LG TV Audio Out Of Sync

How To Fix LG TV Audio Out Of Sync?

You may notice that the audio from the TV does not match the video. It can be termed an audio delay when the audio and video don’t coordinate. Sometimes, you might notice that only the pictures change, but the voice is coming out later. 

LG TV Audio Out Of Sync makes the users feel dissatisfied, and this tinny voice can irritate the users. Quite a few soundbars are efficient, but sometimes they face some challenges when the mouth of the artist is working but does not move following the video.

Today we will discuss the causes of LG TV Audio Out Of Sync, the symptoms, and how to solve this issue. You need not worry about this issue. You can solve it even at home. 

1. Reset The Settings: 

A straightforward and comfortable way of eliminating this issue is to reset the audio and video settings of the TV. The problem with the audio is attributed to the changes in the settings. The settings should be rectified accurately, and ensure that the locations are exact and everything is fine. The following steps enable you to reset the settings.

  • Switch on the menu button on the remote
  • Choose “Reset AV values.”

After resetting, you can select any channel and play it to check whether the issue is resolved.

2. Modify The Interior Speaker Settings: 

Another way to figure out the LG TV Audio Out Of Sync issue is to edit the built-in speaker settings. Modifying them enables your TV to sync with the in-built speakers. Following these steps helps you to edit the interior speaker settings:

  • Click on the TV settings option.
  • You will notice a three-dot options icon. Click on that.
  • Now you press the “sound” option
  • Choose AV (Audio Video) Sync adjustment.
  • If the sound is very speedy, click on the (-) sign; if it comes out very slowly, click on the (+) symbol.
Steps To Troubleshoot LG TV Audio Out Of Sync

3. Modify The Exterior Speaker: 

If the LG TV Audio Out Of Sync issue lies with the external speaker, you can edit it by following the below-mentioned steps. However, before changing the settings, ensure all the cables are affixed to the right port. The wires should be in order. They should not be worn out.

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Follow these steps to edit the speaker:

Steps To Troubleshoot LG TV Audio Out Of Sync
  • Click on the house-shaped button on your remote.
  • Now go to settings and choose the “sound” option.
  • Choose AV Sync and adjust.
  • Scroll and choose “external speaker.”
  • While using the arrow button on the remote, calibrate the lip sync settings. Reduce the value when audio is speedy and vice versa.
  • Now select any channel to make sure the LG TV Audio Out Of Sync problem has been solved. 

4. Resolving Hardware Issues: 

If any hardware part of the TV is devasted or scorched, then you have to replace that part so that the device can work ordinarily. Similarly, damaged hardware can also lead to the LG TV wont turn ON. So take necessary steps to replace the hardware.

Open the device and check if any part is broken or not, if any part is burnt, etc. If any part is damaged, you can mend it. Purchasing and replacing a new piece with the damaged one takes little time.

5. Hire A Professional To Repair: 

If you cannot solve the LG TV Audio Out Of Sync and have tried everything, but the issue still exists, you can hire a professional to repair it.

A professional comes up with the best solution to your problem. They can mend the device within a day or even a few hours. Hiring a repair professional allows you to use the device for years without disturbance. 

Causes Of LG TV Audio Out Of Sync

Inaccurate Operating Of Audio Sync: 

Audio sync relates to the timing between the audio and the video between the formation, post-production, transferral, and play-back. Audio sync is on every TV, and you can adjust it easily.

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If you accidentally change the audio sync or by remote control, the timing between the audio and video needs to be corrected. Due to a lack of conventional audio sync, the audio doesn’t match the video timings.


The most common symptom of LG TV Audio Out Of Sync is a lack of appropriate audio and video coordination. When you observe that the audio comes before the video or the video appears. Still, the audio comes after that; it is apparent that the audio sync is not working accordingly. If audio takes much time to evolve, then it is a sign that you should check the issue with the TV.

Unsuitable Audio Settings: 

Sometimes, if you or any other person has changed the audio settings, you will encounter LG TV Audio Out Of Sync issues. 

A change in the audio settings will influence the audio from the TV. You can hear distorted voices coming out of the device. When you click on sound, six options appear. If you did not make the right choice, it will affect the audio.

Delayed Audio Output: 

A delay in the audio production causes a lag in the time the voice takes to play it after a long time. Due to delayed audio output, when the voice comes out with the current voice, it gets mixed and dispenses out as an echo. The actual voice becomes audible first, and then the delayed audio plays. 


Either the audio is delayed, or sometimes it does not come out because the second one is slightly less. LG TV Audio Out Of Sync can also be associated due to issues with the external speakers. If the individual is seen speaking something, but the voice comes out of speakers sooner or later, users might feel annoyed and tired of watching the shows.

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Broken Hardware Components: 

The voice will not match the video when the hardware components are broken or crumbled.

Even you might be unable to hear the voice. Hence, it becomes difficult for the device to work efficiently if the hardware components are shattered. You will endure this LG TV Audio Out Of Sync issue if audio or video receptors are smashed. 

Final Notes On LG TV Audio Out Of Sync

If your LG TV Audio Out Of Sync, you should check if it is caused due to changes in the audio sync or if the issue lies with the external speaker. You can detect the matter by vigilantly observing the coordination between the sound and video.

You won’t face such issues by editing the in-built or external speakers, resolving the hardware issues, and updating the software constantly. If required, you can hire a professional to repair the device. You don’t have to worry about this issue. It can be solved comfortably.

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