Insignia TV Light Blinking Red

How To Fix Insignia TV Light Blinking Red?

Are you wondering why your insignia TV light blinking red? Then congratulations, you have come to the right place, as we will explain in detail in this post! 

There may be countless reasons why your insignia TV light blinking red, and few people are reporting that they have been experiencing this for a few months. But fortunately, there are simple and quick fixes that help you resolve the insignia TV light blinking red by yourself. 

So if you are an insignia user facing the insignia TV light blinking red suddenly, don’t wait. Try these fixes and get your issue resolved even in your home. Let us get started. 

Whatever the reasons and problems are, you could resolve the issue by following the fixes below.  

Power Problems

First and foremost, you have to check whether your insignia TV is getting enough power. This is because the insignia TV light blinking red indicates that the TV is receiving some amount of power, but that is not sufficient. 

Furthermore, there are situations where you can turn ON your TV, but it shuts down after a few minutes, and then the insignia TV light blinks red. Also, several power issues make your insignia TV light blinking red. 

Therefore to help you save time and quickly identify the root cause of the “insignia TV light blinking red” issue, we will split it up in the upcoming sections along with the possible solutions.

Power Cable 

You may have a poor or improper connection between your TV and the power socket, which is the primary culprit for the insignia TV light blinking red. The cables and connections must be proper and reasonable for the effective functioning of your TV. 

So examine your TV and the power cables for any disconnections. Unplug the cable from the power socket and replug it back again. Similarly, you must follow the same procedure for the other cable end attached to the insignia TV. 

Step By Step Guide On Resolving Insignia TV Light Blinking Red

Generally, the cables and wires be often unplugged and sometimes not appropriately replugged while you move the TV to another location. So take care while you always replug. 

Damaged Cables

After a long time of usage, the power cables might be damaged, and as a result, there may be issues in the power supply. If you have already checked your power cables and the connections, ensure they are in good condition. 

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Inspect the power cables for any cracks, exposed wires, and ruptures. The power cables must be intact without any cracks and defects. So if you note any defects, then this is the reason why your insignia TV light blinking red. Also note that if there are any exposed wires, be cautious as it will lead to an electrical fire. 

Defective Surge Protector

If you are worrying about electronic devices getting affected due to improper power supply, then the most practical way to prevent this is to use a surge protector rather than connecting the TV straight to the wall outlet. 

A surge protector resembles a power strip but has a safety feature that stabilizes the incoming currents before sending it to the insignia TV. Anyhow, there are possibilities that the surge protectors may get damaged over the period. And as a result, it starts malfunctioning and delivers less power supply to the device. 

Hence check whether the surge protector is the reason causing your insignia TV light blinking red. You can confirm this by disconnecting the cable from the surge protector and connecting your TV straight to the wall socket. Now check whether you can see any blinking lights; if not, the surge protector is the problem.  

Check Your Connectivity 

Some of you might be well known that the insignia TV light blinking red due to a lack of a proper internet connection. In this regard, below are a few proven approaches. 

Reset The Router

The first approach is to do a clean restart on your router so that it will improve your internet connection. To do this, unplug the power cable from the router, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and plug it back. Wait for the bootup process. A restart on the router eliminates all the temporal issues that cause hindrances to the internet connection. 

Relocation Of The Router

The second approach is that there might be cases where the distance between the router and the TV affects the internet connection’s performance. For instance, if you have a 2.4 GHz connection, there will be no troubles in the signal transmission, even through the walls. 

But if you have a 5 GHz connection, there will be issues while the signals attempt to pass through more than one wall. In this regard, make sure to relocate the router, so there is a clear path without interference. 

Employ Wired Connections

One of the successful methods to increase network performance is to connect your router to the insignia TV using an ethernet cable. That is using wires. 

Hopefully, you will get rid of the “insignia TV light blinking red” problem, and this method is also helpful if you are having trouble with the router and modem. If you are facing Insignia TV Not Connecting To WiFi, read this.

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Reset Your Insignia TV

If you are getting your insignia TV light blinking red light color, it might be because of some minor glitches in the device. This is a common reason many people face, and it is much easier to resolve. You can get your insignia TV back to normal with a simple reset. 

A Standard Power Cycle 

The most straightforward approach is giving a quick reset for your insignia TV by just unplugging the TV from the power supply, and you can use this solution even if your Insignia TV remote not working properly. Once you unplug, wait for 60 to 80 seconds as the system has to drain all the power. 

One common doubt people have here is whether to wait for 30 minutes or 60 to 80 seconds. Suppose the “60 seconds waiting” procedure does not help; you can wait for 30 minutes to make your resetting process effective. 

Factory Reset

If you have tried the above steps for a simple reset but still experiencing the insignia TV light blinking red, then you have to factory reset your insignia TV. The factory reset process will restart your insignia TV and make it seem like you have bought a new one. 

You must be careful while trying this reset process, as this will revert all your settings to the original ones. Also, by doing this, you are deleting all your preferences and customizations done to your TV. Hence, it implies that you must go through all the settings again. 

Step By Step Guide On Resolving Insignia TV Light Blinking Red

The steps for a factory reset are as follows; 

  • Click on the home button
  • Choose settings
  • Tap on system
  • Select advanced settings
  • Choose factory reset
  • Confirm the reset process 

We hope performing a factory reset takes care of your insignia TV light blinking red and clears up all the glitches your TV is currently facing. Also, read how to troubleshoot Insignia TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works.

HDMI Cables

There are chances that the insignia TV light blinking red might be a symptom of HDMI cable issues. The HDMI cables might be damaged, improperly connected, faulty, or any other malfunctions in the cable that make you see a blinking red light. 

If this is your situation, note that the HDMI cables fail to transfer information to your insignia TV. Hence this interference confuses your TV and makes it malfunction. That’s why you are observing an insignia TV light blinking red color. 

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Usually, the issue is due to a poor HDMI cable connection, and you can rectify this by simply unplugging and reconnecting the cables properly. However, there are also cases where the HDMI cables are damaged. You can confirm this by physically verifying the damages, and if there are no external damages, there may be some internal issues in the wires. 

One such good idea here is to get a new HDMI cable. But on the other side, you can also test this out with an alternative cable to confirm whether this is causing the insignia TV light blinking red. 

Faulty Motherboard

The motherboard is the one that controls your software in the insignia TV. If your insignia TV light blinking red and none of the above tricks saved you, then there is a chance that the motherboard is broken. 

Here, one of the first things you can try is to check whether the internet is stable, and then we suggest you call a technician. They will be able to complete the repair process, and the good news is that the replacement parts for the insignia TV are available worldwide. 

Note that we strictly advise you not to attempt to handle any electrical parts on the TV unless you are well-versed or technically strong. Also, note that handling the electrical components inside the TV will void the warranty of your insignia TV. 

Why Is The Insignia TV Light Blinking Red?

For the first time, you might be panicking about whether to call a customer service department or if it is possible to fix it by yourself, right!? But don’t, as you could solve this without any third-party help. The major reasons why the insignia TV light blinking red are here; 

  • Lack of a stable internet connection
  • Hardware errors
  • Improper power supply
  • Damaged cords and cables
  • A faulty motherboard
  • Irresponsive infrared sensors 

Final Words On Insignia TV Light Blinking Red

Even though the insignia TV is an excellent product with many satisfied customers globally, there are still a few users experiencing issues like the insignia TV light blinking red. But don’t lose hope if you are one of them! The problem is entirely resolvable. 

Suppose you have tried all the above steps with patience and are still not able to resolve the “insignia TV light blinking red” contact insignia customer support. Let them know the issue in detail so they can guide you in fixing it.

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