Samsung TV Black Screen

How To Fix Samsung TV Black Screen?

There is no disagreement that Samsung TVs are the best globally, and they also come in various designs and prices, like your Apple TV or Fire TV. But in a few cases, the users experience a Samsung TV black screen and think this is not fixable.

The Samsung TV black screen may seem challenging, but once you go through this article, you will learn how to fix it even in minutes. 

Here are the steps on how to fix Samsung TV black screen. 

Check Your Cable Connection

Ensure that the cable connections between the external devices, Samsung smart TV, power cord, and power source are proper. By doing so, you can be sure that there is no Samsung TV black screen because of this.

Please unplug all the cables and plug them back in again without any loose connections. 

Moreover, check that the HDMI port, HDMI cable, and coax cables are in good condition and have no faults. If you observe a damaged or broken line, replace them immediately and check whether the Samsung TV black screen issue is resolved.

You can also switch from one HDMI port to another to check whether the Samsung smart TV is functioning well. 

Cross-check Your Sources 

Check if the Samsung TV black screen issue is due to external sources. For this, you can use the remote to press the menu key.

If the menu appears on the Samsung smart TV screen, you can be sure that the TV is in a good state. And the issue exists because of the sources.

Besides, the sources causing the Samsung TV black screen issue may be SAT box, Cable box, DVD player, or others. 

Hence, double-check the sources (like a cable box) to see whether they are performing well.

Furthermore, turn off all the sources and then turn them on after some time as this may eliminate the temporary faults present and solve Samsung TV black screen. 

Still, if your Samsung TV black screen exists, try connecting to another source with the Samsung Television and test now.

Sometimes this might seem like a simple solution, but it will resolve the Samsung TV screen going black, but the sound still works issue.  

Update Your TV’s Firmware 

Staying up to date with the TV firmware of your Samsung TV not only helps you enjoy the most features of your TV but also solves many issues. Similarly, updating your TV firmware may resolve the Samsung TV black screen issue. 

Hence here are the instructions.

menu button on Samsung TV 1
  • Press the Menu button on your remote control
  • Head towards Settings
choose settings on samsung TV 1
  • Then select Support
choose support on samsung TV 1
  • Choose the option Software Update
software update on samsung TV
  • Click on Update Now
update now on samsung TV 1

Your Samsung will perform the update process, and the new features will be installed on your TV.

Once the update process is over, the Samsung TV will restart automatically, and you will find the “Samsung TV screen goes black, but the sound still works” issue fixed. 

Furthermore, you can also download apps (for example, a Netflix app) from your smart hub on Samsung TV.

We are assuming that you know about Samsung smart hub feature. Reset Smart Hub if you are a new user.

Turn The Sleep Timer/ Power Saver OFF

Turning OFF the sleep timer or power saver is a critical fix, but most of us will forget about this.

Sometimes you accidentally turn ON the sleep timer or energy-saving mode on your Samsung TV. The sleep timer function will automatically turn OFF your TV after your set period.

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Maybe this could be the reason why Samsung TV black screen. 

Therefore, you must double-check that this feature is turned OFF to solve your Samsung TV turns on and off repeatedly black screen problem.

Follow the steps below; 

  • Press the “Menu button” on your remote control
  • Choose System
  • Select the option Time
  • Choose “Sleep Timer” on your Samsung smart TV.
  • Make sure to turn it OFF

Following are the steps to turn OFF the power-saving mode

  • Press the Menu button on the remote
menu button on Samsung TV 2
  • Head towards the option Settings
select settings on samsung TV 1
  • Select Energy-saving mode & Auto Power Saving
  • Ensure to turn it OFF.

If this solution for Samsung TV turns on and off repeatedly black screen does not work, don’t lose hope. Proceed to the next one. 

Reset The Samsung Television

Resetting will clear all the device settings, erase everything, and, most importantly, eliminate all the bugs in the TV.

So it is expected that knowing how to reset Samsung TV with a black screen will also fix your Samsung TV’s black screen. 

When all the above solutions do not solve the Samsung TV black screen, this is your last choice other than consulting a professional.

How To Reset Samsung TV With Black Screen?

  • Press the Menu button on the remote
menu button on Samsung TV
  • Select “Settings”
select settings on samsung TV
  • Head toward the option General
general on samsung TV
  • Choose the option Reset
reset on samsung TV
  • You will be prompted to type the PIN. 
PIN on samsung tv
  • If you have changed your PIN, then enter that new PIN 
  • Or else the old PIN will be 0000 by default
  • The Samsung TV will go through the reset process and restart after the successful reset.
resetting process on Samsung TV
  • Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Samsung TV

After this, you will see your Samsung TV black screen resolved. If not, it is time to consider a technician. 

How To Fix Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death?

Suppose you face a Samsung TV black screen of death issue; you must reset it. However, if the reset process does not help you, try the solutions below, as the problem may be due to a hardware issue. 

An Issue With The TVs Backlight

If your Samsung TV is ON but cannot see any pictures on the screen, the problem might be because of the LED power strips. To troubleshoot this, 

  • Switch ON your TV
  • Take a flashlight and show it close to your TV’s screen.

Here you can use the flashlight from your Samsung phone or torch light.

Also, the second tip here is to turn OFF all the lights in the room. If your screen works, you will observe a dim image on the Samsung TV.

Next, use your Samsung TV remote to check whether the TV responds to the commands. 

Move the flashlight or Samsung phone light around the screen to check for traces of the user interface. If you hear any audio, there will be a possibility to observe an image too.

If you see the picture, it indicates no problem with the mainboard and T CON.

Alternatively, the problem may lie with your LED backlights in the TV. 

Replace The LED Backlights On Your Samsung TV

The backlights usually come with a strip of LED lights. If any strips get damaged or broken, the entire light strip won’t work. But don’t worry. 

It is dead easy to replace the strip rather than repair the strip of lights.

You can order a set of TV backlight LED strips for your model. But make sure to appoint a Samsung technician or TV repair professional, and you should not take the task into your hand. 

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We mean this because replacing the LED strip is a bit of a challenging task as it has a lot of screws; likewise, you have to disassemble the bezels. Moreover, the glass panel must be removed, which is weak and expensive. 

Replace Your T-CON Board 

Replacing the T CON board on your TV is much easier than replacing the LED lights. You have to remove the rear panel in the TV, unplug the cables on the T CON board, remove the screws, and place the new one in the given location. 

Suppose you cannot observe any image even if the light is shining on the screen, then the Samsung TV’s black screen of death may be because of the damaged T-CON board. 

Do you know that the T CON board on the TV plays a significant role in creating images on the TV screen? So when you find a problem with it, don’t delay replacing it;

Added that the process is simple. You can get your T-CON boards online by searching for your TV model. Moreover, the T CON boards are relatively inexpensive; they lie under $100 only. 

How To Resolve Samsung TV Black Screen With Sound No Menu?

If you have your Samsung TV black screen with sound and no menu, then you can try resetting the TV. 

  • Unplug your TV (power cable) from the power source.
Disconnect the power cable of your samsung TV 1
  • Wait for a minute or two.
Press the power button on your samsung TV remote 2
  • When your Samsung TV is unplugged, press & hold the “Power button” for 30 seconds.
  • Once you reach 60 seconds, plug your TV (power cable) back into the power source.
Connect the power cable of your samsung TV back 3

However, you can try a few other fixes to resolve the Samsung TV black screen with sound and no menu. 

  • Power cycle or resetting the TV – unplugging the TV from the wall outlet is one of the most important solutions to get your TV regular. The critical fact here is to wait 60 seconds before plugging the TV back. 
  • Ensure that your Samsung TV is not in energy-saving mode.
  • Double-check your HDMI connections that the cables (including HDMI cable & HDMI port) and wires are fine and working correctly.
  • Inspect your backlights in the Samsung TV for damages
  • Examine your Samsung TV screen.

Note that the Samsung TV screen goes black but can still hear sound is similar to the issue Samsung TV black screen with sound and no menu.

So you can try the above fixes for the Samsung TV screen going black but can still hear the sound issue. 

How To Fix Samsung TV Half-Black Screen?

If you are wondering how to fix Samsung TV half black screen, then without any further delay, you have to restart the TV.

Usually, a black patch or bar on your Samsung TV is due to signal inconsistency.

The quick solution for the problem is to restart or reboot the TV and follow the on-screen instructions.

Also, we suggest you remove unnecessary external devices (like home theater) if not in use.

Suppose this step does not work for you. You must use a diagnostic tool in the settings to track the exact problem. 

If you have tried the above solutions and the Samsung TV half-black screen issue persists, you should try updating the software.

Besides, you have to remove two to three ribbon cables.

Positively you can replace the T CON components and the main board quickly, and for more help, you can contact Samsung support. Once you have done all these, your issue should be fixed. 

Reasons – Samsung TV Black Screen Red Light Flashing

If your Samsung TV has a black screen red light flashing, this represents the problem of having an inadequate power supply (which you can also experience in Apple TV or Fire TV).

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So you have to replace which costs around $250. 

Here are other reasons for your Samsung TV black screen red light flashing.  

  • Improper power supply – This may be due to electric shocks
  • HDMI glitches – There are a few cases in which the gaming consoles may cause a Samsung TV black screen red light flash, mainly when you shut off the console directly without changing the HDMI input source. 
  • Failed surge protector – As the surge protector has been connected to the AC outlets, it may cause problems that affect the TV.
  • Choosing wrong sources – This is a typical mistake made by ourselves. That is, you have connected your TV to the wrong power source, or the source is not connected to the TV correctly.

Reasons & Solutions – Samsung TV Flickering Black Screen

The Samsung TV flickering black screen may occur if the cables are broken, connections are improper, and connecting ports are damaged.

Additionally, you will note the Samsung TV flickering black screen because of electrical interference

If your Samsung TV is flickering, you must reset your TV. And the steps to reset your Samsung TV are already mentioned above. Besides, you can contact Samsung support.

Reasons & SolutionsBlack Line On TV Screen Samsung

We understand how annoying seeing a black line on a Samsung TV screen will be.

This black line on your TV screen may appear in different formats, like vertical or horizontal lines

The reasons and solutions for the black line on TV screen Samsung are 

Failure In The Mainboard Of Your Samsung TV

The solution would be to repair the power board or replace it with a new one.

Malfunctioning Circuits

Replace the damaged or defective IC, and ensure the ICs are appropriately placed or do not overheat the OLED TV because of electrical surges.

Faults In Buffer Board

Buy a new buffer board, reseat the ribbon cables, or replace the damaged ribbon cables.

Defects In The Screen

Double-check that the OLED TV screen is getting the correct power supply, repair the broken screen, or check that the connections are neat.

Damaged Processing Board & Poor Connections In The TV Panel

Replace the damaged electrodes or inspect the LCD panels or tighten the connectors. 

Concluding The Samsung TV Black Screen

We hope this detailed post about your Samsung TV’s black screen and how to fix the black screen issue helps you restore your Samsung TV. If the problem persists still, contact Samsung service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when your TV turns on but the screen is black?

If you observe your TV turns on, but the screen is black, do these;
Check all your cable connections, including the HDMI input source
Check whether the timer settings are turned ON or OFF
Ensure that the input settings are configured properly 
Perform a power cycle on your Samsung TV
Update your software 
Inspect the T CON board 
Factory reset your TV

What causes the Samsung black screen of death?

Several reasons, such as hardware failure, software error, irregular power supply, faulty HDMI connections, weak signals, etc., can cause Samsung’s black screen of death. However, a simple power cycle or factory reset can fix the Samsung black screen of death issue. 

How to reset Samsung TV with a black screen without a remote?

Below are the instructions for resetting a Samsung TV with a black screen without a remote, 
Press the power button on the Samsung device to turn it ON
Press & hold the exit key for about 12 seconds
The standby light on your Samsung TV will flash continuously without any interruption.
Now there will be an option to factory reset the Samsung TV
Click on OK at last. 
As a result, you can reset the Samsung device with a black screen. 

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