Lost Remote For Samsung TV

What To Do If Lost Remote For Samsung TV?

Most of us lost remote for Samsung TV at the worst time, like when a match or favorite movie is going to premiere, but you need help locating your remote to change the channel, and now you are stuck watching a single channel.

At that moment, you feel frustrated and must think it’s better to have an alternative. 

In another scenario, you have lost remote for Samsung TV and are now forced to purchase it, but delivery is taking quite a long time, and the Samsung store is far away from your home. Also, buying the required information about the right remote is available in the TV guide, which you need to find.

Therefore, we hope you have come here to find the alternative of purchasing a new remote or requiring a permanent solution to losing the remote repeatedly.

Nowadays, the TV remote is optional for controlling the TV set, especially when using Samsung TV. Before placing an order for a new remote, go through the solutions we had prepared to help you control your TV when you lost remote for Samsung TV.

There are a few methods by which you can control the TV. The technique is relatively easy to understand and depends upon your preference. If you are someone who has lost remote for Samsung TV, this step will certainly help.

Access With Power Button

You may not have to use the full potential of your TV’s power button. Its usages are opposite to what most people think. The power button is not used only for powering up and down means ON/OFF. Depending on your Samsung TV model, your power button can also be used as a joystick.

Surprise! Well, you do not know that because till now there was no need for you to use it. You have to locate your power button, which location varies with the Samsung TV model.

Where Can You Find The Power Button?

Generally, it is located on the back of the TV or at the center of the bottom panel.

Press it to toggle off and on and use it as a joystick that will give you extra control, like adjusting the volume, Channing channels, or changing the source of HDMI.

power button on samsung TV 2

However, you can not use it for opening an app or navigating a TV app. It is helpful for primary navigation and switching streaming devices connected to your TV. This method is first on the list because it is simple and does not require additional gadgets for managing TV.

It is handy if you have lost remote for Samsung TV for some time. Most people only bother to explore the power button due to their dependency on the remote.

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You need to change your habit and get used to the power button so that when you lose your remote, you can smoothly switch to using the power button to navigate the TV.

Note with the power button, you can not access Settings on Tizen OS, so it is not a foolproof plan.

Suppose your Samsung TV Power Button Not Working; here is the resolving techniques.

Use Your Wired Keyboard

Latest Samsung TV comes with a USB port feature. You can easily find it on the back of your TV. This USB port will help you control your television when you can not find your TV remote. If you use the wired Keyboard for your PC, you can also use it On your Samsung TV. 

The USB port will come in use here. Plug your Keyboard into a USB port, and now you can access most of the features of your TV by using the arrow keys on the Keyboard.

With the Keyboard, you can open Settings, navigate streaming services, open and change apps, etc. You can use any keyboard on your TV. Even your wired Apple keyboard works fine.

The only drawback of this process is that you cannot adjust your volume, but it works perfectly for other things. Aside from the arrow keys, you can use the Enter key to select and the Esc key to go home. Additional navigation can work through the arrow key.

You must wonder why we don’t use the mouse to answer your question. The mouse does not work on your Samsung TV on Tizen OS. So only the Keyboard works.

This method is straightforward, and you can use most features over the power button. Just plug in the Keyboard no need for Setup or another device.

But remember that the Keyboard is only compatible with some Samsung TV models. If your TV is one of such models which do not support the Keyboard, do not worry.

There are still other methods; continue reading to find out different solutions for “lost remote for Samsung TVs.”

Use Wireless Keyboard

Most Samsung TVs support working wireless keyboards perfectly fine. Even if you already have a wireless keyboard for your computer, we suggest you purchase a cheap one on Amazon. 

They are compact in design, portable, and give more function than primary navigation. For example, you can buy this mini handle remote keyword that works on a Bluetooth dongle and lets you manage your TV control without any setup process.

Take your wireless keyboard dongle and plug it into the USB port at the backside of your television, and now you are ready to go. This method lets you adjust your TV’s volume, which you can only do with a wired keyboard.

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Aside from changing the volume, you can open the app, mute your TV, and do all the basic functions on your TV. 

Due to its portable size, it is easier to store. You can simply require to plug it in to access the TV and get complete navigation control.

pair wireless keyboard to samsung TV 2

Another advantage is its compact size which makes it easier to use than a traditional keyboard. You will find it more interesting than your regular remote TV. 

Cons Of Wireless Keyboards

However, being a Chinese product, there is no warranty on breaking. So use it with care. Many of you must find using a keyboard easier than an app; for others, it can be bothersome. If you are uncomfortable using a keyboard, the next method will solve your worry.

Employ The Samsung Smart Thing App

Samsung Smart thing app would be another fantastic method if you lost remote for Samsung TV. The only thing you require for it is that your Samsung TV is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Hence if your Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi, troubleshoot it immediately.

If you do not have this app on your mobile phone, you can easily get the app from the android play store and iOS Apple Store. Before using the app, ensure that your mobile phone is connected to your TV’s Wi-Fi network.

screely 1671080452880

Now open the Smart Thing app and select your TV from the available list of devices. After pairing, it works like an actual remote that runs on a Wi-Fi network.

But there is a minor drawback to this method. If this is your first time using your Smart thing app, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to use it once you have lost remote for Samsung TV. 

screely 1671080813020

Because it requires permission to connect your mobile phone to your television, luckily, there is a way to overcome this drawback by using an external keyboard. You can use it to give permission even if you have lost your remote. This method will only work if your TV supports the external device.

What’s Special?

The best advantage of this method is you get the remote on your mobile, eliminating the possibility of “lost remote for Samsung TV” again unless you lose your phone.

Universal Remote That Works On Several Devices

Purchasing a new remote takes work. You must wait many days for it to be delivered because the Samsung store is far from your place, making you procrastinate. Worry not. There is always the second option available, a universal remote.

By chance, you already have it. Then your problem is solved. The most pleasant thing about the universal remote is that it works on multiple appliances and comes at a cheaper rate.

You can easily get a range of universal remotes on Amazon that has code for most electronic devices running with IR remotes. Take your remote and place it in the program mode and the code that is particular to your TV. Get your TV code from the guide that comes with your television.

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Once you are done setting up, you get a new remote for your TV. It is a reliable, cheaper option and works for a different device. Setting up your remote is the only complicated step in this method.

Did A Samsung Remote Is Compatible With All Other Samsung Devices?

Unfortunately, not all Samsung remotes work with all other Samsung TVs. Especially when you have an old Samsung remote, there are more possibilities that your remote wont be compatible with other Samsung TVs.

But if you have a new Samsung smart remote, you can sync it with other Samsung smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc.

Use Smart Home Assistant

You can make use of a smart home assistant by linking your smart TV to smart home devices like amazon echo, google home, or even Alexa. With the help of your smartphone or smart assistant, you can give voice commands to your tv to change a channel or increase the volume.

How To Connect To Google Home App?

To connect your Samsung TV to the Google Home application, here are the steps,

  • Download the Google Home App (Assuming that you already have the SmartThings app installed on the Samsung TV)
  • Open the Google Home App once it is installed
  • Under settings, find Assistant
  • Activate the Home Control option
  • To choose SmartThings, click on + sign

Is The Samsung Remote Replaceable?

There are plenty of options available if you wish to replace your Samsung remote. You can order from Amazon online store or replace it from the official Samsung store.

Final Words If Lost Remote For Samsung TV

Now you have learned to access the TV control through various methods if you have lost remote for Samsung TV, as described in this article. All processes work completely fine.

Only the app required one-time permission from the TV. You can not employ HDMI CEC here because you can only control the device connected through HDMI using a remote, not another way around. 

Therefore you will not be able to use the Firestick remote for the TV.

Buying another remote is your last option if lost remote for Samsung TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost remote for Samsung TV. Can I use my phone?

Yes, you can buy a Smart thing app. You need to download this app and pair it with a computer. For more detail, read the above section on the Smarting app.

How much does a Samsung remote cost?

A standard Samsung remote price range is from $ 7 to $25 on amazon. This price difference is because of the difference in features available on the remote. Samsung Smart TV remote falls on the costlier side of the range.

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