Samsung TV Keeps Restarting

How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting?

Are you experiencing your Samsung TV keeps restarting itself?

Don’t worry. This post will discuss why Samsung TV keeps turning off sometimes and how to fix this Samsung TV that keeps restarting issue. 

Check Your Cables

Before getting deep into the problem of Samsung TV Keeps Restarting, firstly, you have to check whether the cables connected to the back of your Samsung TV are bent, loose, or damaged.

If they are, unplug and secure them properly once. Also, if there is any dust, remove them and keep your cables and wires clean all the time. 

Likewise, remember that you should always use high-quality HDMI cables for your TV. Remove unused streaming or sound device connections from the TV.  

Clear Software Glitches

The Samsung TV always receives updates by making the TV’s software free from bugs and errors. Moreover, if you keep the software up to date, you can be free from issues like Samsung TV Keeps Restarting. 

Here are the steps to update your software; 

  • Head towards the Settings
Settings on Samsung TV 7
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 12
  • Choose Support
Support on Samsung TV 12
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 13
  • Then select Software Update.
software update on samsung TV 10
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 14
  • Select Auto Update and select the option ON. 
update now on samsung TV 9
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 15

The TV will install the updates, and your issue will be resolved now. 

Power Cycle Your TV.

A simple power cycling of your Samsung smart TV helps reinitialize a few configuration settings and simultaneously recovers the TV from unresponsive conditions. 

Go with this procedure to learn,

How To Power Cycle Your Samsung TV?

  • Unplug your TV from the powers source attached to the wall
Disconnect the power cable of your TV 1
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 16
  • Wait for a minute or two
  • Now Plug the cable again
Connect the power cable of your TV back 1
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 17

We hope this fix may help your Samsung TV. 

Replace The Motherboard

Sometimes the defect in the motherboard could be the culprit for Samsung TV keeps restarting issue. 

The TV restarts because the microchips in the motherboard have been damaged and stopped working, causing your Samsung smart TV to turn ON and off.

We have two ways to fix this, and they are; 

  • Repairing the motherboard may be affordable, but it requires a professional. 
  • Replacing the motherboard may look expensive, but it will be worth it in the long term.
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Anyhow you will be lucky if you have a warranty period. 

Factory Reset Your TV

A factory reset will help you reset all the settings and erase everything that makes your TV turn off. 

Hence, if your Samsung TV keeps restarting, you can use this trick to get out of the issue.

  • Go to Settings on your Samsung TV 
Settings on Samsung TV 8
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 18
  • Choose General 
general on samsung TV 14
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 19
  • Here choose Reset
reset on samsung TV 8
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 20
  • you are prompted to enter the PIN if you have set yours
PIN on samsung tv 8
How To Fix If Samsung TV Keeps Restarting? 21
  • Right, wait for the reset process now!

Reset Your Smart Hub

Some users experience this Samsung TV keeps turning off problem after receiving an update to the smart hub. If you are one among them, make use of this step.

  • Urge toward the Smart Hub.
  • Choose Smart Hub Reset.
  • Now click on “Reset the Smart Hub.”
  • And finally, you will be prompted to enter the PIN.

It is similar to a reset process; everything will be erased. So you have to install them again. 

Check Your Network Settings.

Suppose your TV is updating automatically, and you do not have not a sufficient or poor network connection. This can automatically lead your Samsung TV to shut down and restart again.

Hence try to use a good network connection. 

Use A Sensor

There are times when the sensor in the TV may be defective, and there is a probability that this may be why Samsung TV keeps turning off.

So stick some electrical tape over that sensor and check whether your TV stops turning off. 

Troubleshoot Anynet+

Anynet+ is one of the features of Samsung TV and is claimed to be causing a few issues for users.

In case you have turned it ON, make sure to follow the steps below;

  • Take your Samsung TV remote and press Home 
  • Choose the option Settings
  • Next, choose General and select the option External Device Manager.
  • Choose Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
  • Finally, press Enter 

Now the feature will be turned OFF if it is ON on your TV. 

Why Does Your Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off?

TV May Be Experiencing Overheat

It gets overheated if you continuously use your Samsung TV or any other brand for long hours. And as a result, the Samsung TV keeps restarting itself, or the Samsung TV wont turn ON to escape overheating. 

Overheating is always wrong, and your Samsung TV also starts overheating because of the high values in video settings.

So you can reduce your video settings’ values (brightness, contrasts, color, sharpness). 

Defect In The Surge Protector

We all know that the surge protector is an electronic device that helps to prevent power disruption from lightning and storms.

But if your Samsung TV is connected to a defective surge protector, the TV will not perform well, and that is why Samsung TV keeps turning off.  

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However, a simple test can confirm whether this is the reason. Connect your Samsung TV to another power source and check whether your TV turns off or not! You will get an idea now. 

Old Or Outdated Software  

Are you aware that the software on the TV is up to date or too old? 

Some people did not even notice it and used their TV with outdated software.

In general, you should set your Samsung TV software to be automatically updated.

If you did not put that, check that and update your software immediately. 

Does It Need A Recalibration? 

Samsung TV needs a recalibration to adjust the settings for effective functioning, so Samsung TV keeps restarting itself.

Furthermore, you can fix this Samsung TV Keeps Restarting using a soft reset. 

Check Your Timer Settings.

If you recently modified the settings or set any wrong settings without your knowledge, it may cause your TV to turn off. However, we could not be sure that this was the reason.

But you can check this and reset the settings again

Are There Any Errors In Eco-Solution Settings? 

I have come across many Samsung TVs that come with eco-solution settings.

Did you check whether you have turned it ON without your knowledge? 

Also, turning it ON will turn the TV off when there are no inputs or not in use to save power. This may be one of the possibilities why Samsung TV keeps turning off. 

Are There Any Faults In The Connection? 

I think improper connections may be one of the common and important reasons why your Samsung TV may turn off. 

If you have connected your Samsung TV to an uncertified HDMI cable, it might make your TV’s screen appear black because of the improper connection. Hence always use a certified HDMI cable while connecting to the TV. 

If your Samsung TV is connected to external gaming consoles, and when the gaming console turns off immediately, it may be a reason why Samsung TV keeps turning off.

So turn off them properly and connect them again with care. 

Suppose you have not connected your Samsung TV to any other external devices, but it keeps turning off again; then check your settings and sources for the TV. 

The Faulty Motherboard On TV

We all know that motherboard is an essential component in any device. Likewise, a motherboard in the Samsung TV has control of all the operations and processing.

So a defective circuit board or motherboard will make your Samsung TV restart loop. 

Even though this may be a rare reason, you cannot resolve it without technical knowledge. So if this is your case, get help from the professional Samsung service center. 

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Errors In Your TV Remote

The heading may feel funny, right!?

However, this may be one of our office’s most common reasons for Samsung TV Keeps Restarting.

Yes, a few people place their TV remotes on the couch and, without their knowledge, sit on them after some time.

As a result, they control the TV accidentally, and why Samsung TV keeps turning off sometimes. 

Mistakes In The Capacitor 

Suppose you have a faulty capacitor that does not send the proper power supply; your TV may turn off. (The capacitor is a device that helps supply power for the Samsung TV.)

In this case, you can change the capacitor with high efficiency or look for a new and good capacitor with the help of a technical assistant. 

Check For A Virus

Smart TVs, as we use them for internet browsing, are easily prone to viruses. And the brand Samsung has recommended its customers scan for viruses and malware attacks once or twice a month to avoid issues like Samsung TV Keeps Restarting. 

Power Source

Lastly, always ensure that your Samsung TV is getting enough power supply. Suppose it is not. Connect with another power source.  

The Bottom Line Of Samsung TV Keeps Restarting

The Samsung TV keeps restarting issue may make you get into panic mode. And you may be struggling and thinking about why Samsung TV keeps turning off.

But my dear, don’t get upset! Try these fixes, and make your Samsung TV work like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Samsung TV keep on restarting?

Here are some of the most possible and crucial causes for Samsung TV restarting, 
Improper power supply
Poor or unstable network connection
Blown-out capacitor or internal components
Too much heat due to over usage or accumulation of dust and dirt on the vents
Software bugs or outdated firmware 
Damages in the backlight 
Issues in the motherboard

How do you reset a QLED Samsung TV?

Head to settings
Click on general
Choose Reset
Enter your PIN for the QLED Samsung TV (it is 0000 by default unless you have changed it)
Finally, tap on Reset.

How to fix my Samsung TV that keeps restarting every 5 seconds?

Note that if you have any power fluctuations
Try power cycling your Samsung TV
Remove all your external devices and check if it stops restarting
Track if you have any pending software updates
Inspect all your cable connections
Check for any damages in the backlight
Try resetting your Samsung TV
Inspect your motherboard
Contact the Samsung support center

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