Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode

How To Fix If Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode?

Have you recently purchased a brand new Hisense TV and are experiencing a persistent issue where it keeps switching to store mode?

Buying a new smart TV can be exciting, but the inability to watch your preferred content on your Hisense TV can be exasperating.

This article will delve into why your Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode and provide a detailed guide on disabling this mode on your new TV.

If you do not have enough time to read, perform a factory reset on your Hisense TV, which helps to clear out the “Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode,” as said by the Technical Expert, and here is the link you need to check out.

What To Do If Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode?

Although store mode can be helpful in showcasing TV features to potential customers in a store, it may not be suitable for home use.

It can be frustrating if your Hisense TV keeps switching to store mode without your knowledge.

Fortunately, there are methods to resolve the “Hisense TV keeps going to store mode” issue. You can turn off store mode on your Hisense TV in two ways: using your remote or without using the remote.

Let us explore all of these! 

Method 1: Use The Remote

We all know that the remote is the most sophisticated way to access the settings in your Hisense TV, so below are the steps to turn OFF the store mode or demo mode on your Hisense TV. 

  • Turn ON the Hisense TV
  • Tap on the home button on the Hisense remote
  • Choose settings
  • Scroll through and find device preferences
  • Click on it
  • Here you will notice the option “retail mode or store mode.”
  • Deselect the retail mode to disable the function
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That’s all. You have turned OFF the store mode quickly using your remote. 

Method 2: Use The Buttons On The Hisense TV

What will you do if you have lost your Hisense remote or the remote is not working? Let us see how to turn it OFF if your Hisense TV keeps going to store mode below. 

  • Search and locate the power button on your Hisense TV
  • Press the “power key” to turn ON the TV
  • Tap on the menu button on your TV
  • Head towards the settings option using the volume and channel buttons
  • Make use of the channel button to go to device preferences
  • Select the store mode and click on OK
  • Disable the store mode by deselecting it using the channel button

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Power Cycle Your Hisense TV

Power cycling is essential if you successfully remove the store mode, but if the Hisense TV keeps going to store mode again. Hence you have to go for a power cycle to solve the problem. 

  • Unplug the Hisense TV from the power supply
  • Make sure that you disconnect all other devices connected to the TV
  • Let the TV take rest for about 8 to 10 minutes
  • Then plug the TV back into the power supply 

Now turn ON the Hisense TV and check whether the Hisense TV keeps going to store mode. We hope the problem disappears. If your Hisense TV Won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 6 Times, click here!

Factory Reset The TV.

Power cycling may not be enough to remove the TV from store mode in certain situations. In such cases, the only solution is to perform a factory reset.

Performing a factory reset will reset your Hisense TV back to its original settings and remove it from store mode.

After this process, you can enjoy watching your preferred content on your TV as it will be in home mode.

  • Urge towards the Settings option using the remote control or buttons on the Hisense TV.
Choose settings on Hisense TV 1
How To Fix If Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode? 6
  • Navigate to Device Preferences
device preferences ON HISENSE TV 1
How To Fix If Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode? 7
  • Choose the option “Reset.”
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reset on Hisense TV
How To Fix If Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode? 8
  • Select Reset
confirming reset on Hisense TV
How To Fix If Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode? 9

Once you finish the factory reset, your TV will restore to its original settings, and in case your Hisense TV won’t turn ON after the reset, repeat the process and wait for some time. However, our motto here is to remove the store mode on the Hisense TV once it turns ON, so check your TV screen to confirm whether the “Hisense TV keeps going into store mode” is not repeated! 

When you see the options again, you must reset your choices and preferences and select home mode instead of store mode. 

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What Can You Do With A Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode?

When you visit a store to purchase a new Hisense TV, you may notice a variety of smart TVs on display for you to test their features.

Store mode is specifically designed to advertise a smart TV’s characteristics, and as a result, there are limited functions available while the TV is in this mode.

While you can test a smart TV’s audio and video quality using pre-installed content, you cannot download or stream any online content using different applications until you exit store mode.

What Is A Store Mode On Hisense TV?

Store mode is a special mode that TV sellers typically use in showrooms to showcase the different features of a smart TV to sell more units.

A smart TV in-store mode generally has brighter colors, high contrast, and numerous dynamic features compared to those set for use at home.

This attracts potential customers and makes the TV model stand out.

Store mode typically turns off the local dimming feature, sometimes switching sources or inputs automatically without user interaction.

Store mode benefits retail shops by providing a complete experience displaying all the features without professional assistance.

Moreover, TVs in-store mode has the longest battery life and can run background programs to match the TV display for a retail setting.

Why Does My Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode? 

If you have bought a new Hisense TV that was previously used as a display model in a store, there is a probability that your TV may continue to switch to store mode or remain in that mode even after the purchase.

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It is essential to know that store mode is designed to showcase the features of the TV in a bright and eye-catching manner and may not be suitable for home use.

Difference Between Store Mode And Home Mode

Most smart TVs today offer home and store modes as options for adjusting the appearance of the settings.

Home mode is designed for general purposes, especially home use, while the store mode is exclusively for shop use.

When the TV is in home mode, the settings are more user-friendly, allowing people to arrange, add, or edit apps and settings according to their preferences.

Navigating the menus is easy; people can use the surround sound, bass, and other features without complications.

On the other hand, TVs in-store mode is designed to look visually appealing for customers browsing products in a store.

When the TV is in store mode, the brightness, contrast, and color settings are much higher than those in home mode, making them look more attractive and impressive.

The settings option in-store mode is much simpler than in-home mode, displaying only a few options.

In summary, the home mode and store mode offer the best experience to users depending on the environment in which they are placed.

Home mode lets users get the most out of the TV designed for home purposes, while the store mode provides an attractive display to showcase the store display features.

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Final Thoughts On Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode

It would be best to try the above when your Hisense TV keeps going into a store or demo mode.

If you are not okay with the buttons on your Hisense TV, at times, you have to make yourself ready to get a replacement remote or new remote for your Hisense TV. 

Moreover, there are times when you cannot get your TV back to normal or home mode, which is where the above factory reset process helps. So we hope the above information enables you to escape the Hisense TV keeps going to store mode in your home.

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