LG TV Won't Turn On

How To Fix LG TV Won’t Turn On?

Have you ever encountered the frustrating issue of an LG TV not turning on when you eagerly want to watch your favorite web series? If so, you are not alone.

Many LG TV owners have reported facing this problem, with some experiencing it for over a month. However, there is good news.

After conducting hours of online research and testing, we have curated some proven troubleshooting methods for the “LG TV won’t turn ON” issue.

Power Cycle The LG TV:

Power cycling your LG TV is the most popular and effective solution for clearing temporary glitches preventing your TV from turning on. A power cycle clears up any excess charge that may have built up over time, thus enabling your LED TV to turn on.

This solution also applies to resolving similar issues with other TV brands like Sony and Apple TV.

How To Power Cycle Your LG Television?

  • Unplug the TV from the power source.
Unplug the LG TV from the power source
  • Wait for a minute (don’t skip this and wait patiently)
  • In the meantime, Press & hold the Power button on your TV for about 30 seconds (you can find the power button at the bottom or on the sides of the TV)
Press hold the power button on your LG TV
  • Then plug your TV cable back into the wall socket
plug your LG TV cable back

Check Your Connections:

If you are experiencing the LG TV won’t turn on, you must check that the cables (cable box) you use are connected correctly and tightly. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Troubleshooting LG TV Won't Turn On

Moreover, while looking at your cables, ensure there should not be any damage.

In contrast, if there is any breakage, replace them immediately. Check whether your TV is in standby mode, as the standby mode prevents your TV from turning ON.

Have you connected your LG smart TV to an extension cord?

Then you might struggle to turn on your LG TV while competing with other devices. So follow these steps to clear out the issue on your device; 

  • Disconnect all other devices (maybe a home theater or Roku TV) from the extension cord that consumes high electricity. Now check whether you have fixed the LG TV won’t turn on issue. 
  • Disconnect the LG Television from the extension cord and plug the cable directly into the power supply. Then try turning ON your LG TV. 

Try Using It With Another Outlet:

If your LG TV is not turning ON or showing the standby light, the issue may be with the power outlet.

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Sometimes, the source outlet may be damaged or faulty, resulting in the LG TV not turning on. In such cases, you can try plugging your LG TV into another power outlet you know is working.

To ensure the power outlet works, test it with another device before connecting your TV.

Check Your Sensors:

Another factor that can prevent your LG TV from turning on is the sensors on the TV and the remote control.

The sensors on the TV’s bottom bezel and the remote control’s top side use infrared rays to operate the TV functions.

Ensure that no objects or obstacles are blocking the sensor while attempting to access the LG TV using the remote control.

Clean the sensors if you notice any dust or dirt deposits around them. It is also important not to place your hand on the remote control sensors while controlling the LG TV.

Reset Your LG TV Remote:

Sometimes there are chances that the LG TV won’t turn on because of your remote. So try these steps below to reset your LG TV remote completely. 

  • Take out all the batteries from the battery compartment on your remote control.
Take out all the batteries from the LG TV remote
  • Then hit and hold the Power button on your remote for about 30 seconds.
power button on your LG TV remote
  • Once the 30 seconds are up, place the batteries back into the remote
  • Also, insert a new pair of batteries inside the compartment if your batteries are dead or too old.
insert a new pair of batteries in the LG TV remote

Turn ON your TV now and check whether you have fixed the LG TV won’t turn on issue. 

Choose The Correct Inputs:

If you have turned ON the TV but have not chosen the correct input, you will experience the issue of “LG TV won’t turn on.” If this is your situation, you must change your input and select the correct one for your TV. 

Furthermore, you can select the input source in two ways: using a remote control or without an LG magic remote. 

Method 1 – Using The Remote Controller

  • Turn on your TV
  • Hit the Source button on your remote controller.
Hit the source button on your LG TV remote
  • Now you will note an input list on the TV screen
note an input list on the LG TV
  • Choose your desired source
Choose desired source on LG TV
  • Now your LG TV should work like before

Method 2 – Without Using The Remote

  • Turn on your LG TV
  • Search for the buttons on your LG TV
  • Use the Menu button to view the input channel
  • Then use the Volume buttons to navigate between different inputs
  • Once chosen, click on the Menu button to select the input

Suppose you have tried this method but still facing your LG TV won’t turn on, Don’t lose hope. Proceed in the following way. 

Test Your Backlights:

Sometimes there are chances that the backlights of the LG TV are damaged and responsible for your “LG TV won’t turn on.” Hence, if your backlights are broken, replace them immediately. This is more common, and many people face this. 

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How To Test Your Backlights?

  • Turn on your LG TV
  • Hold a torchlight (you can also use your phone’s flashlight) toward your TV screen.
  • If you see faint images or lights on your TV screen, your backlights have been damaged.

Look At Your Motherboard:

Another possible reason an LG TV won’t turn on is a damaged or fried motherboard. This could be the issue if you have experienced lightning storms or heard a slight sound on your LG TV. In this case, it is recommended to replace the motherboard.

To confirm if the motherboard is causing the problem, you can remove the back panel of your LG TV and locate the motherboard. Plug your TV into a power socket and turn it on, then disconnect the cable connecting the motherboard to the power board. If the TV lights up, it confirms a fault in the motherboard and no issues with the power board.

Replacing the motherboard is typically less expensive and can be done quickly, but ensuring that the exact model matches your LG TV’s motherboard is essential. If you are not knowledgeable about handling motherboards, you should seek assistance from a technician.

Check For Updates:

How are you going to update your LG TV if LG TV doesn’t turn on? Yes, there is a way for it, and here are the instructions; 

  • Download the recent firmware of the LG TV from the official website
  • Copy the firmware into a USB drive from where you have downloaded 
  • Then insert the USB into your LG TV
  • Turn on the TV

Now you can follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update process. If your LG TV Not Connecting To Wifi, click here to get back your wifi connection!

Factory Reset Your LG TV:

A factory reset restores your settings on the LG LCD TV back to those when you purchased your LG TV.

In simple, the factory reset process will remove all your settings, preferences, saved logins, and all downloaded apps. 

How To Factory Reset Your LG TV?

  • With your LG LCD TV turned ON, go to the initial Settings menu on the home screen.
Click on settings on LG TV remote
  • Choose All Settings or Advanced Settings.
go to settings on LG TV
  • Go to the option “General.”
Choose general on LG TV
  • Tap on Reset to Initial Settings.
reset to initial settings on LG TV

Your LG TV will turn off and ON, displaying the initial setup screen. 

How To Factory Reset Your LG TV Without A Remote? 

If you have lost your LG magic remote or are damaged, try resetting your LG TV without a remote. 

Search for the Power button on your LG TV to do a factory reset. Depending on the model of your LG TV, you can find the Power button either on the bottom or sides. 


Once you find the Power button on the TV, hold it for about 30 seconds. You can use a joystick to control the TV if you find difficulty in searching for the Power button. 

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With the help of your joystick, go to “Menu,” choose “All  Settings,” navigate to the option “General,” and tap on “Reset to Initial Settings.” 

Seek Technical Help:

If the above troubleshooting steps did not help you, and you are still struggling with the LG TV won’t turn on issue, get help from the LG customer service center. Moreover, if your LG TV is under warranty, you can get it serviced or repaired free of cost. 

Why Is Your LG TV Won’t Turn On?

Before troubleshooting the LG TV not turning on, you must be aware of all the possible reasons causing the issue.

So below are some of the most common and important reasons why your LG TV won’t turn on. 

Cable Issues

The power cord, connected device, power supply, and cables (HDMI cable) connected to the TV are responsible for turning it ON. If cable damage, improper power supply (power outlet), or broken connections, these automatically prevent your LG TV from turning on. 

Voltage Issues

A power supply or power outlet with an unstable (power outage) or lower voltage (than regular) plays a vital role in the functioning of your LG TV and air conditioners (home appliances).

But you can resolve this by checking that your LG smart TV receives enough power with a balanced voltage. 

Firmware Issues 

There can be an inevitable change in the firmware you have not updated yet. So the pending updates and the bugs (on the older version) can be one such cause for your LG TV won’t turn on issue.

Backlight Issues

Suppose your backlights are damaged; the screen on your LG TV will not be able to display anything. Therefore in case they are broken, you need to replace them.  

Motherboard Issues 

Sometimes, slight physical damage in the motherboard or power board can be one of the crucial reasons why your LG TV won’t turn on (Note: even minor damage can lead to improper functioning). 

Furthermore, there are other reasons, like faults in the capacitors, a broken power board, issues in the ICs, and bulged vents. 

The Final Note On The LG TV Won’t Turn On Issue.

Nothing is more annoying than the LG TV won’t turn on when you have scheduled your time to watch your favorite shows. But I am sure you will be happy and thank me later after trying these troubleshooting methods and getting back to your TV working again. 

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