Insignia TV Remote Not Working

How To Fix Insignia TV Remote Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with your Insignia TV remote not working, you’ve come to the right place. This post will cover why the Insignia TV remote may not function properly.

Several reasons your Insignia TV remote may not be working include battery issues, damages, and malfunctions with the remote buttons or sensors.

To start, a quick solution you can try is power cycling both your Insignia smart TV and the remote. This is a method suggested by technicians.

Below, we’ve listed some proven troubleshooting methods you can try if you’re experiencing issues with your Insignia TV remote not working.

1. Check Your Remote Batteries.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Insignia TV remote not working, you should first check the batteries.

Over time, batteries can become drained and cause the remote to stop functioning correctly. In some cases, old batteries can even cause interference with the signals reaching your Insignia smart TV, leading to an unresponsive remote.

To address this issue, try getting a new pair of AAA batteries and adequately inserting them into the battery compartment of your Insignia TV remote. If you’re using rechargeable batteries, fully charge them before using them in your remote.

It’s important to note that this solution is also suitable for Roku remotes and Amazon Fire Insignia TV remotes.

2. Repair Your Insignia Remote.

Often it would be best to repair your remote as it is automatically unpaired from the insignia TV. There are some exciting ways to pair your Insignia remote to the TV, and they are here; 

Way 1 – Using The Home Button

One of the simplest ways to pair your Insignia Fire TV remote to the TV is by using the home button on the remote. It is most suitable for people who do not have a pairing button on the remote. 

  • Point your remote directly toward the insignia TV
  • Then press & hold the home button on the remote for about 15 to 30 seconds
  • Now you will observe a confirmation message on the screen indicating the successful pairing.

Way 2 – Using The Pair Button

It is for those people who luckily have a pairing button on the remote, and the steps are below; 

  • Take your Insignia Fire TV remote and turn it upside down
  • Open the battery compartment on your remote
  • Here you will find a pairing button (below the batteries)
  • Press & hold the button to start pairing your remote to the insignia TV
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Way 3 – Using Mulitple Buttons

Suppose you cannot pair the remote with the TV using the above two methods, then this is the only option left. Follow the instructions below;

  • Hold your Insignia remote directly toward the TV.
  • Then press & hold the back, left, and menu buttons for about 30 seconds, pairing your remote to the insignia TV.

Alternatively, if you have a basic edition remote, the steps might be different, and here are they; 

  • Long press the home button (not your TV button)
  • Release the home button
  • Tap on the menu button 9 times
  • Take the batteries from the compartment on your remote.
  • Disconnect your Android TV 
  • Wait for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Insert the batteries back into the remote.
  • Plug your Android TV back.
  • Once you see the home screen on your insignia TV, long press the home button

We hope you could have paired your Insignia remote to the TV. 

3. Dust Your Sensors

They typically use infrared sensors for Fire TV sticks and remote controls to communicate with the TV receiver.

However, as time passes, these sensors may become dust-covered, which can impede their ability to connect correctly.

To solve this issue, it’s strongly recommended to clean the sensors on both the remote and Insignia TV using a soft, dry cloth. The remote sensor is typically located at the top, while the TV sensor is at the bottom bezel.

Once you’ve cleaned the IR sensor areas, test the remote to see if it’s functioning correctly. Hopefully, these steps will resolve the problem of the Insignia TV remote not working.

4. Power Cycle Your Remote And The Insignia TV

Occasionally, bugs and glitches can cause temporary issues between the Insignia TV remote and the TV itself.

If the previous methods don’t solve the problem of your Insignia TV remote not working, a power cycle may be a practical solution.

This method is also suitable if you’re experiencing issues with a Roku remote or an Amazon Fire TV remote.

How To Power Cycle Your Insignia TV?

  • Turn OFF the insignia TV.
  • Remove the power cable from the wall outlet 
  • Wait for 2 minutes
  • Reinsert the power cable back into the outlet 
  • Turn ON your insignia TV

Now try using your Insignia remote. We hope your issue is fixed. 

How To Power Cycle Your Insignia Remote?

  • Remove the batteries from the battery compartment of your remote
  • Press & hold the power button for about 30 to 35 seconds
  • Then press every button on the remote multiple times (not your TV button)
  • Once done with the pressing, insert the batteries back into the compartment
  • Now check if your Insignia Roku TV remote works.
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5. Factory Reset Your Insignia TV

If you’re having problems with your Insignia TV remote not working, the TV itself may be the issue.

One solution is resetting your Insignia TV using either the Insignia remote or a universal remote app. Installing the Fire TV app is a straightforward process, and it can be found on both the Play Store and the Apple TV Store.

However, it’s important to note that the Fire TV device doesn’t have a dedicated reset button – the power button is the only option available.

Steps To Resolve If Your Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Here are the steps below; 

  • Turn ON your insignia TV
  • Click on the cog icon
  • Go to settings
  • Select the option” “system.”
  • Choose” “reset to factory default.” 

Note that this resetting option will delete all your settings, preferences, and saved logins. Therefore you have to log in to your streaming platforms again. Moreover, once you have restarted, you will observe your TV as fresh (like you have bought a new one)! 

Alternative Method

If you don’t have the insignia remote app or universal remote app (having universal remote codes) installed on your smartphone,  there is a much quicker method. Hold the power button for about 10 seconds or until you see the TV screen change. 

Can’t get your remote control or fire TV stick? Learn Insignia TV Turn Up Volume Without Remote here.

6. Install The Mobile App.

Downloading the Insignia TV remote app is a good idea if your Insignia TV remote is not working or the remote control is damaged.

Insignia TV remote application is free and lets you control the smart TV even using your smartphone or tablet. 

For this, you are just required to download the app from google play or apple store.

Then follow the onscreen instructions. Furthermore, using the remote app is most convenient, like using a Fire TV remote control to access the menu on the Insignia TV. 

7. Get A New Remote! 

When you have done with all the above fixes, and if your Insignia TV remote is not working, consider purchasing a new or universal remote. But make sure to buy a new universal remote according to the type of insignia TV you have, as insignia TVs come with Roku OS and Amazon Fire TV OS. 

8. Make Use Of A Wireless Keyboard.

Using a wireless keyboard with the benefit of a built-in trackpad is something that you have to try (for must if your Insignia TV remote is not working). Navigating through menus and apps on your smart TV using the wireless keyboard feels like traveling in the wind. Try now and thank me later. 

9. Contact The Insignia Support Center.

Does your Insignia TV remote still not working? Then there are no other chances except to get help from the insignia customer support. The team will help you troubleshoot the issue and get your remote working like a pro again. In case they cannot be able to fix it, no worries. You will be provided with a new replacement remote. 

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Why Is Your Insignia TV Remote Not Working?

One of the most common things most smart TV users suffer from is the Insignia TV remote not working, and the causes for this issue can be many! So it is essential to consider all of them when fixing the Insignia TV remote. 

First, you must consider the dead or old batteries that must be replaced immediately. Suppose you have changed the batteries recently, and still, if the Insignia TV remote is not working, then there may be defects in the remote control.

In this case, try using another insignia TV remote to confirm the fault in the old remote.

The second cause would be the buttons on the Insignia remote are dirty. So now you must clean the device button using a clean cloth lightly dipped in alcohol. If it does not work, you could use compressed air instead of alcohol to clean the dirt from the remote. 

Moreover, there is a possibility that something is blocking the sensor’s path from the remote to the TV. This often happens when objects are placed on the path between the remote and the TV receiver. If this is the case, try moving things away from the path.  

Some other reasons for your Insignia TV remote not working are;  

  • Your insignia TV may not be appropriately connected to the remote
  • There may be some glitches or errors with the remote or on your insignia TV
  • Your Insignia remote might be damaged or broken.
  • Sometimes your insignia TV might need a restart or reset
  • The receiver in the Insignia remote might be blocked because of dust and dirt.

Final Words On Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Even though Insignia TV remotes are of good quality, nothing is surprising about having issues with them. They have problems like old batteries, unresponsive buttons, and faulty sensors. 

We hope the information helps you resolve your Insignia TV remote not working and return to binge-watching. However, if you cannot fix the issue on your own, even after trying the above fixes, there might be severe problems, and we highly recommend you visit the store where you have bought the insignia TV. 

Please get in touch with us in the comment section below if you have any doubts or queries. 

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