Insignia TV Not Connecting To WiFi

How To Fix Insignia TV Not Connecting To WiFi?

Are you stuck with a petty issue that stops your Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi? There is no need to worry about this, as we are here to help you resolve the issue. 

Have you tried connecting multiple times? We have faced the Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi problem on our office, and whenever we try connecting, it keeps disconnecting! 

It seems annoying for the first time, but we have researched and found ways to troubleshoot the issue. Hence without any further ado, let us jump into the solutions if your Insignia TV won’t connect to WiFi. 

Now you have gathered enough knowledge to understand why the Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi, it is time to dive into action! 

Re-confirm Your Password.

Typing the incorrect password is the primary reason, and most people do this without knowledge. Also, entering the password using the onscreen keyboard is a challenging task. 

First, choose the correct wireless network and then type the correct password. 

  • Press home on your Insignia remote control
  • Click on settings
  • Choose general 
  • Select network
  • Then choose open network settings
  • Select Wireless
  • Choose your WiFi network
  • Type the WiFi password to get connected to the wireless network

Disconnect All Other Devices

Did you know that when multiple devices are connected to the same network, you will automatically experience Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi or a slow connection? This case is significant when you have old WiFi routers and modems that cannot handle many devices. 

Hence if you have connected more devices to your home WiFi, disconnect all other devices other than the using one. If this solves your problem, note that it is the right time to upgrade your router. 

Check Your WiFi Signals.

If your WiFi connection is not so strong, you will often experience the Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi problem. So check your WiFi signal strength from the router and examine how strong the connection is between the Insignia TV and the router. 

Below are the instructions to check the WiFi signal strength;

  • Press home on your remote control
  • Choose settings
  • Click on general
  • Select the network
  • Tap on Open network settings
  • Choose wireless
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In the available networks, see how many bars your WiFi network has. Note that 1 to 2 bars indicate weak signal strength. 

Furthermore, the distance between the router and your Insignia TV is the primary cause for the weak signal making you experience Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi. One such cause is the obstacles between the two, like walls. 

You can move your Insignia TV closer to the router to get good signal strength and increase the connection’s speed. If you cannot move the router or TV, you can use WiFi repeaters which act as a hub to connect the two devices. 

Power Cycle Your Insignia TV

Your Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi may be because of minor glitches in the TV settings. To clear out any temporary glitches inside the TV settings, you must power cycle the Insignia TV. 

Besides, power cycling does not imply turning off and on TV, but the time between unplugging and re-plugging matters to eliminate the errors. Also, you will observe this solution as most useful, especially when your Insignia TV remote not working, as this method does not require a remote control.

So here are the detailed steps; 

  • Turn OFF the Insignia TV
  • disconnect the power cable from the TV
  • Wait for 5 minutes 
  • Plug the cable back again
  • Now turn ON the TV and try connecting to your home WiFi. 

There are more chances you will get rid of the “Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi.” If not, proceed with the other steps. 

In case your Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself, click here.

Soft Reset Your WiFi Router Or Modem.

In some scenarios, the settings might have been corrupted if you have not restarted or turned OFF your modem and WiFi for some time. And these could result in your Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi. 

Therefore, power cycling or soft resetting your modem and router will help you escape the issue. Following are the steps you have to follow to reset your modem or router. 

  • Disconnect the router or modem for a minute
  • Connect the router back to the power source
  • Turn ON the router
  • Wait for about 5 to 6 minutes as the router has to go through the startup process.

Check whether the “Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi” is resolved. 

Reset Your Network Settings

If you face an Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi, reset the network settings on your Insignia TV. Below are the steps you can use to reset the network settings. 

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  • Press home using the Insignia remote control
  • Choose settings
  • Tap on general 
  • Select network 
  • Click on reset network 
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Now check whether you have resolved “Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi,” and we hope this should work for you! 

Updating Your Firmware In The TV

Stay updated regarding firmware can help you resolve some connectivity issues, including Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi and weak WiFi signals. 

Insignia releases software updates periodically to fix the bugs, and it is an excellent decision to download them when available. You can find the latest firmware version of your TV by visiting the settings menu and the official Insignia website. 

Follow the steps to update the firmware on your Insignia TV; 

  • Press home using the Insignia TV remote control
  • Choose settings
  • Click on support
  • Tap on the software update
  • Choose update now

The Insignia TV will automatically once it has finished installing the updates. 

If you download the firmware from the official website, you will need a USB Drive. Here are the steps for that;

  • On your PC, visit the official website
  • Head to the download page of your TV model
  • Download the latest version
  • Extract the files and save them on a USB
  • Insert the drive into the USB ports on your TV
  • Press home using your TV remote 
  • Choose settings
  • Click on support
  • Select software update
  • Start the software update process on the TV

The TV will restart using the firmware on your USB. Note that you should not remove the USB until the restarting process is complete. 

Updating Your Router Or Modem

Sometimes the firmware in the router or modem may need to be updated, so the Insignia TV is not connecting to WiFi. Besides, the old firmware may also lead to incompatibility issues and cause interference with the wireless signals. 

Therefore you want to ensure that the router or modem is updated to the latest firmware version and not causing any interferences.  

Configure The DNS Settings

Changing the DNS setting manually might help you fix the WiFi connection problem. In some scenarios, your ISP’s DNS servers could cause disruptions, and bypassing them using Google’s DNS servers can offer a reliable WiFi connection. 

Follow these steps to change the DNS settings on your Insignia TV manually; 

  • Press home using the Insignia TV remote control
  • Select Settings
  • Choose general
  • Select network 
  • Click on the network status
  • Select the IP settings
  • Tap on DNS settings
  • Choose “enter manually.”
  • Select DNS server
  • Type “”
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Now check whether your Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi is fixed or not. 

Factory Reset Your TV.

Resetting the Insignia TV to the default settings can help you solve many issues related to WiFi and the internet. On the other hand, we recommend you try this as the last fix, as the factory resetting process erases all personal details, including passwords, user ids, and favorites. 

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Here is the quick procedure for a factory reset on your Insignia TV; 

  • Press on “home” using the Insignia remote
  • On the menu that you see, click on the settings
  • Choose support
  • Tap on self-diagnosis
  • Click on reset
  • Type 0000 as your security PIN
  • Again confirm the resetting process

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Contact Your ISP

Sometimes there are also issues on the internet service provider side, which is why Insignia TV does not connect to WiFi. If this is your situation, you must call your internet service provider and get help from the technicians. 

Why Is The Insignia TV Won’t Connect To WiFi?

In general, users experience Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi both in Roku Insignia TV and fire Insignia TV, and the reasons are almost the same! 

  • One of the most common reasons is when you pair with a 5GHz network, there might be some interference issues along the way. 
  • Next, there could be problems with the router sharing the internet connection. 
  • Sometimes there might be bugs in the software that makes your Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi. 
  • Each WiFi has its credentials for getting your Insignia TV connected to WiFi. If there are any issues in writing them, then there will be some errors. 
  • Lastly, if there is no internet reaching your router, neither your Insignia TV nor any other devices will connect to WiFi. 

Wrapping It Up

Insignia TV not connecting to WiFi, Insignia TV keeps disconnecting, or some other WiFi problems are much more common, and you don’t have to take more stress. Luckily, we have also provided you with all the available troubleshooting steps above, so try each one with patience and get connected to your WiFi. 

Thanks for reading, and let us know which worked for you in the comment section. 

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