Samsung TV eARC Not Working

How To Fix If Samsung TV eARC Not Working?

Having experienced the exasperation of a Samsung TV eARC not working, I know the frustration it can bring. 

Furthermore, it is common for individuals to encounter additional eARC complications, such as synchronization discrepancies, audio disturbances, and signal interruptions.

If you find yourself exhausted from dealing with a Samsung TV eARC not working correctly and seeking remedies to resolve this matter, then this article is intended for you.

Troubleshooting eARC Connection:

Ensure that any external devices connected to your Samsung TV have CEC enabled. 

If CEC is enabled, it may be one of the reasons why your Samsung TV eARC is not working correctly.

In addition, using a universal remote for your Samsung TV may cause delays when turning on devices, affecting eARC connections. 

Using the original remote for your Samsung TV is recommended to avoid such issues.

To set up an eARC connection on your Samsung TV and resolve the Samsung TV eARC not working issue, follow these instructions:

To troubleshoot your Samsung TV eARC connection, ensure the CEC function or HDMI control is turned OFF on all connected devices, such as Sky Q, Xbox, PS5, and others. 

Verify that CEC is disabled on each device to avoid any conflicts.

Next, disconnect all external devices from your TV and soundbar. Then reset your soundbar using the below instructions.

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While setting up your Samsung TV, connect all devices to the TV but not the soundbar. 

During this step, the smart TV will automatically set eARC to OFF. Do not turn ON eARC manually after setup.

Delete all sources from the sources and settings of your universal remote and avoid using them during this process. Turn OFF all inputs, including HDMI and the soundbar.

Now, turn ON the eARC in the Samsung TV menu and then turn ON the soundbar if it doesn’t turn ON automatically.

Finally, turn ON your Xbox or PS5 and manually change the input using the Samsung remote. In the Samsung sound settings, select the inputs and choose the “passthrough” option. 

Following these steps, you can establish a stable eARC connection on your Samsung TV and enjoy high-quality audio.

If the above steps did not resolve the issue of Samsung TV eARC not working, here are some additional troubleshooting techniques you can try.

Reset The Settings On Your Soundbar:

If you are unsure about the procedure to reset the settings on your soundbar, follow these detailed steps:

  • Power OFF your Samsung TV and the soundbar.
Reset soundbar on Samsung TV
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds until the display shows “INIT.”
INT on soundbar for Samsung TV
  • Turn ON both the Samsung TV and the soundbar.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your Samsung TV.
select settings on samsung TV 38
  • Select “Sound Output” and choose the soundbar as the preferred output.
sound settings on Samsung TV 1
  • The TV will prompt you to confirm whether you want to use the default audio settings on the soundbar and set it as the primary output.
  • Additionally, ensure that the input and output plugs on the TV are compatible with the soundbar.
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Check Your HDMI Cables:

In some cases, the problem of “Samsung TV eARC not working” may be attributed to poorly connected HDMI cables. 

Ensure you have securely connected the HDMI cable at both ends (i.e., on the TV and the audio system).

Additionally, to prevent compatibility issues, it is recommended that you use HDMI 2.1 cables or higher versions.

HDMI cables for Samsung TV

Furthermore, examine the HDMI cables closely for any indications of damage. 

Even small cracks or damages on the cable can disrupt the audio transmission, so it is imperative to replace the HDMI cables if any damage is detected.

Check Your Samsung TV Settings:

Ensure that the eARC feature is enabled on your Samsung Smart TV. To confirm this, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings.”
Settings on Samsung TV 15
  • Select “General.”
general on samsung TV 25
  • Choose “External Device Manager.”
External Device Manager on Samsung TV
  • Enable “Anynet+ (HDMI CEC).”
Anynet on Samsung TV

Alternatively, it is possible that your audio system does not support eARC. Therefore, check the specifications of your audio system to verify if it supports eARC.

Update Your Samsung TV Firmware:

An underlying cause for your Samsung TV eARC not working or Samsung TV Volume Keeps Going Down could be outdated firmware. 

This outdated firmware may result in compatibility issues with newly connected devices, thus hindering the proper operation of your Samsung TV eARC.

  • To address this issue, navigate to the Support or Settings section on your Samsung TV.
Support on Samsung TV 23
  • Click on Software Update. 
software update on samsung TV 22
  • Tap on Update Now
update now on samsung TV 19

If there are any pending updates, promptly download and install them to ensure that your TV’s firmware is up to date.

updating samsung TV 7

Factory Reset Your Samsung TV:

If the previously mentioned solutions fail to resolve the issue of Samsung TV eARC not working, a complete reset of your TV may be necessary. 

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This process erases all stored data and preferences, returning your Samsung TV to its factory version. Subsequently, you will have to set up your smart TV again.

Follow these simple steps to reset your Samsung smart TV:

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
select settings on samsung TV 37
  • Select “General.”
general on samsung TV 26
  • Tap on “Reset.”
reset on samsung TV 18
  • Enter the PIN provided in the dialog box.
PIN on samsung tv 18
  • Confirm the Reset process.
resetting process on Samsung TV 9
  • Your TV will restart after the resetting process is completed.
  • Once your TV turns on, reconnect to your soundbar or receiver and Wi-Fi. 
samsung TV turned ON 3
  • Then check if you have resolved the Samsung TV eARC not working issue.

Final Thoughts On Samsung TV eARC Not Working

If you are experiencing an absence of audio on your Samsung TV or encountering Samsung TV eARC not working specifically, there is no need to panic. 

The solutions mentioned above have proven to be effective for a vast majority of Samsung TV users. 

Therefore, approach each solution with patience and diligence, and soon enough, you can once again relish the exceptional sound experience offered by your Samsung TV.

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