Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

How To Fix Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV?

Whether you like to watch a web series or are willing to enjoy a theatrical film, both of those categories are streaming exclusively on peacock. But are you like one of those who experienced a peacock not working on Vizio TV? 

Even though peacock is one of the famous streaming services, recently, there have been a few issues while using it and one such case we heard about a lot nowadays is peacock not working on Vizio TV. Hence we decided to put on a dedicated post here about the issue “peacock not working on Vizio TV” and how to troubleshoot it yourself. 

But before that, if you are not aware, Peacock is a premium online streaming service by NBC Universal, offering a wide range of movies, web series, and TV shows. 

1. Issues In The Internet Connection

Peacock TV usually needs a minimum of 3 Mbps to stream a standard quality. Your peacock not working on Vizio TV may be because of an unstable or slow internet connection. Hence, you must ensure that you have these qualities to stream content on your peacock TV. 

First and foremost, visit an online website to check the internet speed of the network you are using. If it is found to be slow or not working at all, then follow the below procedure. 

Restart Your Router

  • Disconnect your router from the wall power socket.
  • Wait for atleast 10 minutes.
  • Then turn ON your wifi router and check whether you are getting a stable and high-speed internet connection!
  • As well as inspect whether you have resolved the peacock not working on Vizio TV issue. 

Connect Your TV Using An Ethernet Cable

Suppose you are facing this peacock not working on Vizio TV issue repeatedly, then try using an ethernet cable to get a stable and good quality internet connection. Once you switch over to the ethernet cable, check if your issue is fixed. 

Switch To A New Position

Usually, you will have only a slow connection if your router is placed in the wrong place or the place which is far away from your Vizio TV. So move your router closer to the Vizio TV and check if the problem has disappeared! 

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Still, if your internet is not working correctly, you should contact the internet service provider for further assistance. 

2. Issues In The Cache

Often the peacock app not working on Vizio TV due to the cache and data present. Therefore you must clear up the peacock TV’s cache and data to get your streaming service back to normal. 

step by step guide on fixing Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

How To Clear The Cache? 

  • Navigate to your Vizio TV settings.
  • Search for the apps
  • Here choose the peacock app
  • Clear cache and data
  • Then launch the app and log in

Now you will find that your peacock streaming service will work like a pro again! 

3. Issues In The Peacock App

You can uninstall the application on your Vizio TV if the above solution does not work for you without any second thought. Removing the app will eliminate any glitches that stop the app from running or blocking you from accessing the app. 

Then after some time, reinstall the app on your Vizio TV. Remember that you are required to sign in again to your peacock account. So take note of your credentials. 

On the bright side, you can fix your issue by restarting the peacock app. In such a situation, there is no need to uninstall and reinstall the app on your TV. 

Furthermore, restarting the peacock app flushed out any corrupted or bad data in the app and restored things to working condition. 

4. Issues Related To Software And Others

In general, power cycling any device helps in fixing numerous issues like Vizio TV black screen, and Vizio TV won’t turn ON. Hence we hope that power cycling your Vizio TV helps resolve if there are any issues related to crashing, buffering, black screen, software glitches, loading, and so on. 

Suppose your peacock app not working on Vizio TV even after trying the above one, don’t be stressed; try this one! 

How To Power Cycle Your Vizio TV?

  • Close the peacock TV app on your Vizio TV.
  • Press & hold the power button on the TV for 20 to 25 seconds
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes 
  • Now turn ON your Vizio TV

Then launch the peacock app and note whether the problem is fixed. 

Alternatively, you can also restart your Vizio TV, and both of these methods do the same processes. Follow the instructions below;

  • Exit the peacock TV app from your Vizio TV
  • Restart your Vizio TV
  • Wait for the screen to appear
  • Launch the peacock app, and check how the app works now. 
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5. Issues With The Vizio TV

Watching the peacock TV on a different device might work if your peacock app not working on Vizio TV, but this is rare. For instance, if you are streaming content on your Vizio TV, try watching it on your tablet to find the real problem. 

If the peacock TV runs smoothly on your tablet, there may be some issues with watching peacock on your Vizio smart TV. 

6. Issues On The Server Side

Suppose you are using the streaming service in the supported country and still facing the peacock not working on Vizio TV and other such errors. Then you should also check the status of the peacock TV’s server. For this, you can use any third-party software or online tools to check the server status. 

Once you note that the peacock server is showing an outage, then the only optin you have is to wait for it to come back. And then, you can enjoy streaming content like before. 

7. Issues With The Multiple Logins

Peacock TV gives the freedom for the users to create upto 6 different profiles on different devices. However, 3 people from different profiles are streaming content simultaneously, and if you are also trying to stream content, you will undoubtedly face the peacock not working on Vizio TV issue. 

The issue here is because of the maximum streaming occurring parallelly. Also, you can fix this issue by signing out of all accounts from different devices. Now below are the steps to sign out of all devices, 

  • Head toward your account on the peacock TV page
  • Select the devices
  • Click on the sign out all option (which will be available under the other devices section)
  • Again click on sign out all devices.
  • Lastly, log in to your account and check whether the issue is fixed now. 

8. Factory Reset Your TV

If unsatisfied with the above methods discussed, you can use this as your last choice to peacock not working on Vizio TV. But before getting into it, make a copy of your essential data on the Vizio TV, as factory resetting the device will delete all of its contents. 

step by step guide on fixing Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

Once you are done with the factory resetting process, launch the peacock app and test if your peacock app not working on Vizio TV issue is resolved. 

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Does Peacock Streaming Service Available On Your Place?

Peacock is an online streaming platform that needs your location details to function. Currently, the peacock streaming service is accessible only if you are in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, and Italy. 

If you are not within this region, you cannot access the peacock streaming service, and it will no longer be available for your Vizio TV. 

Why Is Peacock Not Working On My TV?

There are more reasons why the users are experiencing their peacock not working on Vizio TV, and here we are going to let you aware so that you can be aware of it while facing it. 

The internet is one of the most common and main culprits “why is peacock not working on my TV” as expected. Sometimes you might have entered the wrong password or username while urging to stream content, or there might be compatibility issues. 

Although this is rare, you have to be taken care of. Due to maintenance activity, there might be outages in specific areas, which is why you might face issues while trying to watch on peacock TV. You can ensure this by heading to the official social media pages of the peacock streaming service. 

You may still need to renew the subscription for the peacock streaming service. Hence always check whether you have updated the subscription details whenever you get an issue. 

You may encounter the peacock not working on Vizio TV due to technical glitches. And sometimes, this may be because of a heavy load on your Vizio TV. Don’t worry. This is common, and your Vizio TV will get back to normal after some time. 

Final Note On Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV Issue

Peacock streaming service is one of the great additions to every smart TV in recent times. On the dark side, some people address peacock not working on Vizio TV and looking for solutions on the internet. So if you are one among them, we hope that the above fixes we curate have helped you resolve the issue. 

However, if everything is out of your control, you should consider getting help from the customer support team if you cannot handle it. Fortunately, the peacock streaming service has a 24/7 support team, so you call whenever you need it! 

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