My TCL TV Not Responding To Remote

How To Fix My TCL TV Not Responding To Remote?

Do you want to know why, or are you looking for any solutions to “my TCL TV not responding to remote”? Then congratulations, as you are in the right place. 

TCL is one of the most demanded television brands in the market nowadays. Even though the brand offers many advantages, users started facing issues with the remote (TCL users discussing the issue). The “my TCL TV not responding to remote” problem might be because of the poor battery, physical damage, obstructions, and many other reasons. 

Hence if you are facing “my TCL TV not responding to remote,” there is no need to tolerate or surf for a new remote. We strongly suggest you try the solutions mentioned below before deciding. Let us get in. 

The TCL technology has released various TV models to suit the taste of different customers and entertainment needs. Therefore, here are the fixes for your “my TCL TV not responding to remote” problem, irrespective of which the TCL TV remote is. 

Inspect Your Remote Control

Before heading into other resolving techniques or complicated methods to solve my TCL TV not responding to the remote, check whether the remote you use is working. Besides, ensure you are using the original remote offered by the TCL company while purchasing the TV. 

Once you have checked these with your remote, let us jump into the others. 

Clear Out All Your Obstructions

The TCL TV remote responds to your smart TV with the help of Bluetooth technology or infrared. Hence it becomes challenging or sometimes even impossible to respond to the remote when there are obstructions between your TCL TV and the remote. 

Some of the common obstructions are 

  • The placement of any physical objects in the way of infrared or Bluetooth signals from the remote
  • Invisible interference coming from the wireless devices around the surroundings

Therefore you must ensure that these objects are taken away from the way and check if your “my TCL TV not responding to remote” is fixed. 

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Release If The Buttons Are Stuck

Dust and dirt build-up in the remote buttons depending on the location and how often you use the TCL TV remote. As a result, you will encounter TCL TV not responding to remote. 

Moreover, the function will not respond on your TCL TV despite successfully pressing the buttons. And all you have to do is push the specific buttons two or more times till they get soft and free from deposits. Also, try using those buttons from a reasonable distance from the TV. We guess you could get a response from your TV now. 

Check Your Batteries

Batteries in the remote are the first suspects regarding TCL TV not responding to remote. 

Always ensure that the batteries are perfectly fit or well placed in their respective compartments. This is because there are many possibilities that the kids have taken the remote, changed the alignment of polarities, or any other mishandling when you are not around. Therefore reset your battery once and check whether it works now. 

Most of the time, there will be no indicators or signs of damage to alert us when the batteries in the TCL TV remote get weakened or exhausted. But sometimes, simply replacing the batteries might be the best solution in those cases. Therefore we recommend you replace the batteries at regular intervals. Furthermore, make sure you buy the batteries from a reputed online and offline store. 

Removing and reinserting the batteries after some time will be a good reset for your TCL TV remote. Doing this also helps you get your remote back to condition with full-fledged capacity. During this time, you can turn off and unplug the power cable from your TV. 

Next, check if there is any corrosion in your battery compartment. Corrosion occurs due to battery leakage and if you find such things on your remote, try scraping the corroded surface using a metallic object. While doing this, handle it softly to avoid any damage. 

Restart Your TCL Device

One of the essential methods to eliminate any problem is to restart your smart TV. Doing this will resolve many issues like slow responses, TCL TV black screen, nonresponsive remote, or even app crashing. So please restart your TCL TV and check whether your TCL TV not responding to remote has been fixed. 

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Get Closer To Your TCL TV.

Did you know that the distance between the TCL TV and the remote plays a vital role while operating it? Hence be sure to have a 10 feet distance from your TCL TV while using your remote to manage the TV. Furthermore, while trying to control your TV, try out different angles and distances by pointing the remote toward the sensor of your TCL TV. 

Do An Infrared Emitter Test.

If you have the latest TCL TV remote, you can conduct an infrared emitter test to determine the health condition of your remote. So that you can find the root cause of my TCL TV not responding to remote, remember that this test should take place in a dark room. 

To conduct this infrared test, 

  • Have a camera – it can be either a mobile phone or a handheld camera, but it should be in selfie mode. 
  • Hold your TCL TV remote pointing towards the lens of your camera (which you have)
  • Press and hold the power button on your remote while looking into the camera

If your TCL TV remote is in good condition, you will notice a purple light flashing on the camera display.   

Reprogramming Your TCL TV Remote

Opt for reprogramming your remote with the TCL TV. For this, press and hold the home and OK buttons on the remote simultaneously. The repairing process will automatically start. 

Update Your TCL TV

To resolve your my TCL TV not responding to remote problem, the other thing you can try with your smart TV is updating. Yes, by updating your smart TV, you can fix the issue, and the steps are as follows; 

  • Tap on the home button
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  • Navigate to settings
  • Choose the option “about TV.”
  • Click on update
  • Check whether there are any pending updates
  • If it is there, download and update your TCL TV immediately
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Then check whether your issue is resolved or not. 

Hard Reset Your TCL TV.

If you face the “my TCL TV not responding to remote” still, try hard resetting the TV, and with this help, you can clear out any corrupted files and data available on the TV. You can do this by heading toward the settings option on your TV. Once you have done this hard reset, you should find your TCL TV responding to the remote control. 

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Contact Your Customer Support.

Even after trying the tricks mentioned above and still if you are facing my TCL TV not responding to the remote, we suggest you get the remote serviced by the support team or buy a new one! Or else you can contact the TCL service center and report your issue. They may help you fix the problem in seconds. 

Why Is My TCL TV Not Responding To Remote?

Like all advanced and smart technologies, TCL TV remotes are also prone to some issues, and one such case is my TCL TV not responding to remote. There are many reasons why my TCL TV not responding to remote, and we address the most important ones below; 

  • Weak or dead batteries – using dying or worn out battery blocks or unable to send the signals from the remote to the TCL TV as they did not have enough charge. 
  • Obstacles on the way – the remote might work well, but the signals won’t because there may be obstacles on the way that blocks the remote signals.
  • Incorrect or no pairing – after buying a TCL TV, you must pair your remote with the TV before you start using it. In most cases, the remote is already paired with the TCL TV. However, it is necessary to check whether your remote is paired.
  • Remote sensor – older TCL TV remotes come with an infrared pointer that uses wifi to navigate between settings and menus. The signals won’t get transmitted if there is any dirt or damage in the pointer and sensor. Hence you will face “my TCL TV not responding to remote”

Bottom Line For “My TCL TV Not Responding To Remote” Issue

In this guide, “my TCL TV not responding to remote,” we have addressed several reasons and the fixes. So try out these and ensure you have implemented them with enough patience and without omitting any steps. 

Moreover, if you have fixed your “my TCL TV not responding to remote” problem with any of our methods, kindly share them in the comment section below.

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