Insignia TV Remote Battery Drain

How To Fix Insignia TV Remote Battery Drain?

Did you experience your insignia TV remote battery drain faster than usual? Don’t get upset. We will help you overcome this issue in the upcoming article

Insignia TV has been one of the popular streaming devices for years, and I have seen many people loving it. Insignia is a US TV brand considered one of the best devices for streaming multiple channels. However, a few are facing this insignia TV remote batteries die fast problem in recent times. 

Below are several reasons why your insignia TV remote battery drain quickly, and along with this, we shall discuss how you can fix this issue immediately without any technical support.  

Reset Your Remote

Resetting the remote may fix if there are any settings problems and the insignia TV remote draining batteries issues. To reset the remote;

  • Unplug your TV from the power source. wait for a minute
  • Press the left, menu, and back buttons and hold them continuously for 15 seconds. 
  • Then remove the batteries after a few seconds 
  • Plug the TV back and connect it to the power
  • Wait for two minutes
  • Now place the batteries back in the remote 
  • Press “home

Repair The Insignia TV Remote 

You may also experience an insignia TV remote not working or the insignia TV remote battery drain very quickly when the remote is not correctly paired with the TV. Therefore you have to pair the remote again in an appropriate order. 

For this, you have to

  • Open the battery area, which is at the back of the remote
  • Hunt for a pairing button (which will be below the batteries) 
  • Press and hold the pairing button till you see the remote paired with the TV
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Alternative method

If you did not find the pairing button on your remote, you could use this method to repair it. 

  • Press & hold the home button (on the remote) for 30 seconds
  • Note that you have to hold the remote straight to the TV (there should not be any block in the path)

Replace The Batteries

Replacing the old ones with the new batteries may look simple, but trust me, it worked for many people. At times, the insignia fire TV remote battery drain indicates that it is time to change your batteries. 

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Restart your remote

Some people have reported positively for the “insignia TV remote battery drain” problems after restarting their remotes. To do this

  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Wait for a minute or two.
  • Again insert the batteries inside the TV remote. 

Opt For A Universal Remote

If resetting or replacing is not your choice for the “insignia fire TV remote battery drain,” the next fix you can try is buying a universal remote for your TV. We have come across many remotes that do wonders. However, a few of them may be lacking Alexa! 

Try Using A Remote App.

A remote application is your last choice in place of a physical remote. The remote app can be installed from the play store or apple store and is free to use. I think this is an alternative to access your TV when you cannot fix the insignia fire TV remote battery drain issue by yourself.  

Click here if your Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Working and learn How To Solve This Issue?

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Why Insignia TV Remote Battery Drain?

Old Or A Combination Of Batteries

Sometimes you may use very old batteries or mix old ones with the new ones in the remote. This is one such reason why the insignia TV remote battery drain or makes it function abnormally. 

Also, you will be pressing the remote buttons hard and continuously by testing why the remote is not working correctly, which will even worsen the condition. 

Hence track whether you are using a new set of batteries in the remote and replace if you are using mixed batteries. 

Signal Issues

The remote control should have a clear path that is from the remote to reach your TV. The remote will not work correctly when there is an object hiding the path or a glass door covering the TV. If there is a hiding object, the remote will not work, so you will start pressing the remote buttons vigorously. Hence your insignia TV remote batteries die fast without your knowledge. 

Therefore make sure to give a clear path for your remote controls and open the doors if you have them in front of your TV unit.

Improper Storage Of Your Remote 

One of the most common ways that your insignia TV remote battery drain earlier is by placing your remote on a table

Yes, your remote (which is on the table) will be buried by placing so much of items like books, pouches, bottles, and Tiffen boxes (so and so) on the remote. These items placed over the remote continuously put pressure on the remote buttons and drain your batteries.

Therefore it is advisable to place the remote in a particular spot where it is not disturbed by other objects. 

Settings And Programs

A small amount of energy is consumed whenever you press a button on the remote. Look at your user manual to program the remote and the TV to prevent unnecessary energy wastage. 

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Check the program settings and reduce the number of settings to save the battery life of the remote control. Cross-check the results of the programming settings and figure out what they do. 

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Also, make sure that your kids never play with the remote. 

Delay In Seconds

Most of the remotes today come with a delay of 30 seconds between a button press and the TV response. But we used to press the buttons continuously even during the time without knowing the time delay. Thus pressing the remote buttons during this time will make the insignia TV remote battery drain. Therefore give your remote some time to function, and let it be free. 

The following reason is also related to the usage of your remote. If you press and hold a remote button, there are chances that your insignia TV remote battery drain very quickly. You must press and release a remote button to change channels or increase the volume level. You should not press and hold the button for long unless the TV program prompts you. 

Unused Batteries

Did you know that even the branded new batteries will drain some energy if not used for a long time (in months)?

The batteries started to leak, corroding the internal terminals and even the remote case. Hence always use fresh batteries and don’t store the batteries for long if you do not have any use.  

To Conclude Insignia TV Remote Battery Drain

Suppose none of the above tricks work for you; try contacting the customer support team from insignia. We hope the above post helped you fix the issue of the insignia TV remote battery drain issue.

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