung TV won’t show pictures but has the sound,” it may be because of a loose connection or power connectivity. But the good news is that the above fixes help you fix any of these problems yourself.  

Final Summary: Samsung TV Not Showing Picture

Samsung TVs are a considerable benefit when you look forward to watching your favorite shows online. However, issues like the Samsung TV not showing picture is deeply frustrating when you are about to watch a live program. But don’t worry. Follow the above solutions patiently and get your Samsung TV back to the stage. 

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