Samsung TV Not Connecting To HDMI

How To Fix Samsung TV Not Connecting To HDMI?

Nowadays, the basic need to enjoy a good film in your home is high-quality video. So here comes the need for this external hardware; HDMI. On the other hand, the Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI is one of the common problems faced by Samsung TV users. 

Even though there are high-definition pictures these days, there are more chances that the Samsung TV does not recognize the input device. It implies that the Samsung TV will not recognize external devices like laptops or DVD players. You can see several users encountering the same issue here by viewing the link!

So if your Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI, here are the troubleshooting techniques specially curated by our team after lengthy research. 

Check Your External Devices.

First, you must check the connection between your TV and external devices. Make sure that all the cable ends are correctly connected. Similarly, check for damages in the cables and wires. 

Even after this, you could not see your Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI, then connect the HDMI device to another TV. If you can view the picture now, it implies that the cables are damaged and must be replaced. 

Check your power indicator. If there is yellow light, the cable connection is excellent, and you can ensure that you have chosen the correct input source. At last, check the power connection on both ends. In case there is any loose connection, please fix it. 

Double-check The Inputs

It is always essential to choose the correct HDMI input for a TV. Suppose you have selected the option “only TV or HDMI,” then your TV won’t connect to external devices. Hence if you face your Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI, check you have selected the right source of inputs. 

Connect your device to the correct HDMI port in case of a smart TV. In the case of a LED TV, ensure it is connected to the HDMI1 or ARC port. Then click on the input button on the remote and click on the HDMI or TV option. Now you will note your Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI issue is fixed. 

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To be more precise, if you have connected your laptop to the Samsung TV with the help of an HDMI cable, double-check that you have selected input as HDMI or TV. 

Reset Your HDMI Ports

If you are still experiencing “Samsung TV Not Connecting To HDMI,” you can try resetting your HDMI ports. Below are the steps for this, 

  • Switch off the Samsung TV
  • Turn OFF all the devices
  • Unplug the connections from the power source
  • Wait for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Now reconnect the TV
  • Disconnect the HDMI cables from the TV and the external devices
  • Connect the wires by switching the ends
  • Plug them into the TV and the device ports
  • Turn ON the devices at last

Conduct An HDMI Cable Test

Sometimes, internal or external damages can make the HDMI cable malfunction. As a result, you will see the Samsung TV is not connecting to HDMI. Hence you can try the HDMI cable test to check for any damages. 

Here are the steps; 

  • Head towards the settings menu on the Samsung TV
  • Select the option support
  • Click on self-diagnosis
  • Navigate to signal information
  • Click on HDMI cable test
  • Choose start test

If the result shows your HDMI cable is in good condition, you can go with other solutions to resolve the problem. In contrast, the result indicates a problem with the HDMI cable. Try replacing it with a new one. 

Change The Sequential Order.

This solution seems funny to you, but feel free to try this to fix a Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI. 

First, you have to unplug all the devices and, after some time, turn them ON again. Then connect the other device through an HDMI cable. Now you can change the order of the devices you turn ON while using HDMI. 

For example, if you are using an Xbox, switch it ON first and second power ON your Samsung TV. If you use a cable box, connect it to the TV and turn ON the Samsung TV. Doing so, you will see your Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI issue fixed. 

Update Your Software

Many reports say that a simple software update can help resolve many issues and even Samsung TV Not Connecting To HDMI. Below is a quick procedure to update your software on Samsung TVs. 

  • Urge towards settings
  • Navigate to support
  • Choose the option software update
  • Click on update now
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Suppose you wish to update your Samsung TV automatically in the future; you can turn ON the auto-update option. Is your Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi? We’re here to help since an active connection is required for updates!

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Go For A Reset

Resetting the Samsung TV will clear all your settings, and the good thing here is it will remove all the glitches and bugs in the TV. Hence to reset your Samsung TV, you can follow the steps below instructions;

  • Head towards settings
  • Select general
  • Choose the option “reset.”
  • You will be prompted to type the PIN. 
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The PIN is 0000 by default. Otherwise, you have to enter the PIN you have set. 

  • Click on reset
  • Finally, click on OK

Remember that once you have finished the resetting process, you have to modify all the settings on your TV again. Then you can connect your external devices and check whether the HDMI Samsung TV no signal issue is gone! 

Power Cycle All Your Devices

A simple power cycle or a soft reset is one of the most popular fixes and the most effective method for fixing glitches. Do you know that a power cycle clears memory blockages, and lags, if any, and makes your device function properly? 

For power cycling your Samsung TV, 

  • Unplug your TV cable while your TV is ON
  • Wait for 30 to 40 seconds
  • Plug your cable back into the power supply
  • Turn ON your Samsung TV
  • Connect the HDMI input

Now check whether your Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI issue is resolved.  

Similarly, you can power cycle your external device. For this, unplug your HDMI device from the power source, and wait for 60 to 70 seconds. At last, reconnect the plug to the power source again. Turn ON your Samsung TV and check if you can hear any sound from the TV. 

Get Support 

If all these methods fail and you are facing Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI issues till now, seek help from the Samsung support center. You can book a service appointment for your Samsung TV. 

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Why Won’t My Samsung TV Recognize HDMI?

Before we dive into resolving the Samsung smart TV not recognizing HDMI issue, we must know why won’t my Samsung TV recognize HDMI. A Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI may be because of many factors. Sometimes we overlook or, at times, we don’t even find that leads the issue to be unsolved! 

But let me share some reasons for your Samsung smart TV not recognizing HDMI so you can quickly identify the root cause. 

Damaged HDMI Cables

One possibility that you always check first is whether the HDMI cables are properly connected or if there are any loose connections in the ports. Sometimes the wires are not even functional, and we may not have noticed it. In this case, you have to buy a new cable. 

An Issue With The HDMI Ports

The ports where you insert the HDMI cables may be clogged with dust, dirt, or other fine particles that make the ports malfunction. 

Fault In The Source 

Also, there will be problems with the source devices. Hence make sure to opt for a combination of sources to know the root cause of Samsung smart TV not recognizing HDMI. 

Ports Are Broken 

If the above reasons are not behind your problem, the ports may have a technical fault. And this requires a professional or a technician to solve. 

To Conclude, Samsung TV Not Connecting To HDMI

Waiting for a technician to solve your problem with your TV or any other electronic item can be time-consuming or sometimes annoying. On the other side, knowing or learning to fix a simple issue yourself is always appreciable and a quick step. In that way, the solutions mentioned above are common to all Samsung TV models, and we hope these are enough to resolve the Samsung TV not connecting to HDMI issue. 

Furthermore, we recommend you clean the TV regularly and use a voltage stabilizer to minimize damage due to power fluctuations. By doing this, you can avoid many issues with the TV.

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