Hisense TV Wifi Keeps Turning Off

How To Fix Hisense TV Wifi Keeps Turning Off?

Hisense offers a variety of TVs, from 4K to LED TVs, and most importantly, if you are a fan of smart TVs, you won’t be disappointed with Hisense. Even though it is a Chinese company, Hisense, the biggest TV manufacturer, has spread its reach globally. 

But for the past few months, many users of the Hisense smart TV reported on online forums and communities that they face Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off. So dude, if you are also in an attempt to find solutions for the problem “Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off,” congratulations, you have landed at the right place. 

Now, without making it more delay, let us dive in. 

Although Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off is a bad experience, the satisfying point here is that Hisense officials have considered this problem and assured us to work on this! Hence we think the brand will soon come up with any updates to fix the “Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off” problem. 

But until that, you can try out the below methods for troubleshooting Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off, so let us have a quick look. 

Reboot The Hisense TV

Irrespective of what the issue is, the first step you always have to take is to reboot your TV. This process can resolve any kind of error; sometimes, this might be the right thing to do at first. Moreover, many smart TV users have found this step helpful and claim that they have fixed the “Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off.” 

Due to some temporary bugs and glitches, the hardware in the TV might not be able to work correctly, and as a result, you will encounter Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off. Therefore when you reboot your Hisense TV, all the bugs will be resolved. Then once you reboot, try connecting to your wifi and check whether the issue is fixed. 

Check Your Connectivity

Before getting deeper, did you check that your wifi connectivity is strong and functions appropriately? Sometimes there are chances that the router or modem does not offer an excellent speed, so you might be experiencing Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off. Hence there is a need in this situation to check your connection speed and also ensure whether the connectivity is fluctuating or not. 

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If the connections fluctuate, it is much more challenging to connect, so after some time, the Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off automatically. Hence we recommend you test your connection speed using any online tools. Furthermore, if the connection speed is poor, try getting help from the internet service provider and fix the issue as soon as possible. 

Make Use Of A Wired Connection.

What would you do if your internet service provider asked you to wait a day or 24 hours to resolve your issue? Fine, in this time gap, you can try using an ethernet cable to connect your Hisense TV to a wifi network, and sometimes this might be a good choice. This is because few people have reported positively with this solution for the issue “Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off.” So why don’t you give it a try? 

Therefore switch to a wired connection and test whether you can fix the issue instead of any other complicated solutions. Suppose this does not fix, don’t get stressed. There are also other fixes that help you get rid of your Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off. 

Delete The Cache On Your Hisense TV

If you are still stuck with the Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off, then there are possibilities that the stored cache data is the reason. Hence it is advised to clear the cache data of your Hisense TV. I have cleared the cache data on my TV and got rid of a few bugs, so clear the cache and feel the magic.

Measure The Distance Between The TV And Your Router

If, even after clearing the cache, you are experiencing the issue, you must check the distance between your router and the Hisense TV. If the router is placed a little long from the TV, then this might be why you are not getting connected to the Wi-Fi.  

Therefore you have to be sure that the distance between the router and the TV should not be more than some distance (10m). So keep your router closer to the TV and check whether the issue “Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off” is resolved. 

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Power Cycle The Router

Suppose there are any connection issues, it is necessary to power cycle your router. Here the possible culprits may be random glitches and bugs stored on the router or modem. But when you power cycle the router, the glitches causing the “Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off” will automatically be deleted. 

To power cycle the router, here are the instructions. Turn OFF the power button. Plug out all the wires. Wait for a minute or two. Then plug the wires back in. turn ON the power button. Wait for all the LED lights to blink up. Suppose your Hisense TV Red Light Blinks 3 Times Here Is How To Solve This Issue?

Reset The Hisense TV

Are you still facing the Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off or disconnecting? What to do now if you have done with all the above methods? Don’t worry. We also have another choice at last – resetting the TV. 

Furthermore, if your Hisense TV won’t turn ON after this method, try resetting again. But before moving towards the method, remember that a resetting process will delete all the apps and contents stored on the device. Therefore you need to reinstall or download the applications and contents on your smart TV. 

Method 1

Here is the set of instructions for factory resetting the Hisense smart TV; 

Troubleshooting steps for Hisense TV Wifi Keeps Turning Off
  • Tap on the home button on your remote control
  • Choose the “cog” icon to go to settings
  • Select device preferences
  • Choose the option “reset.”
  • Again confirm the reset option and choose to erase everything on the prompt that appears.

Your TV will now restart, indicating a successful factory reset. 

Method 2

  • Tap on the home button on your remote control (In case your Hisense TV Remote Is Not Working, get it fixed now!)
  • Here choose settings using the arrow buttons
  • Click on “system” from the device settings
  • Select advanced system settings
  • Tap on the factory reset option
  • Confirm this by choosing factory reset everything
  • You will then be asked to “enter a code.”
  • Enter the code and confirm the process and wait for the reset process to complete. 
Troubleshooting steps for Hisense TV Wifi Keeps Turning Off

Contact Your Support Team.

Unfortunately, if none of the above solutions help, you must contact Hisense’s official support team. They are the only person who can help you fix the “Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off” if we have missed any of the steps. 

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How To Reset The Wifi On Hisense TV?

Below is a quick guide on resetting the wifi on your Hisense TV; 

Head towards settings, Choose network settings. Here you will see an option to reset the wifi settings on the TV. While you choose to reset the wifi settings, the old settings will be erased, and you are required to reconnect the wifi to use the internet on your Hisense TV. 

Why Does Hisense TV Wifi Keeps Turning Off?

Most probably, your Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off because of a poor wifi connection. Check your connection speed to ensure that the connection is clear and strong. If there are any issues with the wifi connection, reach out to the internet service provider and troubleshoot the problem. 

However, another reason would be the router, which is too far from your Hisense TV, causing wifi issues. So make sure that the wifi router is nearer to the TV at all times. Moreover, try restarting the router and TV to fix any minor issues. Sometimes all the system needs is a reboot. 

Furthermore, always be aware that the TV is correctly set up and connected under the correct settings. Double-check that you have entered the right password so there won’t be any problem with the connectivity. Remember that improper connections or settings of the password or TV also result in such issues. 

Simply to resolve the Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off, try restarting your TV, reconnecting the router, changing the router’s location, resetting the network, factory resetting the TV, or at last, getting help from the internet service provider. 

Final Thoughts On Hisense TV Wifi Keeps Turning Off

So that’s all we have for you now on troubleshooting Hisense TV wifi keeps turning off. We hope the fix helped you solve the problem. But if you still have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us through the comment section. 

Also, you can bookmark this page as we keep updating the guide depending on the information we get from the technical team. Thank you 🙂

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