Hisense TV Vertical Lines On Screen

How To Fix Hisense TV Vertical Lines On Screen?

When you turn ON the TV for your favorite show with a bowl full of Doritos, you find Hisense TV vertical lines on screen it will spoil your mood. In this article, we will uncover the causes of Hisense TV vertical lines on screen and a solution that can work out when vertical lines and grey dots clench your TV. 

After diagnosing the Hisense TV vertical lines on screen problem, it’s time to unveil the solutions for the tips below that can help you figure out the steps you need to follow in Display Distortion. 

1. Check Your Cables: 

Cable Connections are the source from which the electricity passes in the wires and fetches signals from the satellite. For a steady connection, ensure those connections are free from dust and damage. 

2. Check For Any Updates: 

Software updates are notified automatically in Hisense TVs.

Troubleshooting Guide For Hisense TV Vertical Lines On Screen

You don’t need to ask any electrical expert to update your TV. With a proper connection, Wi-Fi takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete the update process. 

3. Factory Reset: 

After making all the efforts mentioned above, the only option left is to factory reset the TV.

Troubleshooting Guide For Hisense TV Vertical Lines On Screen

You will find the option to reset the default setting on the “Menu” to the settings and select reset and wait for a while till the TV restarts. Click here to know Hisense TV Factory Reset With Remote.

4. Check The Capacitors: 

Flickering of the TV screen and grey dots buzzing on the screen are the indicators of a bad capacitor; you need to follow some simple steps to reconcile errors in Capacitors, but you might need an expert because the process is quite complicated. 

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Modern LCD requires modern solutions; if your TV software is updated and HDMI cables are up to the mark, you need more than a basic solution to fix the Hisense TV vertical lines on screen. Here are a few steps to go thoroughly in Hisense modern TV sets. 

Due to excessive heat and resistance, Capacitors got damaged, and you’re left with no option but to replace them. You’ll need to unmount the TV’s mount wall and so on. The process gets complicated as the parts are very delicate. It would help if you intricately tackle while dealing with Capacitors.  

5. Replacing The T-Con Board: 

T-Con board affects the screen display; if the screen is not working vigorously, Hisense TV wont turn ON, or you see a Hisense TV Black Screen, you can check on T-Con and replace it with the help of service members from the nearest Hisense store for assistance.

6. Replacing The LCD Panel: 

Replacing the LCD panels is a tricky job. You must be proficient and skilled with TV parts to set the new panel like the old one. It will charge you some money, but you’ll get the job done by a professional if you hire a handyperson to replace the panels. 

Causes Of The Hisense TV Vertical Lines On Screen Problem

Hisense TV does offer the best user experience, but due to inconsistency in the supporting elements, the performance of LCD can deteriorate. We have gathered all the possible reasons for Hisense TV’s working. 

Malfunctions In The Hardware 

One of the reasons for Hisense TV vertical lines on screen is bugs in Hardware. In that case, consider replugging the TV to the main switchboard and checking if all the fuses concerning the video TV are adequately connected. Here are some reasons to check on when your TV screen fails. 

1. T-Con Board Failure: 

A faulty T-con board results in distortion of the video quality of the TV. A T-con board is situated near the panel of the TV and mainboard, so better not to try to fix this on your own but rather consult an electrical or service center of Hisense TV for this. 

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2. Damages In The LCD Panel: 

You cannot fix the damaged LCD panel; replacement is the last resort if the TV is not working due to a damaged LCD panel. And you send LCD to a service center if your Hisense TV is under warranty period.

3. Faulty Capacitors:

Signal Interference

The signal is a great source to run a TV. When the signs are loose and connections are weakened, it can create Hisense TV vertical lines on screen and widen the problem of Video and Audio playing on TV.

1. Loose Cables Or Connections: 

We have discussed this before; loose cable connections are one of the dumbest reasons for Hisense TV vertical lines on screen, but the good part is you can fix it with the help of some tools and tightly plugging in the socket. 

2. Old Software: 

Outdated software on a TV is also responsible for Hisense TV vertical lines on screen; it would help to prevent the lines on the TV and keeps your TV software up to the mark. Hisense TV avails you of automatic updation whenever necessary. 

3. Damage In The HDMI Ports:

Damaged or Loosen HDMI ports are an obstacle to smooth and vibrant video performance on TV; either you can re-plug the loosened HDMI plugs or replace the HDMI cables with new ones if they are damaged. 

Capacitors go bad after a certain period due to excessive heat and current; you can discern the damaged capacitors with foul or no color on TV. Like other issues, capacitors are also cured in service stations. 

How To Prevent Future Issues With Your Hisense TV?

Prevention is always better than cure; you don’t need to run to the service center if you keep track of the well-being of the TV and its parts. Here are a few tips on keeping a TV to prevent future hassles. 

  • Always clean the TV and socket with a dry cloth and keep the water & moisture away from them. 
  • If you’re not a techie, don’t get your hands on preparing a TV. It might make the situation even worse. 
  • Consider replacing the vital parts with the same brand of TV or with components that are compatible with the TV.
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Final Summary: Hisense TV Vertical Lines On Screen

Hisense TVs are in-built with advanced technology and parts, but it would help if you were cautious using them. It shows the symptoms of display distortion and displays vertical and horizontal lines instead of Video when parts of the TV are damaged. 

Moreover, you can also ask your Hisense service center to send a service member and check your TV unit to prevent such problems before they get you stuck in YouTube videos to fix the Hisense TV vertical lines on screen. 

Regardless of the brand, every TV unit goes such tantrums over time. You don’t need to panic because the solutions mentioned above are straightforward to incorporate. It’s time to discuss all the solutions in a nutshell if your TV shows you a vertical line instead of a Video. 

  • Check And Replace Capacitors (if needed)
  • Consult T-Con boards with a service person 
  • Try factory reset and tightening up the plugs for a better electricity supply. 
  • Make sure your connection boards are free from dust and water. 

All these ways help you reconcile the sorrow of Hisense TV vertical lines on screen, and you will have to spend a penny less on services. If your TV is in the warranty period, you don’t even need to pay because Hisense gives you ample benefits under the warranty period. 

That’s it for this article; we hope you can utilize the insights from this article next time your TV glitches to fix the bugs in your Hisense TV. 

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