Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself

How To Fix Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself?

Did you wake up in the morning suddenly shocked by your insignia TV turning on and off by itself? Well, we, too, had experienced this. Although the insignia TV turning off and on by itself is something you did not expect, this is one of the common problems across all brands and models of smart TVs. 

By the way, we have also come across people discussing and looking for solutions to the insignia TV turning on and off by itself on various forum sites (you can see here).

Hence we will discuss all the possible solutions deeply in the upcoming sections so you can resolve them independently. Now, without any further ado, let us have a look. 

Overheating Of Insignia TV

The first and the most common reason the insignia TV turns on and off by itself is overheating. Overheating any electronic device, including the smart TV, will result in malfunction. 

Therefore if your insignia TV is overheating, you will face the insignia TV turning on and off by itself to prevent any damage. Also, if you leave your TV idle for a long time, it will eventually overheat. Another common cause of overheating is blockages in the ventilation system. 

If your insignia TV does not have sufficient airflow, heat will build up inside and, as a result, make your TV overheat after some time. Another reason would be placing your insignia TV in a hot environment. 

Suppose your TV is in a room that receives so much heat or is nearer to a fireplace; then, there will be more chances your TV overheats. 

Now How To Fix Overheating Of Your TV? 

If the TV is in a hot or humid environment, then try to move your TV to a cooler location. If your insignia TV is in a closed cabinet or enclosed space, increase the airflow around the television. 

If your TV is overheating, it might be because of dust buildup on the internal components. To resolve this, you can clean the vents on your TV and provide proper airflow around the TV. Also, try using a TV stand with built-in cooling to keep the TV cool. 

  • To clean your TV, unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Use “compressed air” to blow out (remove) the dust.
  • Once the cleaning process is over, turn it ON. 
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Turn OFF The Timers

Like other TV brands, the insignia TV also comes with many timers. So these timers may have “power ON timers,” which automatically makes your insignia TV turning off and on by itself at specific intervals. Hence, check whether any of these timers is ON that need to be turned off. 

To shut off the timers, click on settings, choose “time,” and ensure there are no active timers. 

  • Method 1 – choose “home,” select settings, click on system, tap on time, timers, and finally, OFF. 
  • Method 2 – press and hold the home button until you see the quick settings menu. Choose sleep timer, then toggle OFF the settings. 
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Change Your Batteries In The Remote.

An insignia TV with the remote having a low battery can also cause the insignia TV turning on and off by itself as the remote might be sending the wrong signals. So make sure to remove both batteries from the remote first. Then “hold down the power key on the remote” for about 20 seconds (minimum). 

After this time, place the batteries back on the remote and turn ON your TV. Besides, consider replacing the batteries if they are too old. If you are still having the insignia TV remote not working problem, try the below methods.  

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Also, consider,

Irregular Power Supply

A fault in the power supply is another cause why your insignia TV turning on and off by itself continuously. If you are plugged in your TV using a power strip, then ensure that the power strip is ON. 

How To Fix The Issue?

If your insignia TV is plugged directly into the power outlet, make sure that the outlet is working well by testing it with another appliance or gadget. Besides, ensure that there are not any loose connections. This is because the insignia TV turning on and off by itself, often due to a loose connection. 

So try plugging your TV power cable into different outlets where the power supply works well. It is time to replace the power supply if you are still experiencing the insignia TV turning off and on by itself. 

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Issues In The Internal Memory

One such case is an issue with your insignia TV’s internal memory. Suppose your TV’s internal memory is corrupted or full; it could result in the insignia TV turning on and off by itself. 

First and foremost, you must be aware that smart TVs come with low internal memory and are quickly filled by cache and software updates. Furthermore, there might be some unused software that you won’t use at all installed on your insignia TV. 

How To Fix The Insignia TV’s Internal Memory? 

If there are any internal memory problems, you have to reset your insignia TV or clear the cache in the TV. To resolve this, you must try resetting the TV to factory settings. As the factory resetting process erases all your data, you must back up all your data and credentials in the TV. 

Also, you can install any cache cleanup application on your insignia TV and clean the cache regularly to free up the memory. To free up more memory, you can uninstall the apps you are not using but installed on the device. 

How Does A Factory Reset Your Insignia TV?

The factory resetting process is nothing but putting your TV back to install mode by wiping all the settings and changes you have made to the TV over the period. 

Here is what you have to do;

  • Turn ON your insignia TV
  • Tap on the gear icon on the remote
  • Choose System
  • Click on “advance system” settings.
  • Select factory reset
  • Choose factory reset everything.

By selecting this, your TV will turn OFF and ON. once done; you will see the display on the initial configuration screen. And you have to set all your preferences and things again. 

Virus Attacks

Your insignia TV may be infected with a virus, which is rare as we do not plug the external device often. Viruses are malware that comes when you connect any external devices like a pen drive, hard disk, or anything that is already affected. 

The insignia TV may also contain viruses if you have downloaded any apps that are not from the play store of your TV. 

How To Fix These Virus Attacks?

One good idea is to remove any external devices connected to your insignia TV. Also, format those devices or scan them using an antivirus (on your laptop or PC) before connecting them to your TV. 

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Also, the next possible decision is to factory reset your insignia TV to help you clean up all the junk or additional files containing malware so that you can bring your smart TV back to normal and get resolved from the insignia TV turning on and off by itself. 

Hardware Issues

If your insignia TV turning on and off by itself, and you have tried other solutions, then there might be a problem with your TV itself. Even though this is a rare case, it may happen occasionally. 

So How To Fix A Problem With Your TV’s Hardware?

If this is your situation, check your warranty for the insignia TV first. If the warranty still exists for your TV, register a complaint and raise a ticket in the official customer support center. 

Suppose there is no existing warranty; take your TV to a repair shop nearby to understand the issue. Also, cross-verify the estimate with the customer support team and give it to repair the TV. Usually, the insignia TV turning on and off by itself can be fixed within a budget cost. Besides, you can also look for a new TV. 

Driver Issues

Sometimes you are more likely to use an outdated or older model insignia TV, so you need to update it instantly. Moreover, there are possibilities that the drivers might be corrupted, which causes your insignia TV turning on and off by itself. 

How To Fix If Your Insignia TV Has An Issue With The Driver?

It is essential to update the driver or opt to reinstall them once. You can visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for your insignia TV model. Once downloaded, install them on your PC and then connect the TV to your PC using a USB. After the drivers are installed, turn ON your TV again. 

Wrapping Up Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself

With the help of the solutions mentioned in the above section, you can resolve your insignia TV turning on and off by itself. However, if the problem persists, there might be some hardware problems. If you cannot solve the problem alone, the only solution is to contact the insignia customer service team. 

Also, consult a technician if you have voided the warranty of your insignia TV. We hope the information is helpful to you 🙂

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