My Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off And On

How To Fix My Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off And On?

Are you experiencing the “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on”? The issue might be because of overheating, driver problems, and sometimes with internal memory. 

We could understand how weird it would be as I, too, had my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on while heading to watch my favorite live show. But don’t get panic or stress, as there are many simple solutions that help you fix the “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on” issue by yourself. 

And in this post, we will cover the causes and the step-by-step troubleshooting methods to guide you through the fixing process. Let us get started.

We hope you would have found the root cause of the problem and so let us dive into the solution part now. 

Power Cycle The Hisense TV

Everyone ignores this step as it might look simpler and ineffective. But don’t do this, as it is an essential step with positive reports for solving the problem. Below are the steps for a power cycle, 

  • Start with plugging the TV cable from the power supply
  • Make sure that you have turned OFF the Hisense TV before unplugging the TV cable
  • Then press & hold the “power button” for about 30 seconds
  • After this time, release the power button and plug the TV cable back into the power slot
  • Turn ON your Hisense TV

Now check whether you have resolved “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on.” The outcome of a power cycle is a fresh device with the cache and unnecessary data wiped off. 

Examine The Cables

Depending on the model of your Hisense TV, you may have covered at the back panel that you can remove. Here we suggest you unplug the cable and then replug them, making sure that you have plugged properly and tightly. Also, this fix has helped many Hisense users in resolving some issues. 

Whether you have the back cover or not, it is good to ensure that all the cables and cords are in proper condition and connected tightly. 

Check For Any Activated Timers.

Like other smart TVs, Hisense TVs also come with timers. And these timers include a “power ON timer” that automatically turns ON the TV at the set time. So there are possibilities that these timers are ON, which must be turned OFF. 

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To turn OFF the timers on your Hisense TV; 

  • Tap on settings on the Hisense remote
  • Then choose system
  • Select power and energy
  • Press power

Ensure that all the timers are OFF and, most importantly, the “power on” timer. Learn How To Fix If Hisense TV Won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 6 Times?

Inspect The Batteries In The Remote

If the above method does not work for you, don’t worry. Here is another easy one. Try taking your remote batteries out! Hold the “power button” on your Hisense remote for 30 seconds with the batteries removed. Once the time is over, place the batteries inside the remote and turn ON the TV. We hope you have fixed your “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on.” 

Suppose the batteries are dead or old. Consider replacing the batteries during the process. Get to know How To Resolve If The Hisense TV Remote Not Working.

Update The TV Software 

Smart TVs generally become a victim of several issues if the software running on the device is not up to date. Hence, to tackle these problems, you must be aware of the OS updates and the current version you are using. 

You are required to check for the latest updates for your Hisense TV model, and sometimes the updates happen automatically. To check updates, 

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  • Click on the settings on your Hisense remote
  • Choose System
  • Select About
  • Click on system update

Then ensure that your TV is up to date. Moreover, below is another method to check your current version of the software running on your Hisense TV. 

  • Click on the settings button on the remote control
  • Choose System
  • Scroll and select the “advance system.”
  • Click on help
  • Select system message

Check Your HDMI-CEC

HDMI Consumer Electronics Control is a feature that helps the connected devices to work together better. With the help of an HDMI-CEC, you can control the DVD using the TV remote. Besides that, the DVD player can access the TV’s input automatically with the help of HDMI-CEC. 

Sometimes, the HDMI devices are automatically set to “turn your TV on and off.” If you are facing “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on,” Hisense TV Black Screen, or if your Hisense TV won’t turn ON, you must check on this! 

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For this, 

  • Tap on the settings button on the remote
  • Head towards the channels and inputs
  • Choose inputs
  • Select HDMI control
  • Disable it or turn it OFF 
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Furthermore, let us check that the TV “auto power on” is disabled. For this, here are the instructions; 

  • Click on the settings button using the remote
  • Go to channels and inputs
  • Select inputs
  • Choose TV auto power on
  • Set this to OFF

Perform A Hard Reset

A hard reset is a factory reset, which is simpler to do in real-time than you think.

So here is a step-by-step procedure to help you; 

  • Tap on the menu button on the Hisense TV
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on OK
  • Scroll and search for storage and reset
  • Here navigate to factory resettings

That’s all but remember that this method removes all the login sessions, account details, and other preferences. Therefore you have to set up everything again to get a complete experience while using the Hisense TV.

But remember that this method is more than enough to resolve “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on. Do you know How To Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture?

Get Help From The Hisense Support Center.

Fine, what to do if none of the above-described methods help you? The only option now is to contact Hisense tech support. Describe the “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on” issue to the team and follow their instructions. Still, if you encounter an issue, the Hisense team will visit you for further assistance. 

Why Does My Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off And On?

“My Hisense TV keeps turning off and on” can happen because of many reasons and so let’s have a closer look at the causes first so that you can identify the root cause of your issue. 


The most common cause of the issue, “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on,” is overheating. Overheating any device can lead to malfunction; most of the time, overheating is because you leave the TV ON for a long period. 

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Another reason for overheating is the blockages in the ventilation system of the TV. If the Hisense TV does not have enough airflow, the heat builds up inside and eventually leads to severe issues. To fix this overheating issue, place your TV in a well-ventilated environment and clean the vents periodically so there is no build-up of dust and dirt. 

Power Supply

Another possible cause of the issue is a faulty or irregular power supply. If you have plugged the TV in with the help of a power strip, check whether it is turned ON, Or else try plugging the TV into different power sockets. 

Moreover, check for any loose connections and if you have plugged the TV into a direct outlet, ensure that it works fine by checking with other appliances. 

Outdated Driver 

If you have an older Hisense TV, then it is time to update your drivers and the software. The TV driver gets corrupted over time and might make you experience “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on.” 

Therefore you need to update the driver or reinstall them immediately. You can check the official websites for further details. Once installed, turn ON the Hisense TV and check whether you have gotten rid of the problem. 

Hardware Issues

If you have tried all the possibilities above, there are cases with a hardware problem with the TV itself. In this situation, you must check the warranty of your TV, and if it still exists, register a complaint. 

If the warranty does not exist, take your TV to the repair shop for diagnosis. Cross-verify the estimated amount for repair and consider whichever is cheap. 

Wrapping Up, “My Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off And On.”

We have reached the end of this post on “my Hisense TV keeps turning off and on.” The issue can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above, and most of the time, the problem gets resolved even after trying one or two steps without the help of a technician. But we are not sure about the specific steps which will help you. 

We hope that you consider this post helpful and enjoy reading our blog 🙂 

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