Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote

How To Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote?

Nowadays, technology has made everything possible, from 3D printing to Artificial intelligence. Most of us take adequate care of our TV but do not take more care of the remote. Quite a few people put the remote in one place, and the next second, they forget its location. Due to this, it becomes difficult to control a device like an insignia TV turn up volume without remote.

You have to press the buttons on the TV remote to change the channel, increase or decrease the volume, and even many more functions. Even if we double-checked everywhere, we were still looking for the remote. But you can change the volume quickly, without the remote. So here is the necessity to know “insignia TV turn up volume without remote.

This article let us learn about insignia TV turn up volume without remote. 

There are three ways of Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote: 

  • Through buttons on the TV, 
  • A remote control app on the smartphone, and 
  • A universal remote.

Every TV has buttons installed on it. By pressing them, it becomes easier to change the volume. You can install the remote control app from the play store or app store. Similarly, a universal remote is also available for altering the voice.

Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote – Using Buttons On The TV

Insignia provided buttons on some of its TVs. The controls are positioned on the panel. These include a power on/off switch, up/down the volume, and moving to the next/previous channel, just like a typical remote control.

Besides these buttons, other buttons also change the TV display and the sound output. The buttons present either in the front or at the back do most of the work. 

Buttons At The Bottom Of The TV: 

Sometimes, you can see that some buttons are at the TV’s base. There are a total of seven buttons present on the bottom of the TV, including: 

  • Input button
  • Power button
  • Mute button
  • Audio increase/decrease
  • Next/previous channel
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They are present in the middle of the base of the TV. They are set up in horizontal form. You can hike or lower the volume from these buttons. Also, press the channel button to move to the next channel without any remote. Similarly, you can switch on/off the TV. 

Buttons On The Back Of The TV: 

Sometimes, the buttons to adjust the audio, channels, and other functions would be on the back. 

They are located on the back right side of the TV. The buttons are arranged in vertical order. In this type, you have a “menu” button as well. You can adjust the channel through these buttons. The channel button is on the top, followed by the Volume button. 

The fifth button from the top is the menu button. Next comes the input button, and at the bottom is the power button. If you don’t have a remote or it isn’t functioning correctly, you can use these buttons to make these modifications.

However, if there isn’t any button on your Insignia TV, it is ordinary for the latest TV models. Manufacturers don’t add any controls to the brand-new TV. You can’t change the volume or any other function in this case. 

Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote – Using Remote Control Application

In olden TV models, Insignia provided buttons pre-installed on the TV itself so that if there was any issue with the remote control or Insignia TV Remote Battery Drain faster, one could use these buttons to operate the device. 

In present-day TV models, there are no buttons on the TV. So in case of any issue with the remote or Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote, you can use a remote control application.

A remote control app can be downloaded easily from the play store for Android users and the App store for iOS users. It is based on the notion that your phone can be a remote control. 

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You can install the application and provide the name of your TV and other details associated with your TV. Once you connect your TV with the smartphone, place the phone in line with the TV. 

Smartphones contain infrared blaster, which controls the entire TV. The smartphone now acts as a remote, and now you can do all the functions on the phone itself. If you want to increase the volume, press the volume button. The volume will enhance. It is one of the most preferred ways in case your remote is lost or damaged.

Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote For Android

Insignia has launched its TV remote app if your Insignia TV remote not working correctly. For Android users, read the following steps:

image 2
  • Search on the play store “Insignia TV Remote.”
  • Now click on install. After installing it, open the app.
  • There are three options, Insignia Smart, Insignia IR Model, and Saved Remote.
  • You can check all these remotes. It has all those attributes that a normal TV remote has. 
  • It is used to power on/off, volume up/down, mute, menu, keypad, settings, channel up/down, home, and multimedia buttons.
  • You must install it with the same WiFi you use for your TV. 

It is free to install and only requires a little space on your phone.

Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote For iOS.

IOS users must search “Remote Control for Insignia” on their app store. It won’t cost any dollar and holds very little space on your phone. Make sure you download it with the same WiFi you use for your TV. 

After downloading, provide all the details related to the TV. You can use the remote on this app for different streaming platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, Apple TV, etc. You can even use it in dark or light modes per your requirements. 

It looks like an actual remote control. You can modify the volume, channel, and mute options by placing your device on the TV. Though this app isn’t an official Insignia application, it was designed to give users a fantastic experience. 

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Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote – Using the Universal Remote App

The last option is to use a universal remote application. It converts the Android phone into a universal remote control. In the case of an old TV, your device requires infrared rays. If your device is a smart TV, connect the TV and smartphone with a similar WiFi network. 

Universal TV remote allows you to change channels without moving. Not only channels but volume, skip, pause, select, and even many others using the universal remote. Not only do you have a TV, but you can also connect other devices with the remote such as AC, camera, thermostat, etc. It changes your device into a universal remote that controls any firm’s TV. 

Over 10 million people have installed this application from the play store. It takes only 12 MB to get installed on the device.


  • Set up your personalized interface
  • Connect with any TV
  • Provides labels to inputs and rooms. It makes buttons recognizable
  • Single set-up for all smartphones
  • Easy to use
  • Does not stop working in between
  • Control audio, videos, and the entire set-up
  • You can administer all the TVs at your home.

To Conclude, Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote

You don’t need to worry even if you have lost the remote or it is damaged. You can perform all these functions even without a remote. You can use the buttons on the TV to change the channels, enhance the volume, get access to the menu button, etc.

These buttons are either present at the bottom of the TV or backside. If you want to avoid getting up repeatedly to do those functions, you can install the Insignia TV remote. The app can be installed for both Android and iOS users. It is simple to use and turns your smartphone into a virtual remote.

You can also download a universal remote control application. It is used to control any TV and even some electrical appliances. But an important thing to note is that you should download a universal remote or Insignia TV remote from the same WiFi you use for your Insignia TV.

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