Samsung TV Not Responding To Remote Or Buttons

How To Fix Samsung TV Not Responding To Remote Or Buttons?

There are many reasons why your Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons. So here are the causes and solutions to fix the problem quickly. 

If you are searching for a large screen, crystal clear resolution, bright colors, and multiple streaming opportunities, Samsung TVs are great. Besides, the Samsung remote lets you control everything from the volume to internal settings on the TV. 

But there are sometimes when your Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons or even won’t work at all. But chill first and try these troubleshooting methods to make your Samsung remote work again! 

Below are some of the essential techniques which can resolve if the Samsung TV not responding to the remote or buttons and they are not in any order. 

#Check Your Pairing

Confirming the connection between your Samsung TV and the remote might solve this situation. We won’t expect that a simple try could sometimes solve big chaos. The same is here!

For this, press the return and power buttons for some seconds until you see the synchronization. Then check whether the pairing is successful by pressing the buttons on the remote. Still, if you encounter a problem, try the steps below. Do you know you have many ways to check if your remote is paired or not? One of those is a red light indicator. 

If a LED indicator blinks while you use the remote, your connection is strong, and your TV is listening to the signals from the remote. Also, note that you will see the LED light even when the remote fails in pairing. 

#Check For Any Obstacles.

It is recommended to move any objects blocking the transmission path between the remote and Samsung TV to escape from the Samsung TV not responding to the remote or buttons. 

Furthermore, Any device designed with the IR sensor needs a stable connection which indirectly implies that you have to point the remote straight to the Samsung TV always. 

#Clean Your Sensors

Clearing the dust or lint inside the IR sensor can help fix the problem. If you have tried the above solutions and still find your Samsung TV not responding to the remote or buttons, it may be due to dust and dirt.

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Depending on the TV model, you can find the sensor on the front side of your Samsung TV or at the bottom corner (either left or right). Note that a dusty sensor can create issues or affect screen quality, remote operations, etc. 

Although most debris can be cleaned by a perfect vacuum and brushing of the components, some are stubborn and can be cleaned using a rubber eraser or a needle (especially in the case of IR sensor terminals). But make sure that you should not damage the components. 

Moreover, clean the cables connecting the board and the sensor. A few people neglect this and are unaware that a clogged or improper connection paves the way for Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons. 

#Reset The TV

Even if your “Samsung TV not responding to the remote or button” issue persists, it is time to go for a reset.

How To Reset Your Samsung TV?

You must press the button (which you can see behind your TV) and unplug the power cables from the ports and the power socket. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Now plug your TV back into the power socket and press the power button to complete the reset process.

#Reset Your Remote Control

Resetting the remote is another method to resolve your Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons. A minor glitch or technical error may make your remote fail. 

How To Reset Your Samsung Remote?

Gently slide your back cover and remove the batteries in the remote. Similar to the TV resetting process, wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Then place the remote batteries back in. now check whether you can change the channels or control the TV.  

#Check Your Network Connection.

One of the go-to ways to get a stable internet connection is to reset the router or modem. Sometimes a low-quality internet connection can also lead to Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons. Make sure to check whether your router or modem is connected correctly. All smart products require stable network connectivity to function correctly.

How To Reset?

Here is a quick guide on it. 

  • Turn OFF your Samsung TV.
  • Unplug the router or modem for a resetting
  • Wait for 1 minute
  • Then plug them back in
  • Turn ON your router or modem
  • Now try connecting to your internet

Press any buttons to determine whether the remote and smart TV are working well. 

#Get A New Wifi Module.

Consider getting a new wifi if resetting your device does not help you fix the Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons. Sometimes your TV and remote won’t work well because of the wifi modules used. 

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Many wifi modules are connected to the IR sensors, requiring a constant and robust internet connection. So if there is an issue, the IR sensors fail. Remember that after installing a new wifi module, if your Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi, you need to reset the TV, and below are the instructions,

Steps For Resetting Your TV 

  • To turn ON your TV, use the power button (which you can see on the back side of your TV)
  • Click on menu
  • Choose settings
  • Head towards support
  • Choose the option “enter.”
  • Select self-diagnosis
  • Click on OK
  • Here, choose reset
  • Click on confirm or OK (whichever you find on the screen)
  • You will be prompted to type the PIN (by default, the PIN is 0000)
  • Again confirm the process 
  • Wait for the resetting process to finish, and do not interrupt by pressing on anything. 
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#Check Your Remote’s Touchpad.

Commonly, any TV remote will lose its sensitivity after prolonged usage or over some time. To overcome this Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons, you can try a manual recalibration on your remote. For this;

  • Press and hold the number key for 3 to 5 seconds
  • You will notice a message on the screen stating that the calibration is starting.
  • Wait for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Once the process is over, the LED light in your remote will blink twice
  • Now test your remote and check whether the TV not responding to remote or buttons issue is resolved. 

You may be required to repeat the process at regular intervals, depending on how often you use the touch remote. 

#Use A Remote Control Application.

With a remote control app, you can repair your TV software. Even if your remote is damaged or not in use, it won’t affect or stop you from using a remote control application. For this, 

  • Search for an android TV remote control app using the play store on your smartphone.
  • Double-check that you have connected your TV to the same network as you connect your smartphone. 
  • Once you have downloaded the app, open it.
  • Now you will be prompted to enter the TV model you are having
  • Then a PIN will be sent to you
  • Finally, enter the PIN displayed on your TV screen to pair

After the pairing, you can control the TV using your smartphone. You can use this if you fail in all the other solutions. 

#Check For Updates

Sometimes your Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons issue could be due to corrupted or outdated software. If you suspect the TV might be the culprit, head to the update page and check it. 

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How To Update Your Samsung TV?

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Follow the instructions below;

  • Turn ON your TV
  • Press the menu button
  • Choose settings
  • Navigate to all settings
  • Search for the support
  • Click on the software update
  • Find the network icon
  • Press “yes.”

Furthermore, if you have any issues with your Samsung TV, have a look at these.

Why Is My Samsung TV Not Responding To The Remote?

Suppose your Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons; the primary culprit here would be the power source that has a loose connection or low batteries. Moreover, you cannot jump to sections if you have poor connectivity or if objects are blocking the transmission path of the sensors. 

Also, your TV may have some undiscovered problems, and the faulty buttons create hindrances to remote functioning. These are some of the causes or reasons “why is my Samsung TV not responding to the remote” and let us now discuss some solutions. 

The Last Words On Samsung TV Not Responding To Remote Or Buttons

Suppose you have tried all the troubleshooting steps described above, and if your Samsung TV not responding to remote or buttons still, then there must be hardware issues. 

But before you conclude, borrow your friend’s remote and check if it works with your TV. If your TV responds to the remote now, the problem is with your remote. If not, the problem is with your TV. So take your Samsung TV to the expert and get the TV not responding to remote or buttons issue solved. 

I hope our post is helpful to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reboot my Samsung TV?

To reboot your Samsung TV, press and hold the power key on the remote. Now the Samsung TV will automatically turn ON and OFF. That’s all you have done a successful reboot on your Samsung TV.

Why is my TV remote won’t work even with new batteries?

If your remote is not working even when you have changed your batteries, then there might be some physical damage in the remote, faults in the buttons, or blockages in the IR path. 

How do I fix my TV remote sensor not working?

If your remote sensor is not working, try performing a factory reset. Unplug the power cable from your TV from the wall outlet. Wait for a minute once the LED light is turned OFF. Then after that time, reconnect your TV cable to the wall outlet. Try turning it ON using the remote control.  

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