How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing

How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing?

All of us have watched some movies in the theatres and then on television. If you had observed meticulously, you would have detected that the film in theatres appears distinct from the same movie you view on your TV.

The phenomenon known as Motion Smoothing is the root cause behind this. It is a default setting on the latest TVs that enhances the number of frames per second. But sometimes, we need to know How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing when we don’t like this feature. 

So let’s understand more about Motion Smoothing before discussing How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing.

How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing?

How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing?

Turning off TruMotion is up to you. If you are irritated and annoyed with this feature, you can turn it off by learning How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing. The latest LG models enable their users to tailor their watching movie exposure. 

Follow these steps on how to turn off LG TV Motion Smoothing.

  • Select the picture menu and click on it.
How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing?
  • Now click ” Picture Mode Settings” and choose “Picture Options.”
  • Here, you will notice several levels of TruMotion 
  • Off option 
  • Smooth option (makes motion hazy)
  • Clear option (doesn’t requires motion blur)
  • Clear Plus (availing backlight scanning and interpolation)
  • Now choose the one you want for your TV.

Suppose you want to choose “Off.” Click on the Off option. After clicking, you won’t encounter any motion smoothing.

If you cannot detect this option, use the manuals provided with the TV or visit the official site of LG. Here you have to enter your model type in the search box. If you can’t find How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing, it indicates you are using an older version of the LG TV.

If you are eager to know more, look at these

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If Disabling Does Not Work

If you have learned How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing or found the off switch for TruMotion and pressed it, but still the TV is facing motion smoothing, then you need not get worried. If the motion smoothing switch does not function accordingly, follow this:

Step By Step Guide

  • Switch off the TV.
  • Now unplug it from the socket.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes, and then plug it in.
  • Now switch it on and check if motion smoothing persists or if the issue has been resolved.

If the issue remains, select “Game picture mode.” You can also access the official site of LG to solve this issue.

About LG TV Motion Smoothing

It is formed out of the inconsistencies between the frame rates of films and the latest TV. The normal frame rate for a movie is 24 frames per second, while the frame rate of a TV for the same film is 60 frames per second. Forged frames are added to the movie to intensify the frame rates. 

Additional frames are formed by determining where things shift from and amid the actual frames and interjecting the direction of the items. LG refers to this phenomenon as “TruMotion.” If you pay heed, you realize that the images are bizarrely smooth.

It aims to make your TV’s images much more glossy, but it turns out to be weird. It can improve the quality of sports shows much finer, but it damages the cinematic attributes of the movies and TV shows. In general, this motion smoothing is a fake effect as it makes the frames emerge hazy. But don’t worry, you can get to know how to turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing in this article.

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Several directors have alleged that this process does not consider what people expect from the motion of these films. All the actions are relocated to up-to-date gadgets, and everyone wants eye-catching things. 

Is TruMotion Unpleasant?

Motion smoothing generates 60 frames per second compared to the standard 24 frames films produce. It can lead to blurry images. It deprives the director’s ambition, and at times it creates everything in disorder, leading to chaos and bafflement among the viewers.

In the words of Cedric Demers, ” Multiple techniques are used to estimate motion, but none are perfect since the real information of what is between the two frames is not present in the original footage.” Also, remember that using some weird features makes your LG TV not connecting to WiFi at times. Viewers will endure countless errors, and nothing will work out in the movie’s favor. 

It is applicable when slow-moving scenes are shot. Cedric Demers stated that those scenes when the tiny objects operate at a fast pace or explosion are the most arduous to estimate. If motion smoothing is used in these cases, it might impair your entire movie as the audience might find it challenging to watch a perverted movie. 

Quite a few directors have stated that they are against this technology and have requested that viewers switch it off while watching a movie. So you have to know How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing.

Viewers are instructed to welcome the reduced frame rates of the films for their cinematic language. Thus if they watch twice the frames, they won’t enjoy this film, and it will end in disaster. They remove the glimmer and introduce terrifying technology to make it a zombie motion film. If you are facing such issues, you still need to switch off the motion smoothing in your TV.

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Final Summary: How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing

Motion smoothing is apparent in the latest TV sets. It was initially designed to improve the flaws in depicting photos in motion. Though it led to the creation of fuzzy images, which aggravated the users, it took a lot of work for them to view blurry photos.

Though it is used for bringing precipitous authenticity to sports events held worldwide, you can use it to create videos from camcorders that don’t work above sixty frames per second. Several customers have stated that TruMotion provides realism to the shows. On the other hand, a few like to turn it OFF, and here comes the need to know How To Turn Off LG TV Motion Smoothing. 

If required, it can be turned off easily by clicking on the picture mode settings followed by the picture option. Here you will notice an “Off” option. Press that, and TruMotion will stop working on your TV.

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