My Vizio TV Keeps Restarting

How To Fix My Vizio TV Keeps Restarting?

Vizio has changed the US market drastically because of its supreme quality and affordable price ranges. We have been the owner of the Vizio M series for the last few years, and believe me, it is one of the better choices in the market currently. 

However, the brand has come up with challenges, and I found that my Vizio TV keeps restarting one day. I looked up various solutions online on forums, support pages, and websites. After that, I resolved the “my Vizio TV keeps restarting” problem in no time. 

Hence through this guide, I thought of helping other Vizio users, so you will save time searching for Vizio TV keeps rebooting in the future. 

Look At Your Voltage.

One of the primary reasons why you face “My Vizio TV keeps restarting” is because of your device’s voltage fluctuations. It implies that the power from the power supply is unstable; you can examine this by inserting a voltmeter into the power outlet. 

Note the reading and check the extent of fluctuations. If there are more fluctuations, then the irregular voltage is the culprit. To fix this, you should call a technician and change the outlet. In contrast, try plugging in some other ports that must be functional. Besides, you can install a voltage stabilizer between the power supply and the Vizio TV to avoid power damage. 

Inspect All The Cables And Connectors

The condition of the cables and connectors plays a significant role; if any of these are not in proper condition, you may come up with the “My Vizio TV keeps restarting” issue. Bends, poor voltage, frays, and many other factors are responsible for the performance of the power supply. And as a result, it will affect the overall performance of Vizio TV. 

Hence ensure that you thoroughly check both the connectors and cables for any signs of damage. Suppose you find anything malfunctioning; replace the components immediately. Note that the repaired cables will deliver a different transmission quality than the new ones. 

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Damaged Adapter

Still, if you are having the problem of “My Vizio TV keeps restarting,” then there is a possibility that the power adapter is damaged. You can confirm this by attaching a different adapter to power your system. Also, they get damaged over time, and you must replace them. Alternatively, if it is an internal problem, buying a new TV will be the better option. 

Check Whether Any Remote Is Powering The TV.

There might be other Vizio TVs, so there will be other Vizio TV remotes. Your TV might catch infrared signals from other TV remotes if they are placed nearby. This, in turn, could result in “my Vizio TV keeps restarting issue.”

The best remedy is to keep your Vizio TV disconnected from any electrical power sources. 

Update Your TV

If you have had a lot of pending updates since the last time you updated your Vizio TV, you may be facing the issue for this reason.

In this scenario, the Vizio TV will restart after the update and then get into another update causing it to enter the restarting loop. Besides, outdated software can also make you experience Vizio TV black screen. Hence, it is essential to bring your TV to function with the latest software and firmware. 

Cross-check The Sleep Timer Settings.

Vizio TVs consist of sleep timer functions that help the users to turn OFF the TV after some time (set by you) when not in use. The setting makes the TV turn ON and OFF randomly, and so you may be witnessing my Vizio TV keeps restarting. 

Although the sleep timer settings are a useful function that helps you save energy, sometimes it is annoying. So turn OFF this feature as a troubleshooting method. Here is the quick procedure on how to do this; 

  • On the settings menu, click on timers
  • Toggle the sleep time to OFF
  • In the same section, find the auto power OFF option
  • Also, disable the option if you do not want the TV to turn OFF after a period
  • Lastly, restart the TV after applying the changes. 

Now check if your problem, “my Vizio TV keeps restarting,” is fixed.

Disable The CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)

Like other smart TVs in recent times, Vizio comes with a CEC feature that allows the electronic devices connected to the smart TV to turn ON when they are switched ON. Practically it is appreciated to turn ON only one device. CEC features are generally associated with cable boxes, video games, and some of the latest electronic devices on the market. 

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Sometimes disabling the feature might help you eliminate the “my Vizio TV keeps restarting” as the other electronic devices will not be there to switch ON your smart TV when commanded to do so. To turn OFF the function, navigate to the menu, search for CEC, then toggle OFF to disable it. 

Also, always restart your smart TV once you set or apply a change in the settings or configuration. 

Switch OFF The Power Mode

Most Vizio TVs come with a power mode that we may often toggle ON without our knowledge. So you should ensure that you have toggled OFF the power mode in your Vizio TV, and below is a quick guide on it; 

  • Head towards the Vizio TV settings
  • Choose System
  • Click on power mode
  • In this menu, change the power mode to quickstart mode

We hope you fixed your “Vizio tv keeps rebooting.” 

Power Cycle The Vizio TV

Here are the detailed steps on power cycling your TV. 

  • Switch OFF your TV by pressing the power button on the Vizio remote. 
  • Unplug the power cord of your TV from the power socket in the wall
  • Once you power OFF and unplug the TV, press & hold the “power button” for about 5 seconds
  • Connect the power cord back to the wall outlet 
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Now press the power button using Vizio remote to power ON your TV
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Check For Interferences

Even though this is rare, wireless interference from a TV or any wireless device can cause the Vizio TV to show signs of stress. It is a known fact that Vizio TVs face interference problems with a specific model of Panasonic TV. Therefore ensure to have a separation between Vizio TV and any other TV. 

Wireless transmitting devices like Nintendo switch and wifi routers can also create issues on the TVs. So make sure to move the devices far away from the proximity of the Vizio TV. 

Reset Your Vizio TV

Perform the below steps to get your TV back to its original settings, as it worked for many. 

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  • Press the menu button using your Vizio TV remote
  • Highlight the option “system” using the arrow buttons
  • Press the OK button
  • Choose reset and admin
  • Then click on OK
  • Select reset TV to factory defaults
  • Tap on OK
  • Give “0000” as your password if you have not changed the parental password till now.
  • Highlight the option “reset” and click on the OK button
  • Wait for the TV to turn OFF
  • Finally, your TV will turn ON automatically and prompts you to complete the setup process.
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Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Restarting? 

First of all, let me tell you why does my Vizio tv keep restarting; in short,

  • If there is a hardware or software error
  • If there are any manufacturing defects 
  • If there are any external hindrances like a power surge
  • If there are errors in receiving the power supply

Unfortunately, you may experience the issue due to an internal hardware problem indicating a faulty power supply cord or power outlet on the wall. Anyhow there are many possible reasons for this. 

“My Vizio TV keeps restarting issue” might be because of a manufacturing defect. But it is also caused by electricity issues like a shock or surge, over or under voltage fluctuations, etc. 

The Vizio TV keeps rebooting problem is also the result of usual wear and tear; even for the new versions of the Vizio TV, it is the most common. One such rare case would be your Vizio TV getting signals externally from any other remote, which you may miss focusing on.

To Conclude My Vizio TV Keeps Restarting Issue

Well, if you have tried all the possible fixes mentioned above but still having the problem “My Vizio TV keeps restarting,” then we suggest you contact the support team. 

You can contact them and tell them about the Vizio tv keeps rebooting issue, as they can only come up with a solution. Also, send a direct message to the official Twitter handle of the Vizio support team describing the issue. 

Feel free to experiment with your Vizio TV and note what works for you better. Happy streaming! 

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