Samsung TV Not Showing On Airplay

How To Fix Samsung TV Not Showing On Airplay?

If you have ever used Airplay, you know how convenient it is to wirelessly cast audio or video from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to a Samsung TV.

However, what should you do if your Samsung TV not showing up on Airplay?

This guide will explain how to fix Samsung TV not showing on Airplay or not functioning correctly.

Right, let us begin.  

Check Your Network

Most Samsung TV models can retry your network connection. The option acts like a diagnostic tool and helps resolve any connectivity issues.

Sometimes your Samsung TV is not showing on Airplay due to a network issue like a Samsung TV Not Connecting To WiFi, so here are a few things to be followed. 

  • Urge towards the Settings menu on the Samsung TV.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • Choose the Network option on the Apple TV app.
  • Here you will note the Network Status; click on it
  • Click on Retry
  • Wait for the network to appear. 
  • Again reconnect WiFi in both devices (the Apple device and the Samsung TV).

Finally, check if your “Samsung TV not showing on Airplay” issue is resolved. 

Disable And Enable Your Airplay

Restarting or shutting down devices can help resolve connectivity issues; Airplay is no exception.

One helpful solution is to toggle the Airplay feature ON and OFF on your Samsung TV.

This simple step can re-enable Airplay on your TV and resolve the Samsung TV not showing up on the Airplay issue.

select settings on samsung TV 25
  • Head to the General Settings on Samsung TV
general on samsung TV 19
  • Open the Apple Airplay Settings from the list of options
pika 1668665554685 1x
  • Search for the Disable button and note that you have to choose your Airplay before the button appears
  • Restart the devices once you have selected disable 
  • Again navigate to the Settings menu
  • Enable the Airplay
enable Airplay on Samsung TV

As mentioned earlier, this solution is similar to restarting your WiFi, Bluetooth, and other devices. 

Airplay Code Settings

Most TVs offer two options for using Airplay:

  • Entering a code every time or
  • Providing a password.

If the code required for Airplay is incorrect, you may encounter the Samsung TV not showing up on Airplay.

Hence follow these instructions carefully.

  • Head toward the General settings on the Samsung TV
  • Search for Apple Airplay Settings.
pika 1668665370099 1x
  • You will find the required code setting, and here check if there is an every-time option, a one-time option, and so on.
Airplay passcode on Samsung TV
  • If you select every time in this scenario, you must enter a new code each time you try connecting. 
  • So ensure to check “a one-time option.”
  • Next, you have to enter the code once, and you are done. 
  • Moreover, you can also choose the “Use Password Instead” option, which enhances your security. 
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Remember to reset the paired devices once you are done with the settings. 

Update The Firmware

Updating firmware or software on your devices is a standard solution and should be prioritized when resolving Airplay issues.

Firmware updates are similar to operating system updates and can clear most compatibility issues.

Therefore, it is essential to double-check that all your devices are up to date and there are no pending updates. If you encounter any compatibility issues, try updating your firmware first.

  • Head to the Settings on your Samsung TV.
select settings on samsung TV 24
  • Choose the option Support.
Support on Samsung TV 14
  • Select Software Update
software update on samsung TV 13
  • Here search for the “Check For Updates” or “Update Now” option
update now on samsung TV 10
  • If updates are available, download and install them immediately. 

As well, check for updates on your Apple devices or iPhones. Then re-pair the device to see if the “Samsung TV not showing on Airplay” issue is fixed. 

Update Your iOS

As mentioned earlier, updating your host device is crucial when resolving Airplay issues. This can be an Apple TV, iPhone, or Mac used for mirroring.

If you are unsure how to update your device, follow these steps:

  • For iPhone and iPad – Go to Settings, choose General, and select Software Update.
  • For Mac – Go to System Preferences, and click on Software Update. Check for any available updates and download/install them.

Once the updates are complete, reconnect your Airplay to the Samsung TV and check if the issue of the Samsung TV not showing up on Airplay has been resolved. 

Disable The Protection Time

If you’re having trouble seeing your Samsung TV on Airplay, it may be due to an automatic protection time setting that functions as a screensaver.

This feature activates when your screen remains inactive or displays the same image for an extended period.

Consequently, Airplay connectivity may be disrupted, causing your Samsung TV to disappear from the list of available devices.

Fortunately, you can take steps to fix this problem and enjoy uninterrupted streaming on your TV.

  • Turn OFF the Samsung TV or youtube TV auto protection timer. 
  • Head to the Settings menu on the Samsung TV
  • Choose General 
  • Then, the System Manager
  • From the list of options, search for Auto-protection Time
  • Finally, please Disable it
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Now check whether you can see Samsung TV showing on Airplay. 

Use IP Remote

One of the essential features of some Samsung TV models is the IP remote.

Most importantly, you can interact with the Airplay using the IP remote, and here is a quick guide on how to enable the IP remote;

  • Navigate to the General Settings on your Samsung TV
  • Go to the Network tab and then choose Expert Settings
  • Find IP Remote
  • Finally, please Enable it by clicking on it

DNS Diagnosis

Despite the critical role that DNS servers play in providing a smooth connection to websites, applications, and other network services, some individuals remain unaware of their significance.

So if you face Samsung TV not showing on Airplay or other problems related to connection, the following are worth giving a try; 

select settings on samsung TV 23
  • Head toward Network Settings on your Samsung TV
  • Navigate to the Network Status
select IP Settings on samsung TV 3
  • Search for IP settings, then find DNS Settings.
Ensure that the Manual Mode on samsung TV 2
  • Please open it and try Google DNS. Google DNS is an effective option that helps you connect easily to servers. 
  • After clicking enter DNS Manually and enter the values
Enter 8888 as input on samsung TV 2
  • Next, Restart the TV and Reconnect the Airplay

Check whether this solves your Samsung TV not showing on Airplay. 

Change Your Bandwidth

The latest connectivity ranges from 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Even though 2.4 GHz is enough for your Airplay, you can change it to 5 GHz and try it.

Note that you can swap it according to your need. For instance, if it is on 5 GHz, you can go to 2.4 GHz. 

The following steps will help you do this; 

  • Head to the Router Settings.
  • Find your IP address.
  • Make sure to try with
  • If it does not work, use the Command Prompt while connected to the WiFi.
  • Type – ipconfig
  • Hit the Enter button
  • From the appearing list, search for the default gateway (the web portal for router settings)
  • Once you are on the Settings page, log in using the credentials
  • Now you will find Settings and something like wireless or bandwidth. There you can either choose 5 or 2.4 GHz
  • Switch to 2.4 GHz and save the changes.
  • Restart the router, and everything
  • Reconnect and check if Airplay is working
  • But make sure to connect to 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz

Even if your Samsung TV is not showing on Airplay persists, try using a wired connection for the TV. Also, try using an ethernet cable and see if you got the solution. 

Disable Firewall

Firewalls installed in operating systems can often create connectivity issues with other devices. In this instance, the Firewall on your MacBook may prevent the hosting device from connecting to your TV.

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To rectify this problem, you’ll need to adjust your Firewall Settings to permit incoming connection requests from the TV.

This could involve turning off the Firewall entirely or Disabling the blocking of incoming connections.

To do this, 

  • Head to System Preferences
  • Choose Security and Privacy
  • Click on Firewall
  • You may see “Turn OFF the Firewall” or uncheck the “Block all incoming connections.”

We hope disabling the Firewall helps you solve the Samsung TV not showing on Airplay.

Use The IPv6

The IPv6 protocol is generally considered to provide enhanced security by masking the original IP address, thereby preventing unauthorized access by hackers.

However, remembering that this protocol wasn’t always in use is worth remembering. Occasionally, IPv6 encryption can interfere with Airplay security and lead to network issues.

If you’ve exhausted other network solutions and still can’t resolve your problem, it may be worth attempting to disable IPv6 as a troubleshooting measure.

Try the following steps; 

  • Navigate to General Settings on your Samsung TV
select settings on samsung TV 22
  • Choose Network Settings
  • On the Expert Settings page, choose the IPv6 protocol.
  • Please Disable it. (Samsung TV is only using Airplay and browsing the internet, so disabling IPv6 is OK)
  • Now try connecting to Airplay. 
  • Still, it did not work; Disable IPv6 on your Apple device.
  • Finally, try connecting again.

We hope your Samsung TV not showing on Airplay is fixed. 

Factory Reset

Resetting your Samsung Smart Hub differs from resetting the entire device as it does not affect updates or other device settings.

It’s important to note that built-in issues, such as Firmware corruption, cannot be fixed by resetting the Smart Hub alone.

Hence you can go with a factory reset as a last option, 

  • Go to Settings
select settings on samsung TV 21
  • Choose General
general on samsung TV 17
  • Here select Reset
reset on samsung TV 10
  • Enter the password or PIN to reset
PIN on samsung tv 10
  • Wait for the TV to complete the reset

Wrapping Up Samsung TV Not Showing On Airplay

Connecting to the Airplay is much easier without any technical knowledge.

However, there will always be errors and malfunctions, but the above solutions guide you in fixing the Samsung TV not showing on Airplay. 

If none of the above tips helped you, try getting help from the Samsung TV support center.

But before using Airplay or screen mirroring, double-check that your Samsung TV is compatible with Airplay, and to your notice, the Airplay 2 app is available now!

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