How To Turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant

How To Turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant?

Although some people find it useful, many TV users find the Voice Guide on their Samsung TV irritating and disruptive.

Right, How to turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant and the ways will be explained below in this article:

How To Turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant?

There are three ways How to turn OFF Samsung TV voice assistant; 

Method 1: Press The Volume Button And Hold It

One of the most common ways the voice assistant gets accidentally activated on Samsung TV is by holding the Volume button.

To access the Accessibility menu and turn OFF the Voice Guide, hold down the Volume button.

This will take you to the Voice Guide Settings, and you can then press the Center button to disable the Voice Guide.

Method 2: Go To Settings 

In case the first method does not work, try these simple steps:

  • Go to the Homepage of your Samsung TV. 
homepage of your Samsung TV
  • Use the left side of your circular direction pad on the remote and navigate Settings; select using the Center button. 
  • Once you’re in Settings, click the “General & Privacy” option.
General Privacy option on samsung TV
  • To select, click the Center button or the right side of your direction pad. 
  • In the General Settings menu, navigate Accessibility using the lower side of your direction pad. 
navigate accessibility on samsung TV
  • You will see Voice Guide in the Menu on top. 
Voice Guide on samsung TV
  • Click on the Center button to turn it OFF. 
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Method 3: Use Voice Commands

You can also turn OFF the Voice Guide using the voice command; press and hold the Microphone on your remote and say, “Turn OFF the voice command,” and Voila! It’s done. 

voice assistant on Samsung TV
How To Turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant? 8

While doing so, make sure your remote is working, and you can use this to troubleshoot if your Samsung TV remote not working.

How To Turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant For Old TVs?

Not a New Samsung TV? Here’s What You Can Do For The Old Ones.

Method For TVs From 2014 To 2018

In case these methods, as mentioned above, do not apply to your TV.

Here is a way How to turn OFF Samsung TV voice assistant in old Samsung TVs:

  • Press MENU/123 button on your Samsung remote. 
  • Select Settings on the Menu.
  • Click on the Voice Guide under Accessibility
  • Click on Voice Guide again in the Menu you see now. 
  • Select “OFF” to turn OFF the Voice Guide. 

Method For Samsung TVs From 2008 To 2013

If your Samsung TV is from the early times of 2008-2013, then these steps will not apply as these TVs did not have the option of accessibility in their Menu.

So to turn OFF the Voice Guide in those TVs, go through these steps:

  • Click on the Menu on your remote.
  • Click on Sound or Sound Mode with the help of arrow buttons and click on OK
  • Under the Broadcast option, click on Audio Language.
  • Out of all the options available, you will find “English AD” as selected, which means ‘Audio Description.’ 
  • Click on ‘English‘ to deactivate the audio description option. 
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Following the steps outlined above, you should be familiar with how to turn OFF the voice assistant on your Samsung TV.

However, if you find that the Voice Guide is still active despite trying these methods, you can consult your TV’s user manual or search online for information about your TV model.

Alternatively, try removing any applications that may be supporting the Voice Guide. If none of these methods work, contact Samsung TV’s Support Team for further assistance.

Now that you have seen How to Turn OFF Samsung TV voice assistant let me tell you what exactly is Voice Guide. 

What Do You Mean By ‘Voice Guide’?

The phrase ‘Voice Guide’ refers to software that functions as a narrator to briefly describe menu items and verbalize all content displayed on the screen.

It also provides feedback when linked to an Over-The-Top (OTT) platform like Netflix, Youtube, Prime, and Hotstar.

Samsung TV Voice Assistant
How To Turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant? 9

This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with visual impairments as the guide assists them in comprehending the page’s contents more effectively.

Why Do We Need This Voice Guide?

Despite its sometimes loud and annoying presence, the Voice Guide on Samsung TV has advantages.

One of its most significant benefits is aiding individuals with impaired vision. It allows them to navigate the TV with ease and without difficulty.

Moreover, the Voice Guide can also be utilized to control various applications on the TV.

Final Summary: How To Turn OFF Samsung TV Voice Assistant

The Voice Guide on Samsung TVs is helpful for some, but it can be a real nuisance for most. Fortunately, turning it OFF is a simple process.

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One way to turn OFF the Voice Guide is to hold down the Volume button, which will take you to the voice guide Settings.

From there, press the center button to turn it OFF. Another method is to go to the Accessibility menu in Settings and turn OFF the Voice Guide.

For those who prefer voice commands, a third option is to give a voice command to turn OFF the Voice Guide.

Older Samsung TV models may have different methods to turn OFF the Voice Guide. Users can consult their user manual or contact Samsung’s Help Center if none of the above methods work.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is there a Voice Guide available?

The reason is to help people with impaired vision or difficulty reading. It helps them to navigate through the TV content easily. 

Why does my TV tell me everything that is happening?

If you can hear what is happening, most likely, the accessibility feature of the voice guide has been turned on. 

My Samsung TV’s Bluetooth is not working. What to do?

There can be various ways to make sure that Bluetooth is working. First, turn off your Bluetooth, wait a while, and then turn it on again. 

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