LG TV Volume Control Not Working

How To Fix LG TV Volume Control Not Working?

Whether it is faulty cables or improper settings, your TV might face voice-related issues. When you realize that even though you have restarted the device, it shows some errors, your TV faces some severe errors.

LG TV Volume Control Not Working, mainly when you use dead batteries in the remote control, when the wires of external speakers are damaged, the sound setting is imperfect, the cable wire is not plugged in accurately, etc. You should not worry if you face LG TV Volume Control Not Working, as fixing it is simple.

Today we will discuss the causes of LG TV Volume Control Not Working, how to solve such problems, some symptoms to collaborate that fault exists, and how to prevent such incidents. 

If you are looking for a quick solution, unplug the power cable from the LG TV, press & hold the power button for about 15 seconds, reattach the cable, and then power ON the TV. Though it seems to be simple, try doing this as it helped a user fix the issue, and the reference link is here!

1. Check The Audio Settings: 

A change in the audio settings will impact the voice. If there is any problem related to the audio, click on audio settings and check if everything is alright or not.

If the settings are changed, transition them back to the original state. Now you might hear an enlarged voice. If the problem still exists, then check for other issues.

2. Increase The Volume Of The External Speaker: 

Another method to augment the voice is to increase the volume of the external speakers connected to the TV. You can increase the TV volume as well to eliminate this circumstance. By boosting the voice of the speakers or the TV, the voice will rise quickly.

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3. Software Updates: 

When you don’t update the applications for a long time, you will face several problems related to their functioning.

Steps To Resolve If LG TV Volume Control Not Working

Such issues can affect the volume as well. By updating the software from time to time, you won’t have to endure such problems. Updating the software is pretty easy, and all you need is a stable wifi connection on your LG TV. If your LG TV not connecting to WiFi, resolve it and start updating the TV. Once you update the software, test the sound again to see if it is coming out accordingly.

4. Repairing Hardware-related Issues: 

Damaged hardware can also greatly influence the TV’s running. This hardware must be restored, so you don’t incur huge amounts for its repairs.

You can fix the TV yourself. Open the TV and check whether any part is broken or burnt, and detect the issue with the TV. You can also hire professionals to repair the hardware issues if the damage is paramount.

5. Factory Reset: 

If nothing works in your favor for LG TV Volume Control Not Working, you can factory reset the device. Follow these steps to factory reset your device.

  • Click the “Smart button” on the remote and press the gear icon on the top right.
  • Now click on General- Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Once the TV restarts, choose the country and language. Now select the location so you can access streaming apps in your country.
  • Select the internet connection.
  • Select a home, choose how to get TV signals and area code, and press “OK.”
  • If you use a cable box, choose the input and select the service provider’s name.
  • Choose how you get TV signals if you don’t use a cable box. Now auto-tuning will be done.
  • You can read the terms and conditions and then press Next. Read user agreements and then press “Agree.”
  • You can also make changes by going back or doing it afterward through settings.

Reasons For LG TV Volume Control Not Working

Incorrect Sound Setting: 

If, during configuration, there is some error concerned with the sound settings; then there will be some issues with the audio quality. LG TV Volume Control Not Working issue happens when the sound settings need to be corrected, or someone has altered them and chosen inaccurate options. As a consequence of wrong settings, you will notice that the extent of voice coming out of your TV is scarce.

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External Speakers Are Not Connected Properly: 

The TV’s sound enhances when you use external speakers. But one should connect the speakers suitably. With that, the voice will be much higher and will be user-friendly. 

Failure to affix it conveniently results in the under-utilization of such speakers and LG TV Volume Control Not Working. It might even affect the amplifiers. When you hear a distorted voice, it is caused when the speakers are not appropriately attached.

Media Gadgets Need To Be Attached Properly: 

Several media gadgets are connected to the TV, such as DVD players, gaming consoles, etc. If they are not attached properly, then the voice becomes disfigured, and LG TV Volume Control Not Working. It indicates that the device has been redirected to a different input. Either by mistake or through remote control, the input is changed. Now you have to get back to the actual HDMI input.

Hardware Issues: 

Issues with the hardware components can also affect the voice coming out of the TV, and as a result, LG TV Volume Control Not Working. Sometimes, the hardware might be defective, or some parts might be broken so the audio will be very low.

There are audio and video receptors in-built into the TV. If they are impaired, there is a high chance that LG TV Volume Control Not Working. Damaged audio receptors won’t allow the sound to come. At times, faint voices may advance from the TV.

Some Voice Tests

Low Sound During The Audio Test: 

While performing the audio test, if the audio is very low, it indicates issues with the audio. You can perform the audio test efficiently. 

  • Go to settings. 
  • You will notice “All settings.” Click it. 
  • Now move to “Support-Additional settings.” 
  • Now the sound test option will appear. 
Steps To Resolve If LG TV Volume Control Not Working

  • When you press this option, an audio test is done. 
  • It will change your volume to 20 on its own. 
  • If you can’t hear the voice, an issue is present.
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Volume Test: 

People might feel that if the voice is meager, even though it was turned very low, they contemplate that the TV is malfunctioning. To check it, do a volume test. Using the remote control, increase or decrease the volume. If it works, then everything is alright. If the volume does not enhance, check for problems with the volume.

Audio Output Test: 

When you check all the audio settings, which are discovered to be accurate, but you still can’t hear any voice, there might be some issue with the audio output. To perform the audio output test, reconnect the device to the TV. When the device is not connected correctly, the problem will exist. Also, the voice might be meager due to a faulty HDMI cable. 

External Audio Device Set: 

External audio devices are connected to the TV to alleviate the voice. You can perform the external audio device set if there is an issue with the cable, you can check it by following these steps:

  • Click on settings-Sound.
  • Press “Sound Out.”
  • Check whether the correct cable type is marked or not. If you explore that the right cable device needs to be marked, you will encounter barriers with the voice.

Final Summary: LG TV Volume Control Not Working

Suppose you are having any issues with the voice in that case, it is associated with inaccurate sound settings, when the external speakers are not affixed with the TV properly, any damaged hardware component, etc.

You can check whether the audio is faint by using several tests to determine the problem. However, it is not an uphill task. You can change the audio settings to suit the requirements, continuous updates, hire professionals to mend the TV, etc., which allows you to solve this LG TV Volume Control Not Working problem.

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